Day 4 Of The Casey Anthony Murder Trial……Did Casey Really Look Like A Good Mother To Everyone?

Day 4 of the Casey Anthony murder trial was a bit trying. Throughout this trial, starting today with Lee Anthony’s fiance Mallory Parker, we heard about what a good mother Casey Anthony appeared to be. Mallory spoke of a special bond between Casey and Caylee and how their relationship was “amazing”. It seems throughout the trial, thus far that most of Casey’s friends and boyfriends saw Casey as a good mother. The problem I have with this is that when Casey and Ricardo were in a relationship Caylee slept in the bed with them. Casey was a liar and that dated way back. Casey was a thief and that dated way back and it seems that Casey took Caylee around with her to stay with boyfriends, and lest we forget she has always turned on anyone, especially her parents, that kept her from getting her way. A great mom……..Really??? She was really teaching Caylee the right things and being quite the nurturer. Wasn’t she? Of course we know the defense is really trying to say what a stupid liar she was, who acted very bizarre and was sexually immoral, because she was abused, but she was a great mom. It just doesn’t fit. I think the key to all of this is that Casey is a liar, a very deceptive person. Deceptive people fool the people around them, at least for a time. Casey seems to pride herself in her ability to lie and seems to get very angry at being questioned. It’s as if the whole world owes it to her to believe whatever she dishes up. We also have to take into account that there are more friends and boyfriends who have not yet testified. From what I’ve seen throughout this case I think different people saw different sides of Casey. I think as this trial goes on and we hear from more witnesses, we will see other sides of Casey.

I was impressed with Simon Birch’s testimony. He came across as very truthful, very respectful, as well as very patient. Jose Baez tried really hard to give him a hard time and he handled it well. He was adamant about the smell in the car, what happened and the order in which it happened.

George was called back to the stand and Jose Baez just cannot do anything but bully him and try to trip him up, and today it was quite obvious that he’s starting to get to George a bit. It’s as if Baez really is trying so hard to drive his theory home, that if he bullies George enough he might make someone believe it. Problem is, while George needs to calm down and let it roll off and stick with just being truthful, Baez needs to realize that he is coming across as abusive, not George.

The defense did submit a motion for a mistrial first thing this morning and it was denied. They feel as though their client’s character is being assassinated. All I can say is……….What character???

Tony was put back on the stand, but the State intended to go over a pile of text messages between he and Casey and the court has not yet had the chance to decide on which ones will be allowed, as the defense had vigorous objection to it and the Judge did seem to agree with a bit of their point, so that will likely be fine tuned on Day 5 and they will begin to address it.

The videos of Casey shopping and her car being abandoned were admitted into evidence today, with the exception of a few that were not working right.

The State appears to be taking this case from the ground up in chronological order and so they are working through the evidence and witnesses one step at a time and most if not all of the witnesses are subject to recall. In other words they are not addressing every issue with each witness that they intend to, but rather working through what they need from them that fits into where they are in the story, and they can call them back to work in different areas of their testimony when they get there.

I have a feeling that Saturday, Day 5 will likely be mostly dealing with those text messages. We shall see, but I think we are all seeing just why this case will take so long at trial. It may be a slow process, but Justice For ♥Caylee♥ is coming.


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98 Responses to Day 4 Of The Casey Anthony Murder Trial……Did Casey Really Look Like A Good Mother To Everyone?

  1. Scott says:

    1) perry needs to stop caving to the defense just cause it hurts them that the state wants to use factual evidence that casey isnt a saint and mother of the millenuim. i know he’s worried about appeals. meanwhile, back here in the present, im worried about CONVICTIONS.

    2) Are these people testifying that casey and caylee had a great bond a) lying b) mistaken c) delusional or d) on crack? this doesnt fit with everything we know. even george and cindy when there reality switch is in the on position know this is bs.

    3) Mistrial for character assasination? since when do u get a mistrial becaue the state wants to ACCURATELY potray the defendent? this motion was so pathetic…..

