Kyron Horman Is Still Missing……….The Latest

Kyron Horman

Kyron Horman is still missing. He went missing June 4th, allegedly from his school after attending an science fair with his stepmother Terri Horman. I’ve been following this one and praying fervently that Kyron would be found soon and safe. I’ve been checking on the progress on this case almost daily.

This is said to be the last picture taken of Kyron at the science fair that day at Skyline Elementary School:

Kyron At The Science Fair With His Project

I found this article and I found it interesting, and while I’m not sure if it means anything, it was interesting. Check it out:

Man Spotted In Photo

Again, I must stress that it may not mean anything, but I hope they check it out, as that could be a witness to the fact that Terri and Kyron were there when Terri said they were, and they may have seen or heard something of value, but it may be nothing, or it could be suspicious. I’m sure as this was said to have been forwarded to the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office, that they will or have investigated it.

I’ve also read that Terri Horman was supposed to have taken a second polygraph according to a friend, but that has not been verified. More on that:

Kyron Horman’s Stepmom Takes Second Polygraph

Now this next one is from today. I find it very interesting.

Insight Into The Investigation By Former DA

I have read where they were searching for Kyron on a nearby island based on cellphone pings. I’ve read all kinds of articles on this case. I’m glad they are using cell phone pings and any means at their disposal to figure out what happened and if stories are credible. I know that it has been said that nothing good has happened to Kyron, by a few, and it has also been said that they are focusing on Terri.

Investigation Is Focusing On Terri

But they are not sharing what they know really, so the news is in bits and pieces. I’m not ready to point the finger at anyone, and my heart goes out to Kyron’s family. What I do know is Kyron must be found and I’m still praying it will be soon and he will be alive and well. I’m not sure what I think happened to Kyron. I don’t know enough of the facts. I do find some things a bit suspicious, but as I showed you the link about the picture, that could show they were there, or it may show nothing. We just don’t know enough to point fingers. I want law enforcement to look into every avenue possible. I think they are doing just that.

Lastly, I would like to share one final link with you. It is Kyron’s “Help Find My Child” page and it does give links of current news items on the case, as well as a good overview of the known facts.

Kyron’s Help Find My Child Page

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42 Responses to Kyron Horman Is Still Missing……….The Latest

  1. scott says:

    i think the fact they are checking the island where her cellphone pinged and have been doing it for 15 days now shows you where they THINK this will lead.

    all i have to say is ‘carl probyn and kevin fox say HI!”

    Step mom might very well be involved/guilty but if she isnt then they have royally messed this up from day one

  2. niecey456 says:

    I truly hope they are not limiting themselves to only one direction.

  3. niecey456 says:

    She might be, but I hope if that is all they are looking at they have good evidence/reason to do so.

    Did you see the picture with the man in the room, near the science project? I found that interesting.
    I also liked what the former DA said in his interview.

  4. scott says:

    i dont know niecey this whole thing has me shaking my head.

    usually im able to inuitively figure out what happened but nothing here about anything makes any sense to me.

    for example, why would she take a second polygraph? if she failed the first it would obviously be known by now… if she passed the first are they trying to trip her up?

  5. niecey456 says:

    I know what you mean. I’m not even being able to connect with a gut feeling of what I think happened here. It’s such a mystery. You are right, the second polygraph does not make sense. Neither does the cell phone pinging on a nearby island when she was supposed to be there with him at the science fair. Especially since there was a witness that said they saw him at the school at 9 am.

  6. art tart says:

    I don’t want to be discouraged, but I am a realist, I am. UNTIL Terri is completely vetted to the satisfaction of LE, passes all poly’s administered, my feeling is she failed PARTS of the first one. It could be they ask her questions on the second one differently, so hopefully, if NOT involved, she will pass.

    Niecey, I read over the weekend that it was 2 teachers that saw Kyron leave with Terri & it was the Principal that shared that information. I don’t know if LE SHUT the teachers & the Principal up after that, but in one of news conferences, LE didn’t even want the Principal to answer a question. I posted the links at the other article about the teachers..

