“God Gave Them Over To A Reprobate Mind”…………There Are More Than A Couple Of Those In Caylee’s Case

What is a reprobate mind?


[rep-ruh-beyt]  noun, adjective, verb, -bat·ed, -bat·ing.



a depraved, unprincipled, or wicked person: a drunken reprobate.

a person rejected by god and beyond hope of salvation.


morally depraved; unprincipled; bad.

rejected by God and beyond hope of salvation.
–verb (used with object)


to disapprove, condemn, or censure.

(of God) to reject (a person), as for sin; exclude from the number of the elect or from salvation.
Basically a reprobate mind is a wicked mind, a morally depraved mind, one that denies God or does not see Him as a priority.
Scriptures (King James Version) it’s used in:

And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient” (Romans 1:28)

Now as Jannes and Jambres withstood Moses, so do these also resist the truth: men of corrupt minds, reprobate concerning the faith.” (2Timothy 3:8)

They profess that they know God; but in works they deny him, being abominable, and disobedient, and unto every good work reprobate.” (Titus 1:16)

The following link gives a study of the meaning and compares other versions to get a more accurate picture:

Reprobate Minds

I think you are beginning to see by now that a person that has been given over to a reprobate mind by God is a person who is lawless, self-absorbed, and generally wicked, but they don’t see it that way. There minds are confounded and you would not be able to convince them they are wrong in any way shape or form. Does this mean that they do not know right from wrong? No, because they were given over to their reprobate minds because of their behavior and the condition of their hearts. However it no longer matters and they do not see themselves as others do. Instead it’s always someone else’s fault and they didn’t do it. Sounds like Casey Anthony, but not just Casey, there are more than a couple in this case. People with reprobate minds are liars. They do anything they can to spread that which is false. Casey’s family nor her attorneys have ever admitted one ounce of truth, nor have they simply defended her actions, but instead they have covered up and lied. Now I know some of you are saying that her attorneys won’t do that(admit the truth), but they didn’t have to say anything except in court. They also do not have to go around proclaiming her innocence even in court, all the while making freudian slips to the media. Her family did not have to speak to the media either. That was a choice. The Anthonys could have stayed out of the media and the defense could have stayed out of the media game too. The defense could have instead been about defending her actions rather than lying and trying to throw innocent people under the bus for a crime their client committed. It’s really that simple. The problem, however is that it was not and is not profitable to take the high road. It was instead a much more inviting proposition to sell the pictures and videos and lie to the point that they have slipped up in their own lies. Yes, Casey chose a good defense. They are perfectly suited to her and her way of thinking. They even fit right in with the family.

Sadly the world is full of reprobate minds these days. I’m afraid it’s a sign of the times.

What do you think???

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52 Responses to “God Gave Them Over To A Reprobate Mind”…………There Are More Than A Couple Of Those In Caylee’s Case

  1. niecey456 says:

    Thanks Mikka! Now I know we will hear about the results of this tomorrow.

  2. mikka says:

    niecey ,we will see,i bet the anthonys HIDE money!
    so must cook now,see ya later! :wink:

  3. mikka says:

    niecey.love your articel,i think the anthonys and the defense have NO mind! :lol:

  4. niecey456 says:

    Enjoy your dinner Mikka! :wink:

    Thanks! I agree they have lost it. :lol:

  5. This may seem a little far out but it is one way of looking at the Ant’s, all of them.

    In Buddhism there is a character called “The Hungry Ghost”. Basically he came from a previous life of crimes of greed, lust and gluttony.

    “Gluttony’ is described as the cardinal sin of over-indulgence, or over consumption of anything to the point of waste and is usually associated with an excessive desire for food. ‘Greed’ is similar to gluttony but is usually associated more with the pursuit of wealth, status or power, and in particular to the gaining of material wealth through the practices of violence, trickery or manipulation. ‘Lust’ like greed and gluttony is another sin of excess, and is associated with the unrestrained desire for sexual pleasures”.

    In physical appearance hungry ghosts are depicted as having huge bloated stomachs, and tiny necks or mouths through which it is impossible to ever pass enough food to sate its appetite and quench its hunger.

    “Mouths the size of a needle’s eye and a stomach the size of a mountain”

    I read a lot about Buddhism and to me all the Ant’s fit the description of a hungry ghost. Meaning also, “what in the hell did they do in their past lives”? Could it be worse that what they are doing today, maybe so?

    Well, just another way of looking at it.

  6. niecey456 says:

    Hey John! That is another way of looking at it, yet in effect it boils down to the same thing, as you said, greed or gluttony, and of course lust, which biblically is the same. Pretty much lust is applied to many things, but it does boil down to the same things. I personally do not believe in past lives, but I do believe it’s all by choice and there are such things as family curses. I do believe that children make mistakes when they are children and when they become young adults, we all do. With that said, if they were never taught cause and effect or accountability life will be tough either on them or the people around them.