  2. knight owl says:

    Hi Niecey, great post as always. As far as the boyfriends, girlfriends and just friends in general, they have no idea if Casey is a good mother or not. They seem to only be interested in partying and if they are Casey’s boyfriend then sex with Casey is all they are interested in. I agree with you Casey putting Caylee in the bed with her and Morales is dispicable. Morales answered a sex question by Baez, Baez phrased it as you didn’t have sex with Casey while Caylee was in bed with you did you, and Morales said, no he doesn’t think so. Now please, morales said Casey and Caylee came and spent the nite about three times a week and i do not buy it that they would not have sex with Caylee in the bed with them. Skankey would not care as if she did she would not have Caylee in a boyfriends bed in the first place. Ditto for Morales.
    Also if Casey is such a good mother and in Mallory’s words an amazing mother then why is Caylee dead and thrown away in the woods in garbage bags? Why did her amazing Mother not want her found? Why did her amazing Mother when back home after being bailed out have no problem sleeping in the family home 15 houses up while her beautiful baby lay rotting in those bags in the woods being chewed by animals? Baez would answer my questions as poor Casey was sexually molested by her father and brother. I would say to that Horse puckey. My question to Baez and mason is, where on earth are you two bafoons going to put all this horse crap when trial is over. I Suggest they pile it in their cars and homes. They are ridiculous and their opening statements sound like they are as stupid as casey is. The nanny story sounded more believable than this one and it was a nut story.

  3. knight owl says:

    Scott, Amen. I totally agree with your post. It seems everyone thinks they cannot step on Baez toes. However George is holding his own with that creep Baez. I think he can take him. Justice would be for George to be allowed a free no jail card to knock Baez big fat head in. I would pay to see that.

    As for the friends, boyfriends saying Casey was a good Mother, i would go with your no.B mistaken, no.C delusional, no.D On crack. Mallory says Casey and Caylee had a bond Casey was an ”AMAZING” mother. Yea so amazing she killed her baby and threw her away like she does when taking out the trash. I Would like to ask Mallory if she and Lee have a baby and Casey is free would you leave your baby alone with this amazing ex-mother?

  4. knight owl says:

    Tony Lazarro said Caylee could count to fourty in Spanish. If that is true then Casey took the time out of her busy non working day to only teach this to Caylee to rile up Cindy as she knows Cindy does not like hispanics.

  5. knight owl says:

    There is a video of Caylee in her spiderman tee shirt and diaper sitting on the floor coloring. Her diaper is soaked so much you can see how yellow it has become. I would bet my life it was lazy rump Casey filming her and bet poor baby Caylee didn’t get a peed diaper changed until right before Cindy hit the door home from work. Yea, that would be our Amazing Mother of the year.

  6. knight owl says:

    oh and Scott, Baez asking for a mistrial was hysterically funny. So was Judge Perry’s answer to him. Oh my gosh, baez is so dumb!

  7. magic color says:

    Longtime lurker, first time commenter here!

    First of all, I totally agree that Casey is guilty. I’m still on the fence whether it was first degree murder or she found Caylee in the pool and then decided to cover it up. Either way, I really think she’s a sociopath.

    That being said, I’m a little worried about the job the prosecution has done so far. Today was a good day — the guy from the towyard was utterly believable and unimpeachable.

    I am a little worried that the prosecution is calling George Anthony so much as part of their case (not that they have a choice in THAT), but that they’re sort of putting him out there as some honest guy. George Anthony lied to the police and FBI multiple times. Now, I believe he did that in a weak attempt ot protect Casey (as Cindy did), but the fact is, he LIED. The tape thing on the gas can is utterly ridiculous. So I’m a little worried that the prosecution is using him to establish so much of the base of the case when it’s only a matter of time before it comes out that he’s a LIAR. And that only makes him more suspect when it comes to the defense’s fantastical theory.

    I’m glad the prosecution moved on from all of the “I met Casey at a bbque and saw her at a club and no, she didn’t tell me her daughter was missing” witnesses. I get where the prosecution was going, but it was getting repetive. And remember, those jurors are basically locked away from their lives as this trial goes on, so they’re going to look at every witness as whether it’s wasting their time or being valuable. And if they think the prosecution is wasting their time with a lot of redundant witnesses, they’re going to hold a grudge.

  8. Jill from Western Australia says:

    Congratulations on your new grandbaby Niecey, I hope you are able to see him in person in the very near future. :lol:

    I’m sure we all have seen couples who appear happy and normal around us and then learn that they are getting divorced. We had no knowledge of this and are shocked/suprised when it happens. This is because people put on their best behaviour around others and save the bickering for when they are alone. Lets think about KC for a moment.
    She manipulated her parents into babysitting ♥Caylee♥ at every opportunity so that she could go out and party. KC only dragged her daughter along when no one would look after her. The girls who saw them together only did so for short periods of time where KC acted just like any other toddler’s mom. Most of her boyfriends didn’t care as long as they got sex – Tony Lazzaro was different! He made the rule that his appartment was no place for a toddler…KC being the selfish biotch that she is chose Tony over ♥Caylee♥ – this is shown in the jail videos.

