Nancy Grace, The Hair, & The Rifle Shell…………………….

I’d like to address Nancy Grace, the hair, & the rifle shell. I’ve had many questions about Nancy Grace, the results of the forensics on the hair, & the rifle shell the forensics report revealed they took from the crime scene. I will start with Nancy Grace. I quit watching Nancy Grace regularly quite a while ago, and the only time I have watched her in recent times is when someone points out something she is saying that no one else has heard. The soil samples that Nancy Grace said tested positive for being the same as the crime scene, was pointed out to me.  A few of us researched only to find out that no other “news source” was reporting it. A tabloid was reporting it, but not a “news source”. On Friday, May 1st, 2009, the forensics report that came out did cover that subject, only to say there was no match. Here is the forensics report:

Now, I tuned in on a whim toward the end of her show late Friday night, as something said to me deep inside, it’s almost over see if she addresses the soil sample. I tuned in just in time to hear her announce that the soil sample did not match, no apologies, no I got that one wrong, she mentioned it and then went to a “Bombshell”. The problem is the bombshell she went to was ridiculous! If you go back on that forensics link it mentions a spent rifle shell found at the scene. She is now saying that her “Bombshell” is that find and that the prosecutors have added fire arms and ballistics experts to the witness list. I went back and looked at the state’s witness list and see no one fitting that description and I can’t find any other news source reporting what she is. The report stated basically it was worthless, and they should send it back to them if they found a suspicous firearm. Here’s the problem: it’s a rifle shell. Dr. G said the cause of death was homicide by undetermined means, and that there was no evidence of trauma to the bones. That means no fractures, or breaks. If Casey had shot that baby at point blank range with a rifle, there would have been trauma to the bones. No way around it. Caylee was too small for her to be able to shoot to kill her without hitting bone. They may have their reasons for saving the shell, but most likely it is to rule it out, because it was something found at the scene. Remember also that there was no evidence of blood found in Casey’s car, just evidence of decomposing body fluids. If she would have shot her and stored her in the trunk, there would have been blood. My point??? Nancy Grace is no better than a tabloid, spreading lies and gossip. An advocate for crime victims??? Maybe at one time, but certainly not now. She has become an over zealist sensationalist, a drama queen. She may have started for the right reasons, but like so many others has not turned out so well. Like so many others? The ACLU was started for the right reasons, and look what it has become. I could name many more organizations that have done the same. Unions were started for the right reasons, and became something very wrong. Corruption, plain and simple. Nancy Grace has caved to the fame and fortune and the camera. You can let her know how you feel, but in the end the greatest message sent would be not to give her the ratings. She would have been better to stick to the Amber Alerts, and current cases, and getting the word out when it’s crucial, rather than incessantly following cases to the point of spreading gossip. Not good for the cases, and it’s certainly no better than the bogus charities and all of the money grubbers that came out of the wood work to exploit Caylee’s case. I’m personally done with her. I hope that she will have a change in heart one day, but it’s not likely.

The hair and the drug testing…………….Check this out:

And this:–records-05010,0,2016564.story
Make sure after reading those 2 articles that you refer back to the forensics link above, to get a clearer view, as I know there is a media spin on the subject. In my personal opinion, I believe that Caylee was not killed with medication. Chloroform, maybe, but remember she could have broken her neck. The skull was no longer connected to the body when the remains were found, so that would not have neccessarily been detected. Also take into consideration that the Channel 9 story, well, Channel 9 is a CNN affiliate, so there you go. As far as other drugs, maybe they had very good reason not to test for other drugs. I hope I have given you a clearer picture, without all of the spin. Let me know what you think.

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32 Responses to Nancy Grace, The Hair, & The Rifle Shell…………………….

  1. ostella says:

    Good mornin Niecey and everyone!

    High five on this post about NG, Niecey! I’m sick of her trashy, murder-gossip storyhour on HLN. I want facts and real evidence, not her sensationalized theatrics! And she is so overtly exploitive; she should know better than to twist the knife the way she does…
    And I agree about the rifle; IF the state is calling a firearms expert, it will be to discredit a shooting.
    On another note, you should check out the article in the Orlando Sentinel about Bozo (if you havent already). Interesting stuff!!! :) Small tidbit: Bozo tried to run a bikini business!!!!! :) wonder if he was also the spokesmodel?!

