Update On Haleigh Cummings’ Case……………..

I thought I would bring you an update on Haleigh Cummings’ case. I found this at My Fox Orlando. Check it out:


Apparently all of the leads have not been followed up on and there is a lot of evidence from the scene that has yet to be analyzed. Investigators said after their round table meeting that there is still evidence to be analyzed, leads to be followed, and interviews to be reconducted. No one that they originally thought could be a suspect has been eliminated. If they don’t solve this case in a month then they will have another round table meeting. They keep saying this case isn’t cold and they will follow it through til the end.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I’m glad the case isn’t cold, and that they will work on it til the end. My only problem is why have they yet to analyze everything found at the scene? It’s been almost 4 months. I know they are busy, but if they have eliminated no one, then why no arrests?? Is it that complicated??? I’m no criminal expert, and I know basically they are really just letting us know that they are still working on this case and that they are not giving up and I’m thinking they are being very tight lipped because they don’t want to create a media circus, and I understand that. I sure hope they solve this case though. I hope they solve it sooner rather than later. What do you think???

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18 Responses to Update On Haleigh Cummings’ Case……………..

  1. MAND says:

    Niecey…4 months is time enough to have looked at the evidence and done with it what was needed.
    They found the time and man power to arrest Cobra..he seemed to be the only one that was really doing something …did he get a little to close to something they didn’t want known?
    It looks to me as tho they would rather this case go cold be forgotten and Satsuma get back to normal..business as usual…there is something that stinks in this case….it’s a good old boys case…and I think if they worked as hard to find Haleigh as they have in trying to let it go cold it could have been solved by mow…JMO.

  2. niecey456 says:

    Hey Mand! That’s exactly what I’m worried about. I’m trying to give them the benefit of the doubt, but I don’t understand why in 4 months they haven’t analyzed all of the evidence. Is there that much of it??? If so then it makes you wonder if they really do have a good idea of what happened. I don’t blame them for not wanting a circus. I will give them that, but it just seems to me that either they really don’t have anything, there is really more to it, or like you said they really just don’t care. It’s got to be one of the 3. I’m still praying for truth and justice for Haleigh.

  3. Carol in VA says:

    I want to believe that the cops are on top of this but I wonder if this child was one of theirs would it take this long to find out where she was. If she’s dead would they know by now if she was one of theirs?

  4. niecey456 says:

    Carol, those are very good questions. I wish I could answer them. The answer is probably no, but at the same time there are many many cases where the children were never found. I know it appears to us like they don’t care, but I’m hoping since the Feds have been in there from the beginning that they are just going over everything and not being very public about it. Keep praying.

  5. Objective Analyst says:

    Good Morning Everyone

    Trust the weekend revitalized you!
    Have an opinion on this case, first the number on missing/abducted children seem to rise as the we move into warmer months, i.e. children outside.

    With that said, the number of irresponsible parent(s) surface too!

    As for the people involved in the disappearance of H.C.
    the answer is as close as a blood relative. You see, after reading this investigation, it becomes crystal clear that the only one that has information, would be Misty & Ron.

    Most if not all the information released early points to inconsistent deductions on the hours that lead up to her disappearance, I surmise the child had been missing days before the actual contact with LE. JMO

    Hope to get back here later today.

  6. Carol in VA says:

    Good am. OA, Niecey, et al. Agree with both. We have said early on that noone knows for sure when HC disappeared. This could all be a setup. I’m glad you brought it back into the forefront.

  7. niecey456 says:

    Good Morning Everyone!!!

    OA, Thank you, I feel great! How about you? I agree with you. I think that it is a likely scenario that Haleigh was missing before they reported her. I do think that Misty and Ron have the info, and I think they both paid awful close attention to Caylee’s case and Trenton Duckett’s. They got ideas from both cases. I hate to say that, but I really believe that Haleigh was not abducted by a stranger. I’m hoping and praying that LE gets to the bottom of this and exposes the person or persons responsible. Justice needs to happen for Haleigh. I do believe the inconsistencies point straight to the person/s responsible.

  8. niecey456 says:

    Carol, I do believe we are on the same page. We have to keep praying and we have to have our voices heard. I do believe that they keep having these little stories about the case not being cold because some of the public won’t let it go. I won’t let it go. I want her found.

  9. Objective Analyst says:

    niecey456 & Carol

    The worst case scenario for H.C. ~she is never found.
    While I agree, interest in this particular case, i.e., keeping this in the news, has taken a back burner seat.