    Has she lawyered up yet? Hopefully, if she is NOT INVOLVED, she won’t, IF she lawyers up, this is going to bog down, Haleigh’s case has been a nightmare, I hope it doesn’t happen here.. I truly hope Terri “was just the last person to see Kyron, I hope she is not involved.”

    Niecey, I too check all the links on this case & I noticed yesterday, there were considerably less. It might just mean that there is nothing new to report in the news articles.

  7. art tart says:

    Scott, here a link you may be interested in. It’s about the 14 yr. old that said he was looking for the little girl’s mother, we discussed it in the past. HE FAILED A POLYGRAPH!!!

    The link has several interviews PLUS Bill Sheaffer did a Legal Analyst on it. I am going to read up on it,there are about 4 or 5 links at this one link:

  8. scott says:

    i wouldnt put much stock in it art. he’s a 14 year old that was just grilled by police for 6 hours.

    kevin fox was a grown up who was interrogated for cops for 14 hours where they screamed at him that he murdered his little girl. he then took a polygraph and failed. ut turned out he was totally innocent

  9. scott says:

    i didnt even know it was legal to give a minor a polygraph to be honest

  10. art tart says:

    scott, I didn’t either about the poly & I wonder if he took the poly BEFORE or AFTER he got an attorney. I thought the story had died down but he now has an attorney, has been on GMA, it seems to have escalated.

    I just plan to hear what Bill Sheaffer has to say about the case & I don’t plan on following it. EVERYONE is safe, seems its just sorting out the legal aspects.

    I am terribly concerned about little Kyron, I just can’t imagine what has happened .

  11. scott says:

    art they also know they cant use a polygraph in court. so this is probably there way of trying to quiet down the public outrage. but a 14 year old taking a polygraph? how unusual. never heard of it. not even in murder cases with juveniles. i would assume he took it before he got the lawyer, cause he felt he had nothing to hide.

  12. art tart says:

    I checked the links, thus far, nothing new on Kyron. BLINK has a lot of different information, but I don’t know where it came from. When a link isn’t posted back to the Source, I wonder about it. IF we are following this case closely & haven’t run across that information, I just wonder. I am NOT SAYING it isn’t true, she has pictures of where Terri’s 16 yr. old son lives with his bio dad,. She states he lived w/ Terri until January 2010 & then went to live w/his bio dad. The article is certainly worth the read imo.

  13. niecey456 says:

    Hello Art & Scott!
    I hope that they are looking into every possible angle. From what I’m reading they have several reasons and issues as to why they were searching that island. I hope they are looking at every possible scenario. I truly hope Kyron’s case does not turn out like Haleigh’s.

    I did read up on the 14 year old and it appears he’s had sexual offences at school that were not reported to LE, it’s not just because he failed the polygraph. They are saying he has a record as well. I guess we will see what the Judge has to say.

  14. niecey456 says:

    Interesting follow up to WFTV’s story about the polygraphs and and conduct issues:,0,4908286.story

  15. art tart says:

    Niecey, the most annoying thing about Haleigh’s case was that LE NEVER released much information just like Kyron’s. They did put out an alert & an interview if ANYONE KNEW THE WHEREABOUTS of Misty on night Haleigh disappeared. BUT! LE has been right, it is the same people that they have always looked at in the crime committed against little Haleigh, LE has always known WHO it was, just not the circumstances or enough evidence. My question is, was Misty involved in the death? IF she wasn’t there should be NO REASON she hasn’t gotten a “deal of sorts,” I am afraid MISTY is just as guilty perhaps as the others involved.

    LE in Kyron’s case is doing the same w/Terri, putting out fliers. I can’t believe THEY BELIEVE Terri’s story if LE is doing the same as they did with Misty, “HAS ANYONE SEEN THIS VEHICLE OR WOMAN?” imo, it is NOT a good sign just as it wasn’t with Misty’s. Misty too failed 4 poly’s.

    Haleigh’s Nut Job family & extended family kept her story alive, MOST of the time, THEY WERE the news, in Kyron’s case, both families seem stable & probably wouldn’t create drama to get media attention, then sadly, the story falls from the headlines, so many are never even mentioned any more.