  2. arty says:

    Well, its best not to watch NG. You might as well include the tabloids, which also do huge business, for exactly the same reasons. Everone has a choice – just change the channel! The problem is that there are very few choices if you want to tune into this type of program. Greta has become (unfortunately) much more political so that leaves
    Jane Mitchell and Nancy Grace.

  3. niecey456 says:

    Good Morning Ostella! High Five to you my friend! I’m sick of it too. We are in total agreement about the rifle, and any possible expert. I did check that out, and I posted a post running it together with the bogus charities, and shady characters.

    Hey Arty, that would be the best bet. Nope we shouldn’t buy the tabloids either. I agree about Greta, but there are many that post comments on my site that have google alerts set with the Orlando Sentinel and other news sources in Orlando, you can do that and be more assured to get the facts.

  4. Hey everybody! I have to say, that I too have quit watching NG, and it’s been a long time since I have sat through an entire show. I channel surf past her, when she’s on TV. I don’t really hate her, just don’t really take to heart or care about anything she says anymore. Ya know?

  5. niecey456 says:

    Hey Mother Clucker! I completely agree. I don’t hate her either, just take her about as seriously as a tabloid. I can’t watch it anymore either. It’s been quite a while since I could sit through an entire show too. Too much bad acting! LOL!!!

  6. MAND says:

    I agree totally on the Nancy Grace issue…she has lost her way..she has fallen prey to all the sensationalists…going for the ratings..and to hell with the truth. Most of us don’t give much credit to the rags like the NE..and we choose whether to buy them or not…but NG is there and of course we could turn the channel or the off switch..but since she is on a news station there should be a higher standard for the truth…she portrays herself as a caring person…the first thing she should care about is the truth…make sure the story she is putting out there has been researched thoroughly…after all it does reflect on her character.
    I also agree Niecey..on Caylee not being shot…there is no way …the bullet would have nicked a bone and the bones were clean..and of course the blood.. another way to add if there isn’t enough already.

  7. MAND says:

    Niecey…meant to say Mike G HLN prime news does a pretty good job.

  8. Carol in VA says:

    Good afternoon. I know nothing about bullets and guns/rifles. Do you think Casey put the bullet there to make the cops think her father (his gun) had something to do with this???

  9. niecey456 says:

    Mand, He does, but he sticks to the facts, and he doesn’t allow it to get to one sided. He airs on the side of caution. NG could learn a thing or 2 from him. I don’t get to watch him much, but when I have, I was impressed. NG has lost her way. She should be caring about the truth if she truly wants to be a victim’s advocate. Also, folks don’t buy her books, she makes money off of those and has chosen to not be truthful.
    Yeah, there is no way Casey shot that baby with a rifle, and Nancy G. should be ashamed for making that a “Bombshell” and not apologizing for false info on the soil samples. If she wanted to be rude to someone, she should have had the people from her show that conjured up that info on that night of the doc dump and given them what for for false info.

  10. niecey456 says:

    Good Afternoon Carol! I doubt it. I doubt Casey had any connection to that rifle shell. It was a site where people dump thinks, it could have rolled out of trash, or at some point someone could have shot a snake. Also someone could have brought trash to dump and it fell out from their vehicle and got kicked around or moved from the flooding.

  11. Harriet says:

    I may be wrong but I think I remember that they didn’t find an intact body but only the scattered bones of Caylee. If that is true, she might have been shot at anyplace on her body/skeleton – that was not found on the bone hunt.

    I wonder if the shell matches a gun that belongs to George. Lots of men keep multiple guns and certainly an ex police office would. Just a thought.

    As far as Nancy Grace is concerned one minute with her is all I can stand. Her information is often bogus, she is the only person who is entitled to an opinion, she is always right, and she is rude, arrogant, and hateful.

    And I watch very little of JVM. She was fine when she substituted for NG but now that she has her own show She has become more sensational by the hour. I am getting almost all of my information from the Internet and specfically from the articles that Niecey posts.