    With each day of the trial KC grows bolder. She is cunning enough to hide much of this from the jury who hopefully are watching her like a hawk. Notice how KC orders her entire defense team around AND notice how they rapidly leap to do her bidding…grrrr!


  9. Linda says:

    HELLO knight owl, I agree with you about Casey throwing Caylee out like the trash,but when you really think about it she thru Caylee out and kept the trash…that has to make the jury say hmmmmmmmmmm?

  10. Linda says:

    I forgot to say next Baez will be saying that George went to Tonys house and stole his garbage to cover for Casey……you just can’t make this stuff up!

  11. Andrea says:

    Andrea Morning Andrea! Its the other Andrea that always reads but rarely posts. I have to bring it to everyones attention that alot of these people testifying to what a good mom she is are really young twentysomethings with no children of their own. Another thing I want to mention and maybe someone else has seen these pics of Caylee at a garage party. They are amongst all of the other pics. In them Caylee is wearing a ton of plastic necklaces. If you look at the background of these pics (there are quite a few from this particular party) you will see it was a garage party that Casey took her 2 yr old daughter to….real good mom right? Hopefully someone on the prosecution side brings these photos to light as to the “quality” of her mothering.

  12. Andrea says:

    sorry niecy i thought this was andrea post. I read both of your posts (among others) on this sight!!! If anyone knows of those pics please post them as I am not the computer savvy to do so!!

  13. BEES KNEES says:

    Good morning! Anybody know where they will be live streaming the trial today?

  14. eggtreenews says:

    Wonderful mothers with “amazing” connections to their kids would NEVER be able to disconnect the way Casey did. Bubbly, happy, partying, dancing, when her beloved child “who she’s AMAZINGLY connected to” has just,by her own admission, drowned in her backyard pool, and was currently rotting in a trashbag in the swamp? No way.

    Baez can’t have it both ways. She can’t be a disturbed, disconnected, dirty rotten liar, AND be a loving mom capable of having a strong emotional bond with her child. It doesn’t add up.

    She’s a chameleon. She’s an actress. She can play doting mom in public when it suits her and makes her look good. But behind closed doors, hery baby is “a little snothead” who cuts into her party time.

  15. cecelia says:

    Morning Niecey! how hard is it to put up the “appearance” of being a “good mother” when your responsibility/obligation to your child is to do nothing but act like the doting big sister? No bills to pay, no real life job keeping you worn out, and the grandparents take over MOST of the day to day care?
    all she had to do was dress her up like a little doll in the clothing supplied by others feed her food provided by others and drive around orlando in a car/insurance/gas, supplied by others.
    I know alot of struggling single parents that don’t have anything resembling that kind of support that still manage to be truly amazing role models for their kids. casey is just a spoiled narcissitic murderous brat.

  16. Jill from Western Australia says:

    Mornin’ everyone :lol:

    This link has worked every day…

    It worked the Saturday of jury selection so hoping that it will this morning.

    Currently the prosecution are telling the story of the 31 days leading up to the 911 calls. Hopefully the jurors will hear all three made by Cindy and subsequently the jail visits & recorded phone conversations.

    I wonder what today has in store for us?


  17. Jill from Western Australia says:

    This is the WFTV link that shows KC all day.
    It is currently showing the door that the witch enters from…

  18. Lona1 says:

    Good morning!
    I hope that Casey smiles more and more at the jury as time goes on, so they can see what a psychopath she really is. She smiled at the jury yesterday while the judge discussed a game they could watch. Oh, this is going to be good! She will develop a relationship with the jury! HAHAHAHAHA. Can you all see how she directs the entire defense team on what to do? I read her lips and she said,”Don’t forget….yada yada….

    Help me God with watching this trial.

    The jury needs to hear Tony’s proffered statement…asap

  19. offthecuff says:

    Watching that link, Jill, does Casey sit in a smaller chair than Baez? I know she is small in stature, but next to him, she looks like she’s 10. Would they purposely lower her chair to make her look small and helpless and hide better behind the computer?