    Even the best of parents can have a prodigal or wayward child. It does happen, and the worst of parents can have a wonderful child, but by and large the person they are many times does directly relate to how they were raised.

  7. niecey, if none of this ever happened or the Ant’s didn’t exist and yet we all bloged here just happy little bloggers and someone came along and asked! Wright a scenario about the worst possible dysfunctional family you can imagine.

    Not one of us, of all the hundreds posting on here or anywhere could come up with a story close to the real one which is a real live story still unfolding in front of us.

    Our minds would not allow us to think that way yet in real life it happened and continues to happen. Maybe Alfred Hitchcock or one of the greats could get close but it would still be miles from the real thing.

    I just can’t imagine how George and Cindy can live knowing how they are, but then I guess they think they are right and everyone else is wrong.

  8. niecey456 says:

    I know what you mean John. I don’t even think Stephen King could come up with it and I can’t watch anything he created. Many have said if this case didn’t happen that if this were a novel and a writer turned it into their publisher, they would be turned down, as it would be too far fetched.

    I totally agree with you on this. I can’t see how they sleep at night. I do believe they are under that impression. I think it’s sad in a way, and infuriating in others.

  9. art tart says:

    johninflorida, I agree with your thoughts about the Anthony’s, to tell the story about the Anthony’s sadly, would seem unbelieveable. As they say, “you can’t make this stuff up.

    imo, Jim Litchinstien is going to help CA write a book about Caylee’s case, but I have a feeling it will be from the perspective of GA/CA as parent’s, enduring painful court hearing, listening to how caylee died, not, in their minds being able to visit their daughter, losing their only grand daughter.

    JL has been on the case since CA reported her missing. His resume listed that he has worked for ABC/NBC/CBS/Dateline/48 hours. He is a real heavy weight CA knows there will be books out about the case but she & JL can write a book or do a two-hour 48 hours on their journey to the verdict. They do a lot of the 48 hrs. on Saturday Night that way. . The bottom line, they will profit tremendously yet again off Caylee.

  10. niecey456 says:

    I agree Art Tart. I suspect there will be movies as well.

  11. Ideas says:

    2 seconds after that 911 call, a decision was made. Lie for Casey. Not that Caylee didn’t mean something…just not enough to stick by her against Casey.

  12. niecey456 says:

    Hey Ideas! Exactly right it was a decision made. It was a choice.

  13. nancy says:

    Hi there Niecey, How are you my Friend! Your post to me sounds like “Apples of gold in settings of silver.” Well done.


  14. Jill from Western Australia says:

    Hiya Niecey and friends :lol:

    Soooooo todays Foreclosure Mediation Hearing has been cancelled with no new date stated.

    Coinkydink that the new batch of pics just came out just in time to pay the mortgage payments for the past year?

    I have to agree with Art Tart that Jim Lichtenstein has a huge part in how the Ants are financed. I wonder if people would buy a book written from Cindy’s point of view? I wouldn’t.

    I hope your garden blooms magnificiently Niecey…Hugs♥♥♥

  15. Ideas says:

    Jill, Aren’t you even a little curious as to how Cindy’s mind works?

    This whole case is crazy, and Cindy’s involvement has made it over the top.

    Don’t you want to know how Cindy’s faith helped her do the things she decided to do? I, for one, am dumbfounded about the whole thing.

    Maybe it’s one of those tangled knots better left unraveled.

  16. niecey456 says:

    Hey Nancy! I’m doing fine. How are you? It’s good to see you.
    Thanks my friend. :)
    Justice For Caylee!

    Hey Jill! I find that interesting too. There is obviously someone guiding the issues of financing. I think some might be curious and then there will be some that didn’t follow the case that might buy it. I don’t know how well it will do.
    Thanks! HUGS!!!

    Hey Ideas! On the issue of Cindy’s faith, she has somehow decided that there is justification for what she does. I’m not sure if she is being encouraged by people of faith or not. That may be one of those knots. I can tell you this though…..No one of strong faith would have encouraged the framing of innocent people or the lying. They would have encouraged her to get Casey some help and a better lawyer a long time ago.

  17. mikka says:

    OLA,have the painters here,be back tomorrow friends!busy,busy,busy! :lol:

  18. niecey456 says:

    Hey Mikka! Hope it turns out great!

  19. mikka says:

    niecey,i hope too, we make the outside from the house!i must watch them :lol: bbl

  20. niecey456 says:

    I’m sure it will turn out great! :wink:

  21. mikka says:

    The state attorney’s office is also preparing to release as much as 500 more pages of evidence in the case as early as Friday!!!!!!!!!!!! :smile:

  22. mikka says:

    from orlando

    The foreclosure case involving Casey Anthony’s parents is headed toward mediation.