  12. niecey456 says:

    Thanks Harriet! The bones were scattered, but Dr. G did say there was no sign of trauma to her bones, if she were shot at point blank range it would have blown her up good. They would have seen signs in the bones. Also the blood, there was no sign of blood in the trunk, just decomposing body fluids. If that baby had been shot, there would have been blood and lots of it. We agree about Nancy G. I don’t watch JVM, of course I don’t really watch Nancy G. anymore either. LOL!

  13. LosAngeles says:

    Thank you for your article and spreading true knowledge, instead of half-baked theories with no fact.

  14. laura says:

    BOMBSHELL, N.G. just wants the ratings at any cost. It saddens me to think how many people are making money at the cost of Caylee she is a true victim who is still being victimized even by her own family who can’t and won’t sit behind the prosecutor because they love Casey more then they do Caylee. Sad, sad, sad…….. Thanks to Caylee the house and cars are being paid for.

  15. niecey456 says:

    You are welcome Los Angeles! Thank you.

    Laura, You are correct, but it is my guess that they will not get away with it indefinitely. One screw up with the IRS, one more straw at breaking any laws in this case, and I think the authorities will make them accountable. We agree about Nancy Grace. Caylee will get justice.

  16. maxineme says:

    nancy grace had a good idea at the beginning… a channel devoted to crime and unsolved kidnappings, etc…… It is a big shame that to this day, all crime slueths have is the NG show….. I cannot watch her any more… she is awful,, cuts people off, is judgemental, and its all about her twins, and about herself as a victim,, give me a break…… her freakin boyfriend was murdered over 25 years ago… reality is that only his own sad family are victims,, not nancy.. she is using this and using him, to play victim….
    Neicy,, great blog,, sorry to rant …

  17. I will only watch NG using TiVo so I can zip past all of the blurred graphics and muffled sound which is just show fill time. Her actual show is about 10 minutes, the rest being unintelligible gibberish. I have a 60 inch TV yet the third bottom part of the screen is full of nothing watchable. NG, you are losing it big time.

    The shell in the woods is all very simple. I used to do a lot of “Ahem” treasure hunting with metal detectors here in FL. One thing you find most is shells of all kinds.

    Looking back in time at that area one can see in aerial photos more and more woods. Before that area was built up there must have been lots of people discharging guns in that area of the woods. It is of no surprise to me that a shell casing was found. They are brass and will last for a very long time.

    If there is an expert, I would guess he would be there to explain what I have said above. I don’t think NG or anyone should make a big deal over it.

  18. Diana says:

    I havent liked Nancy Grace since she started defending Georgette and Windy every chance she got. Surely there is a better anchor than her that needs a job.
    I think it’s pitiful for her children to be exploited every night on t.v. and I wonder how her arm reaches that far back to pat herself on the back every chance she gets for being a great Mom.
    It’s like she has a split personality. One minute she’s gushing about John David and Little Lucy with tears in her eyes, and the next minute she is ripping someones head off for not agreeing with her or for ragging on the Anthony clan.

  19. mrsportsblog says:

    Great blog and great commentary on Nancy Grace. There are numerous other missing people right now (Amber Dubois in Escondido, CA to name one) who get no coverage on her show while she replays the same Casey Anthony interrogation comments over and over. It kills me how much time she wastes on that show.

    Also, that Jane Velez-Mitchell is a complete moron. Thankfully, I had gone more than two weeks without hearing one word about Octomom and then I watched her show and she was complaining that Octomom just won’t go away and did a segment on her. She again talked about Octomom the next night and the next. Six straight times when I turned on her show, she had a segment about Octomom — and her show was the one and only show I came across still talking about that loser.

    So guess what, I now make sure I switch the channel if the JVM show comes on.

    Gosh, all the trash on that channel. I really miss Erica Hill.

  20. niecey456 says:

    Don’t be sorry Maxineme. I understand. I feel the same way you do as far as the way NG’s show has turned out.

    John, Awesome point. I think it’s not uncommon to find those things in the woods either. In my neck of the woods in Florida, it’s not. Not uncommon at all. I agree if any expert does pop up it will be to prove that. Amazing that it’s only actually a 10 minute show. I did think it was a little far stretched. She is losing it big time.