    Having come from a lineage(occupational hazards) of cynicism, the best day I find pessimism companionship my worst adversary. However, it is the negative in the investigation that will find closure for H.C. Hope this makes sense?

    Both Misty & Ron could/should be compelled to find closures, I concede this is not an option for either.

    Yes my friend, I am spectacular today! Appreciate your endeavors on topics relevant. Will check in later.


  10. niecey456 says:

    OA, I’m glad you are doing spectacular today! Thank you.
    You did make sense. I’m not sure if I think that Haleigh will be found. I felt in my heart that Caylee would be. I don’t have that deep feeling on Haleigh’s, I’m just not sure. With that said I do believe the Truth can be found of what happened to her, and I pray that will happen. I’d love for them to find her. I’d really love to be wrong, and she be found alive and well, but I’m afraid that is very unlikely. These children just do not deserve this. It’s heart breaking. Look forward to you stopping buy my friend, Always!

  11. Jewlz says:

    i just wish they would find her. i seriously do not believe she is alive at this point. and i honestly believe the answer lies on ron and misty. if that was my child i would be searching under every rock, by every tree, i wouldnt sleep, hello this is your flesh and blood missing. and evidence that hasn’t been analyzed- this whole situation stinks. i think its a nasty cover up for something and i think they should get somebody else should be looking into this case. and has anybody else gotten angry over how they got married right after she disappeared? wouldn’t you want to wait til after they found her to get married? this whole situation angers me. i look in the news everyday hoping theres some kind of answer to this. it will come, just like poor little caylee. i just feel like the family is hiding something because of the little effort in searching, the ever-changing stories, and just well everything! and last note, if misty and ron are not working, WHY AREN’T THEY OUT LOOKING FOR HER? because they don’t want her to be found, thats why.

  12. niecey456 says:

    Hey Jewlz! I agree with you 100%!!! Keep praying my friend.

  13. unsweetb4life says:

    I think that Misty has created chaos by changing the details about everything that night and when questioned about the changes in her story she says “I don’t know.”
    Is she high? If you look at Misty during interviews she clearly looks stoned or something. Ever notice she stares at the ground when answering questions?? Notice how Ron whispers to her to look at the cameras?? A liar always has a hard time looking people in the eyes when they can’t tell the truth. I think she feels guilt not your typical innocent loving step mom cover she claims she was. I think she put the children to bed and left to meet up with that guy she been cheating on Ron with. When the clock struck almost 3 am she ran home and discovered Haleigh was missing and freaked out. She didn’t want to get caught so she made up the story of the events of that night and when she did an interview, her story kept changing.
    One way haleigh could have disappeared is that she woke up and went to look for Misty and got grabbed. Another way is that someone broke into the house (someone who knew them well and how to get in without forced entry) and kidnapped haleigh because of a bad drug transaction just a few days or so before. (Not likely because they would have made contact by now.) 3rd is that she wandered off and went for a swim and drowned. (not likely). Maybe Haleigh was murdered by Misty or Ron accidentally days before and waited till her body was long gone before making a realistic 911 call. Just remember Casey Anthony. She waited about a month to report her daughter missing.
    Ron, Misty, give it up and tell everyone the truth. The majority of this kind of crime is usually committed by a family member or someone close. (remember the black lady crying on TV saying her 9 month old Daisja Weaver was kidnapped during a break in at her home but later recanted to say the boyfriend did it.) The way Ron cried and weeped on camera but when allegations surfaced of abuse and drug use, he turned enraged and made threats instead of saying “No comment” or just say its not true and I don’t see how any of this has anything to do with finding my daughter.. I’m looking for my kid right now we can deal with this issue at a later time.
    Guilty people easily enrage when confronted with the truth.
    Liars can’t help it.

  14. niecey456 says:

    Unsweetb4life, Wow! I think you covered all of the bases. You are correct that It’s time for them to tell the truth. You are also correct about a person becoming combative when confronted with the truth and they have something to hide. You are also correct about the fact that in these cases most of the time it is a family member, or someone close to the family. Someone the child would have trusted. You covered a lot of ground and I agree with what you are saying. I just wish that the powers that be in Satsuma would get tough with Misty and push it. They seem like they don’t want too. I could be wrong and I really hope that I am, but Satsuma is behaving in Haleigh’s case a lot like Aruba did with Natalie Holloway’s case. Her’s wasn’t family of course, I’m talking about the law trying to appear to care and the words and the actions aren’t matching. I really hope I’m wrong, but it appears to me that Satsuma could care less if that baby is found.