    Surely this town is NOT so small that there aren’t cameras in store fronts, red light cams, etc, that would have recorded her vehicle. We don’t have the Red Light Cams in my town, but I know just about all the stores have outside surveillance, even convenience stores.

  16. niecey456 says:

    Very good points Art! I do think in Haleigh’s case they were all rather hell bent on self destruct. I’m amazed it has taken them so long to try and nail the perps in Haleigh’s case.

    In Kyron’s case there may be some similarities, but there are many more question marks. I do hope they do have leads into the whereabouts of Terri, to either prove or disprove. I do hope they have good ideas as to where he could be or what could have happened. I truly hope he hasn’t met with foul play, but that is seeming less and less likely.

  17. deebee says:

    Maybe the police thought of more questions they wanted the stepmom to answer. I really hope she didn’t do it. I am sick to death of hearing about family members killing kids. Geez its bad enough to have watchout for predators and sex offenders. Can’t kids be safe anywhere anymore?

  18. niecey456 says:

    Hey Deebee! Welcome!!!
    That is a very good possibility. I am like you, that I hope this is not the case that a family member could have done something. It is hard enough to have to worry about predators on the streets, I agree with you. I truly hope that Kyron is found soon and safe. I still hold some hope.

  19. Hilde says:

    I also agree that we really don’t know enough yet in this Case to speculate what could have happened to Kyron at the same time I do have some Thoughts of my own about this Case.
    The Events leading up to Kyron being reported missing are suspicious say the least and
    don’t make any Sense whatsoever.
    I do not believe Kayron was taken by a Stranger while he was inside the School that day on the Way to his Class.
    I also believe Harm came to Kyron that Day he was seen at School and then vanished into thin Air.
    The Step Mother was the last one to be with Kayron as we know of at this time.
    I will say that much, I do believe Kyrons Step Mother knows more than what she is saying.
    Her Story about the last Day she was with Kyron before he went missing just doesn’t make any Sense.
    Kyron has been gone now for almost three weeks, it doesn’t look good. I hope and pray he will be found alive and well but somehow I don’t think that will happen.
    I do hope with All my Heart I am wrong and Kyron will come home soon unharmed. JMO

  20. art tart says:

    TODAY SHOW Video on Kyron’s Case, bio dad has moved from home with their 18 month old child.

    The Bio Mom, Step Day, & Bio Dad issued a statement together WITHOUT Terri, showing a UNITED front.

    Last weekened, Terri’s friend came out in her defense saying she was exhausted & complaining about a second polygraph she was having to take.
    This case is again, ABOUT KYRON, NOT TERRI something that always amazes me in these cases, in some cases, the adults start to complain, which, imo, NOT AN OPTION when a child’s life is at stake, NOTHING is more important.

    imo, Terri will shortly be charged in this disappearance, LE has probably SHOWN bio dad what they have on Terri & WHERE they suspect she is lying to them. An arrest is probably imment in this case, BIO dad WOULDN’T move out & take the baby IF he didn’t suspect his wife, jmo.

  21. scott says:

    i have to agree art. he also filed a restraining order against her in the name of there daughter. :(

    thinks arent looking good for kyron :(

  22. art tart says:

    Scott, it would seem charges are imminent. I thought at first when it was stated that Terri’s cell pings didn’t match where she claimed to be, that perhaps she was “having an affair & didn’t want to release the information of where she really was.” I was hoping it wasn’t that she had Kyron with her.

    BUT! I read last week that the PTA President & 2 teachers saw Kyron leave with Terri, their interviews SINK Terri, they are credible witnesses against her & this could have been the information LE is sitting on.

    Hey Hilde & DeeDee, I know we are hoping & praying with all our hearts that little Kyron is okay, I can’t imagine the pain the bio parent’s are in as well as the step dad & the possible information shared with them, NOT THE PUBLIC, in Kyron’s disappearance.

    I am so concerned, BRING KYRON HOME!