    Diana, I agree with that. Split personality is exactly how she seems.

    Mr. Sports Blog, Thanks. I agree Nancy G. should use her time for all crime victims, rather than rehashing the same stuff night after night, and spreading tabloid gossip. I don’t really watch JVM much, but I can’t believe she’s still on Octomom. Amazing. Of course I really don’t watch Nancy G. anymore either.

  21. BEES KNEES says:

    I don’t have tv, by personal choice, so it’s very easy for me to advise everybody to stop watching NG. Ha Ha! But I do often watch her show the next morning on YouTube. It has been fairly handy these past months (BONUS: no commercials) to be kept up to date, but truthfully I get more accuracy from reading these blogs on WordPress plus a couple more, and now knowing that she’s actually spinning lies I doubt that I’ll even watch her on YouTube. Why would I? Like many of you, I’ve emailed her producers to let them know her show has sunk to the same level as Jerry Springer.

  22. niecey456 says:

    Good for you Bees, it’s not wrong to let them know how you feel, and I agree it has gotten a rather Springeresque flair to it. You know that on our team between a lot of us we will get you the truth. If it’s not one of us will figure it out.

  23. BEES KNEES says:

    I believe that Niecey! I have no doubt that the Feds would benefit having you and your excellent natural ability to get to the truth, on their staff! But Don’t go. We need you here!

  24. niecey456 says:

    LOL! Thanks Bees!!! I don’t think you are in any danger of losing me to the Feds. I’m here for the duration.

  25. prevost1580 says:

    Hello,Niecey & all :)

    We have the internet/blogs. No need for NG or the media’s opinion(s). The media “feels bad ” for the A’s and useless enablers like them.

    Nuff said!

  26. niecey456 says:

    Amen Prevost, My Friend! Good to see you!!! I hope you are doing well.

  27. Jill from Western Australia says:

    Hello my l♥velies from over the pond…I’m the lucky one…don’t get NG or JVM on our TV. If I need to see anything you guys have taught me how to watch it on youtube…thanks.

  28. elma remando says:

    well i happen to disagree with you all. remember Cindy washed Casey,clothes that were in the car, i wouldn’t even put it past her, if she washed all the shoes to. and remember the neighbors seen then washing and cleaning the car out did you all forget about that, that’s tampering with evidence . and why did they buy a new washer and dryer sounds pretty fishy to me, sounds like a big cover up. and with all there lies saying one things then changing there story every time. they know more then what there saying, and who is sticking up for poor little Caylee did everybody forget this baby was murdered. hae you ever seen any remorse on Casey or that she even cares about her baby being murdered, well why would she when she’s the one. that’s all i have to say. i hope nancy keeps this case in the fore front cay lee needs justice and now.

  29. niecey456 says:

    Hey Elma Remando! No one here was defending Cindy’s actions. The only person I’ve heard defend Cindy’s actions was Nancy Grace, and a few misinformed people that have not kept up with the evidence. I can appreciate the fact that you are obviously a Nancy Grace fan, but by spreading lies she’s not helping the case for Caylee. She’s exploiting her as bad as the Anthonys when she does that. A true advocate for crime victims would not do that. The soil evidence she got wrong came from the National Enquirer. The rifle shell is not a “bombshell”, it’s something that is irrelevant to the case, and she had to get more ratings. Sorry, Nancy’s wrong on this one.

  30. niecey456 says:

    Hey Jill! Lucky you!!!

  31. prevost1580 says:

    Niecey & all,

    NG & the WHOLE media defends the A’s and every other p.o.s out there. That is why the media & newspapers are a dying business. Ppl are sick of it!

    If the media had their way, ppl like G&C Anthony would be running for office. The media has already made them overnight celebrities. All GA has to do is threaten to kill himself and he makes the cover of People magazine.

    We all need to use the internet/ the blogs for the victims & their rights. The media would loooove to brainwash you all, that crasey really is the victim and that the A’s are honest ppl.

    Don’t drink the kool aide!

  32. niecey456 says:

    Excellent analysis Prevost! You nailed it down. The media is corrupt, and we have to realize that. I won’t be drinking the kool-aid that’s for sure!

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