    Orange Circuit Judge Julie O’Kane signed paperwork this morning, ordering George and Cindy Anthony into mediation with Bank of America.

    Both sides agreed to the mediation.

  23. niecey456 says:

    Wow! Thanks Mikka! A new doc dump.

    They’ll work it out. I thought so.

  24. mikka says:

    and bozo is whinning again! :cry: :cry: :cry:


  25. Carol says:

    Hi Niecey, Mikka, Jill, John, Art.and all. Sounds like I missed some real good conversation yesterday, rats. Hub had surgery. Maybe I should trade him in on a newer model! Just kidding. Take care.

  26. niecey456 says:

    He’s amazing Mikka! I’m not sure how much clearer the State can make it without going ahead to trial.

    Hey Carol! Praying for your hubby. I hope he’s okay.

  27. mikka says:

    carol cookie,hope you are allright! :smile:

  28. mikka says:

    carol ,hope your husband is well!

  29. mikka says:

    niecey,have to go again,must watch the painters :lol: bbl

  30. niecey456 says:

    I just had to get 2 deliveries. There will be construction at my house this weekend. :lol:

  31. Carol says:

    Thanks neicey and mikka. I just have to keep fetching him things and fluffing pillows. Double hernia surgery. Turns out he is not Uber Man any more like he thought he was.
    Doc dump – cool. I figured the Ants would slide on that foreclosure hearing. Can you imagine having to deal with Cindy and money?! I’d shoot myself.
    Have to catch up on reading. Good post, by the way.
    Mikka! Keep those painters in line! No drips!
    Good luck on that construction Niecey!

  32. mikka says:

    niecey,oohh nnooooo,i dont like ,when people screw with my house around! :mad: oh well hope your will work out fine! :smile:

  33. mikka says:

    carol my hubby had this kind of operation,oh lordy he was in so much pain after the operation for months!yep months! :shock:
    anyway,we all know woman are stronger and can handle pain better!tell him stay strong! :wink:

  34. mikka says:

    carol,i told teh painters
    MAY WAY or NO WAY! i :lol:


  35. Carol, be careful how you joke about surgery. We did a lot of joking before hand but not after. Be happy his went well and he is recovering. I actually made my wife coffee this morning. Now she knows I am getting better.

  36. mikka says:

    john,hope your are doing well!you was a lucky one! :smile:

  37. Carol says:

    Mikka, cupcake, now it may be a little early for a drink, but consider it. I have already today. They told him he would be off for a month.
    John, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to be mean. He lifted the first 500 lbs. and then got mad when it was taking too long for the second 500 lbs, so there he went. He could have done all that years ago, no problem, but no more now, unfortunetly. It is nice to see he home though. Good to hear you are better too.

  38. Carol says:

    Just read the latest link from wesh. Is Baez stuck in twilight zone or what? Now, he is going to rewhine about the last statement from the Pros.?! I give up! Bam, there it is, read it! Tomorrow should be interesting. When is the next hearing?

  39. niecey456 says:

    You’re welcome Carol. I hope he heals up without any problems.
    My hubby had an extension ladder that was a heavy duty 40 footer, and no one man could lift it, but him. Luckily he let someone borrow it at a seaside condo and it washed away during a hurricane. Then he had this air compressor that was outdated and it looked like a torpedo, well it was another one that 2 men had trouble with and he always had to lift it on and off of his truck by himself. Luckily he got more modern ones and that one burned out. So I guess what I’m trying to say is I understand, as my man can’t see he doesn’t need to prove anything either. I’m sure he won’t do it again and I hope he heals up nicely.
    Thanks! Home improvements, don’t ya know! :wink:

  40. niecey456 says:

    It’s only a decorative wall around my air conditioner Mikka. The rest of the stuff is mine to do until the driveway. :mrgreen:
    We do have a higher pain tolerance.
    Way to go with the painters Mikka!

    Hey John! We do have to be careful what we say sometimes. Good for you making her coffee this morning. I’m sure she was happy. It sounds like you are doing well.

  41. I, we men, well most of us anyway know that you do not play Super Man but work up to it. Just before going into the hospital I finished a Terrace consisting of moving over 10,000 lbs of block, stone and dirt using my 4cuft wheelbarrow. I started out slow and worked up to it. Same with weights, exercise and bike riding. I was doing 70 mile rides and by Sept/Oct plan to be back there again. My unicycle is hanging in the garage and takes a back seat to everything.

    I’m off to the doctors in about 20 min and hope he gives me the ok to start on the tread mill. I am already using 5lb weights so I am truly on the mend so long as my blood clot stays still. No more hospitals for me.

  42. Carol says:

    Be careful John and don’t over do it! Wow, 70 miles a day, I am impressed! I only walk 3 to 5 miles a day. Good luck at the Drs.