  23. Hilde says:

    there seems to be very interesting Developments in this Case according to this Today Show Video.
    I would not at all be surprised if Kyron’s Step Mother is involved with the Disappearance of Kyron.
    I do believe there will be an Arrest
    very soon.
    It would be interesting to know why Kyron’s Father has a Restraining Order against Terri the Step Mom. There would have to be a very good Reason for him to go to that Extreme, especially in a time like this when him and Terri should support each other for the Sake of Kyron.
    There obviously is something serious going on I would think and it has something to do with Kyron’s Disappearance and what Kerri’s Role in it is.

  24. Hilde says:

    if there are reliable Witnesses like Art Tart
    stated in his Post and they seen Terri leaving the School that fateful Day with Kyron, that would explain why the Investigators are so interested in this Step Mother!
    This Information would make Terri definitely a Person of Interest another Word for Suspect in the Disappearance of this little Boy.
    Sorry to say it would be no Surprise to me.
    It makes me sick to think Kyron will be known as another Crime Victim. I so hope I am wrong! JMO

  25. niecey456 says:

    Good Morning Everyone!

    Hey Hilde! I’m with you. I was trying really hard to not rush to judgment, but this is not looking good. I read they are searching all of the waters around that island, still. LE must really be on to something. I was truly hoping for a better outcome. I don’t blame his dad for leaving and taking the baby. This is so sad. :sad:

    Hey Art Tart! Thanks for all of the info. This is not what I had hoped for, I was hoping for him to be found safe, but it doesn’t look good. I do think as I told Hilde that the dad was wise to move out and take the baby. He must have his reasons,and I do agree it is most likely based on what LE has shared with him. The restraining order speaks volumes to me. So does the statement by the family that did not include her. Filing for divorce so quick is telling as well.

    Hey Scott! I agree. It doesn’t look good at all. :cry:

  26. art tart says:

    Hilde, LOL, I’m a girl but was an Art Major! I agree with your comment, you pointed out so many things that are “right on.” I too, as all of us here hope pray for Kyron’s safe return, but no matter what has happened, the family deserves to KNOW what has happened & if Terri has knowledge.

    Another Video of the Split:

    Scott, you have been following the case against the 14 yr. old, Hornsby has written an article about the case from a Criminal Def Attorney’s Stand point. Of course, B Sheafer had a different take, but, Sheafer was commenting from a Prosecutor’s standpoint, & Hornsby tells you why it wouldn’t stand up in Court. I know the sheriff is asking the State Attorney’s to drop the charges. It seems that Hornsby thinks WFTV jumped the gun & the case became SENSATIONAL instead of getting to the bottom of the facts.

    I am not always happy with what Hornsby says, but he sites the Law, I think the LAW should be more on the side of the VICTIM, BUT, I stand by the LAW of the Land, whatever it is at the time. jmo.

    This is a “Hell of a note, this family will probably be PAID for interviews!”

  27. scott says:

    thanks art.

    ironically, though, im starting to wonder if he really was doing a good thing. things have come out about his behavior at school.

  28. niecey456 says:

    Art, You know I haven’t commented on Mr. Hornsby’s article, but I did read it and I must say that I read WFTV’s breaking news on that one, and then what the OS followed up and showed and I realized then, that something wasn’t right about WFTV’s bombshell. I do think they jumped the gun on this one, just as they did on River and Skye. I think Mr. Hornsby is right on this one, but I must say that Sheaffer was being fed what WFTV had. I just think they did jump the gun and he is a juvenile, so they should not have gotten into his school records like that. We have been talking about this with the media jumping the gun and slanting the news. They get in way too big of a hurry to break the story, and I think they need to learn all of the facts before they jump. At least all that are available. I think that boy has been railroaded and it speaks volumes that the Sheriff is calling for the SAO to drop the charges. JMO.

  29. niecey456 says:

    Continuing to pray for Kyron. I will be putting up a new article for Kyron this afternoon.

  30. Hilde says:

    art tart~~ I stand corrected :oops:
    You are a Girl :lol: I shall remember this from now on. :wink:

  31. art tart says:

    Hilde, great avatar! Niecey, Hornsby has been down on WFTV since the release of Lyon’s lecture to “trial lawyers,” in which the lawyers attending that conference PAID for the information. I personally was appalled at the lecture & enjoyed listening to it, but, it was ACTUALLY stolen material, the public did not pay for it.