  15. ms smith says:

    Hi. To be honset, I said from the beginning that both Ron and Misty both had something to do with little Haleigh’s disappearance but it seems funny to me that all of the public think alike and the police don’t have a clue. Had it been my child, I wouldn’t be sitting around waiting on the law to find him/her because if you do, nine out of ten times, the child is not found until it is too late. I just need about 20 minutes alone with Misty and I could get the truth out of her. The media keeps talking about the drug trafficking, but that is not what we care about. I’m sorry cops but I respect you more for putting priority cases first and to me, a missing and more than likely dead little girl is more important than what sentence they are going to get for trafficking in drugs. I get mad every time AI think about what they could have done to her because I am a mother myself and I could not harm my babies or allow anyone else to do so either. I would be so far up the cops ass that they would have no choice but to get me the answers that I needed but that’s because I am a real parent and nothing or noone is more important to me than my babies. One thing for sure, if Misty and Ron still want to be together, I hope for damn sure that the cops make sure that they spend the rest of their lives together in prison and once they die, they can spend the rest of their eternity in hell. HOW DARE THEY HARM THAT INNOCENT BABY BECAUSE OF THEIR OWN SELFISH DESIRES???? DID THEY EVEN HIDE HER FACE WHILE THE WERE KILLING HER OR DID THE SICK BASTARDS LET HER LOOK THEM IN THE EYES??? I WISH THEY FRY……LOW DOWN GUTTER TRAILER TRASH IS WHAT THEY ARE AND ANYONE ELSE WHO WAS INVOLVED AS WELL. WHY DON’T THEY PICK ON SOMEONE THEIR OWN SIZE…..LIKE ME.

  16. niecey456 says:

    Hey Ms Smith! Welcome!!! I’ve always felt like Misty and Ron both had something to do with it myself. It’s sad, but in reality, the whole family, in every direction has their burden to bear on this one, the drugs, and the partying, the prostitution, all of it factored into what happened to Haleigh. The lifestyle of all of them caused it. I’ve never believed Ron was the wonderful caring father. It’s sad that people like this even have children. It appears that Misty’s parents may be in jail again on drug charges, to me they need to lock the whole lot of them up for life. Poor Haleigh didn’t deserve what she got. God Bless Haleigh.

  17. Sandra Welch says:

    Haleigh Cummings got caught up into a world that no child should have to bare. Her father, Ronald, has played the system, since he filed paper work for custody in the wrong county, giving the wrong address on the bio mom, causing the process of service to be mailed. Once the papers were mailed, there was a ten day clock for response, or they were assumed delivered. This is just one example of how Ronald Cummings has used the system in Florida. He has been described as a Drug Boy, lied on television, and though had multiple charges against him, not seen a day in jail until the prescription drug charge. It all comes around full circle…from Ronald Cummings to a crime ( several different ones over the years) to the CJS in Florida. When it all comes out, someone in the INSIDE will have had much to do with Haleigh being taken. Perhaps not over drug debts, but personal debts that people had against Cummings and came to collect. I’m not talking in the way of monetary debt, but for a child to have disappeared, the girl friend completely clammed up, the family (except for Flora Hollars) keeping quiet, and no arrest made all points back to something personal.
    Besides, there is the statement by JR. that a man in black took Haleigh: and the supposed snatching of Haleigh, putting her in a bag, and leaving with her. There is a police report of taken at Misty Crolin’s father’s home with in an hour BEFORE the 9-1-1 call from the home.
    I would bet my bra straps on two things: the crime was personal, not business ( if it were business, then they would not have just targeted one child), and who ever has gotten Ronald Cummings out of all the trouble with law enforcement, has connections inside and those connections run deep.

  18. niecey456 says:

    Hey Sandra Welch! Welcome!!! Interesting points. I’ve always felt it was personal, and I’ve always found it odd that Ron got away with so much crime, with absolutely no jail time, probation, fines, nothing. I think many have always felt there was a hint of corruption there. Just look at how Ron only got 15 years, and Misty got 25, and he allegedly got only 15 years after making a deal with prosecutors. For what??? They had them on tape for the drugs. It was especially odd, being as the other 3 in the Satsuma gang got 15 years for only 1 count. Ron was 1 count shy of being right there with Misty. What’s wrong with that picture? I truly hope that one day the truth comes out. I really do.

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