  43. niecey456 says:

    I hope you get a good report at the doctor’s office John. Please take it slow and easy. Are they going to do anything with the clot? Or can they? I hope all is well.
    I don’t bike ride anymore, but I do chase a 2 year old climber around and garden, and refinish things. :mrgreen: (That sounded like a Holiday Inn Express commercial or something.)

    I’m impressed Carol. Have you tried those new Sketchers? They make them in the sandals now and WOW! They do wonders for my back and my legs. I love those things! I always loved sandals and the orthopedic doctors always fussed, now they make them good for you. :grin:

  44. Cali Patti says:

    like I said months ago, for ME, Caylee is almost forgotten at this time. Closer to the trial date I am guessing I will again feel the loss of a young life, now it is about characters and their actions that is holding my interest. What was written here by several writers was said so well. For me self-absorbed is a modern way to also explain the Ants.
    Thank you for the great read.
    John good to “see’ you are feeling better.

  45. Carol says:

    Hi Cali Patti. We wil never forget Caylee. That’s why we are all here. This case has every emotion under the sun – murder, lies, deceit, stealing, child abuse, skanks and snakes with their big fat mouths yapping. Every day almost, is a new swirl of the bowl. We will see justice for Caylee, no worries.
    Niecey, haven’t tried those shoes. I always need sturdy boots or shoes for the rough terrain with the dogs here in WI. Happy feet are always good for you and your back. Glad you found those.

  46. Spacely says:


    Jose can’t figure out the details of why the state is seeking death even after the state filed the 5 aggravating factors it would seek to establish during the case. I guess that Victim under 12 needs a lot more explanation and some evidence to back it up. Perhaps the defense plans to claim Caylee was 14 at the time of her death. Or the factor about the perp being the caregiver – I guess that needs more explanation too – the defense might have something here though, as I am sure they can prove she never provided any care to Caylee. Or the Heinous one – I guess the duct tape used for asphixiation is not heinous enough for the defense – gonna need more details.

    This motion is just like the one blasting Strickland. It’s not enough that they get what they want and what they asked for… they have to complain about that too.

    The defense apparently wants to set up a whole new trial system here in Florida where the state is required give a dress rehearsal of their case so the defense has the benefit of Been There, Done That.

    The only positive is I am sure Jose is already sweating his explanation of this move to Kathi. :)

  47. niecey456 says:

    Hey Cali Patti! It’s great to see you!
    Yes, self-absorbed is a good description.
    Your welcome. I hope you are doing well.

    Great Points Carol! This case does have all of that rolled up into it, yet we all know it’s about Justice For Caylee. As John and Art have said: “You can’t make this stuff up.”

    They make those in walking shoes too, but I do understand, we don’t have that kind of rugged terrain here. I agree with you about Happy feet.

  48. niecey456 says:

    Hey Spacely! I just posted on that motion……….It’s unbelievable. What’s even more disturbing is that they are complaining that the State didn’t furnish them a copy of the factors ahead of time and they had to hear of it from the media. Yet, I looked at the State’s document they submitted with the factors and low and behold at the bottom it says a copy was furnished to Jose Baez. Maybe it’s in the back of the Gremlin, where it slid underneath the box of pizza, that Jose is trying to rot in the Florida heat to attack the FBI results?
    :lol: I’m amazed that they can’t figure out where the factors apply. I wonder if they want the State to prove that Casey is Caylee’s mom too, so they can make sure that factor applies. Oh, wait, they already did……… :lol:
    They never cease to amaze me. They have yet to really back up the statement Macaluso gave in court that they had evidence that proves their client is innocent, and if it’s solely the interviews from Kronk’s exes, give me a break!
    They never cease to amaze me.

  49. All good things today. I can start on the treadmill, use free weights, walk at the mall or even Disney but start slow. I have to take blood thinners for 3-6 months and the clot will turn into scar tissue by normal body functions. The thinners keep the blood flowing around the clot. Kind of like walking on eggs for a while.

    For those of you who may not have seen the memorial I made for Caylee or if you want to revisit, here is the link. Even though I made it, it still brings tears to my eyes looking at it. She will not be forgotten.


  50. Carol says:

    John, thank you. I have to get some kleenex now. That should be played in court for all to see and hear. Who is that sung by? Just beautiful. JFC.
    I’m sure your Dr. gave you the whole low down on the blood thinners – scary, even paper cuts, no kidding aside. Take care.
    We’re on a new thread now John.

  51. niecey456 says:

    Excellent News John! I’m so happy. Take it slow and easy. Be careful to not cut yourself while you take those blood thinners.
    Thanks for the link to the memorial. You did a wonderful job on that!

    Carol, I agree. That is a beautiful memorial.

    The new thread:

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