    Kathy Belich released it, B Sheaffer commented on it, probably gave it to K Belich imo, & immediately WFTV had to take it off their site. The owner of that Conference threatened to sue WFTV. B Sheaffer was reprimanded for this & resigned from the Trial Lawyers Association. It too would have seemed like B Sheaffer would have know that would bite him in the butt also, Baez almost accused Sheaffer of the release in an interview.

    This screw up on top of the BREAKING news with River/Sykes information which died out as quickly as it broke, & now this story about the 14 yr. old, it would seem Belich is in a competitive market but the lives of all people involved are affected. B Sheaffer is responsible for the merits of his opinion & perhaps he might check other sources besides Kathy’s next time he offers his opinion.

    I love Belich, but I hope she doesn’t resort to “Sensational Journalism” to grab the Orlando market for WFTV. Sheaffer has a “professional reputation to protect,” I hate to see it muddied over something like this. I enjoy his comments on the case.

  32. art tart says:

    I find this interesting in Kyron’s case, apparently Terri was completely blindsided when served with the Restraining Order & the Disolution of the Marriage on Monday evening at 6:00 p.m.

    imo, Her husband & bio mom/step dad are working directly with LE & LE has told them Terri is about to be arrested as well as shared everything they have which probably implicate Terri.

    This is NO SMALL THING for bio dad to hire an attorney & swiftly have a Restraining Order & Divorce Papers served on Terri without her suspecting this.

    I haven’t read if Terri has an attorney, but she is in deep POOP, she probably needs one.

  33. niecey456 says:

    Hey Art! Thanks for the info! I had to run out this afternoon, but prior I had been compiling info for a new post on this case.

    I remember the thing with Lyon’s speeches, but I disagreed on that one, only because I believe that when one speaks in a public forum, there should be no expectation of privacy. Also I feel that if a person purchases that material, sooner or later it could very well be shared. To me it was not a copyright violation, as no one took her words and made them their own. At any rate, I didn’t get too deep into it, although, I do believe the public DID need to hear that.
    Skye and River were bordering a bad joke. I do agree with Mr. Hornsby on this one as I’ve said. I do think that Kathi and Mr. Sheaffer should be careful on these matters and research a bit better before the release of the “BOMBSHELL”. I viewed the security tape and it did not look suspicious. I think it is telling that the mother of the child does not want to press charges. I’m not saying that the school records might not be cause for some alarm, but then I haven’t viewed them, so I don’t really know what they say. I believe the person that released them should be in trouble. That particular case is tough in a way. I wonder if the SAO could say I’ll drop the charges IF you take some sort of behavior classes or some counseling, just in case he does have some underlying issues? Just a thought.

  34. niecey456 says:

    BTW, Hilde I love that new avatar! :wink:

  35. Hilde says:

    thanks niecey, I thought it was time for a change :)

  36. Hilde says:

    art tart, thank You too for liking my new face :lol:

  37. art tart says:

    Hilde, I love butterflies, & I loved that Old Movie, “Butterflies are Free.” So delicate, so graceful, so fleeting! All wonderful qualities.

    Niecey, I know you said you are putting together something on Kyron, I read somewhere the step mom is supposed to be on the front of PEOPLE Mag but I looked under their link & they are just posting this week’s, so maybe it will be on this coming cover. You are certainly welcome to move any links I ever post into your new post on Kyron, I know we both read on him everyday & we both read many of the same links! Great Minds!

    I am watching NG & she is FOCUSING on this case. M Klaus seems to think the bio mom is involved in the disappearance, & poor Judacha (sp?) said this is HIGHLY UNUSUAL that there was NOT EVEN A HEARING & the Judge Granted the restraining order. Even NG agreed.

  38. niecey456 says:

    You’re welcome Hilde. :)

    Thanks Art! I had a bunch of links bookmarked, and am working on the post now. I did bookmark some of your links as well.

  39. scott says:

    wait, klass thinks BIO mom is involved?
    based on what?

  40. niecey456 says:

    Art, I didn’t watch Nancy G. Why does Mark K. think Bio mom is involved? Who is Judacha?

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