  20. Lona1 says:

    I do not have the state’w witness list handy….is Tracy on the witness list? (LP’s assistant)….is Rob on the list as well? Thank you

  21. Lona1 says:

    Yes, yes, they lowered the chair to make her look small, meek, and innocent.

  22. BEES KNEES says:

    I’ll be so glad when FG is done with his witnesses! Why didn’t he clarify that happy go lucky b*tch was having movie night on the 16th SAME day as this accidental drowning??? He should be driving this crap home with the jury, no?

  23. BEES KNEES says:

    Scott, I don’t know if you saw my comment yesterday. I’m not sure why you’re not able to watch the trial but if it’s a matter of bandwidth here is a link to just audio only. Not sure if they would be livestreaming over the weekend though.


  24. BEES KNEES says:

    I don’t feel as pessimistic today, listening to cindy’s testimony so far although my spirits sunk a bit when Val predicted yesterday that it will end in Manslaughter.

    My biggest hope is that george and cindy will come completely clean and admit to what they did in order to save their daughter. It’s the only way they will ever have peace.

  25. Jill from Western Australia says:

    Bees I have been holding my breath throughout her testimony. So far so good. [KC managed to drop a perfuntory tear when the playhouse was shown BUT NONE while watching her mother cry..grrrr!]
    I think Tony’s text messages were very telling. Smart move to put Cindy on next. I’m wondering if she would not be as emotional had Baez not dropped the bombs during his opening statements?

    Lippman came in front of the ‘bar fence’ during Tony’s testimony – I wonder if he is representing him?

    Offthecuff – like Lona said they have lowered KC’s chair but today it seems even lower than the previous days. [Back during the hearings KC complained about the chair being too high – I suspect this was ‘staged’ so they could portray her as little and fragile.

  26. kas says:

    oh-OH. Somebody just realized that Cindy is siding with George.

    Note: Anger. Not anguish.

  27. niecey456 says:

    Good Morning Everyone!!!

    Scott, The motion didn’t fly and it was almost laughable. The defense is losing and they really thought they could pull this off. I know it’s early, but no matter how hard you try to put lipstick on a pig, it’s still a pig. Casey is coming across as a real pig.

    Knight Owl, So good to see you and Louie. Scoots says HI.
    You and I completely agree about Casey and her appearance of being a so-called good mother, as well as the horse hocky of a story she and her defense are trying to maintain. It makes no sense and while the A’s have had their low points through all of this, it is despicable for her to dump this on them to save her own evil, worthless hide.
    I do agree that the nanny story was more believable than this one.

    Thanks Jill! I hope so too. That is a most excellent point about how people can hide who they really are or how things are going in their lives. I do agree that the jailhouse videos support that about Tony.
    She is growing bolder, though she’s not smart enough to realize she’s not coming across well at all.
    Thanks for the links! I think today is going well so far. It looks like Cindy has decided to behave and tell the truth thus far too.

    Linda, I wouldn’t doubt anything that Baez would try and do. :roll:

    Andrea, That’s okay, it was good to see you. You made a good point.

    Bees, I don’t feel as pessimistic either. I share the same hope with you. Cindy is giving me hope at this point. I hope she can handle Baez and his foolishness. I have to say that if they both do the right thing, as you said they will have peace.

    Eggy………..Well Said!!! I completely agree. Casey is a different person to different people and depending on her mood. She was not a good mother, daugther, sister, friend or anything else. She just knows how to act the part to deceive and hurt others.
    Baez is too much of a nincompoop to realize reality and his fantasy do not line up.

    Mornin’ Cecelia! Bingo! She did have more support than most and she was still not a good mother. She never tried to provide for Caylee. She was a rotten mother. I agree with you about the amount of single parents out there that did not have near that support, yet were awesome parents.

    Mornin’ Lona! Justice is coming……….Though this is so hard to watch at times. I think Cindy is doing well.

  28. BEES KNEES says:

    Did you all catch kc’s HUGE rage right at the last break? It was beautiful. She was so mad she cried and shook her fist. Can you make out what she’s saying?

  29. niecey456 says:

    Bees, I couldn’t make out all of what she was saying, but she was definitely talking about her mom, and I did catch: “Why now?”

    Reality has set in that they aren’t going down for her or playing her games anymore. JMHO.

  30. kas says:

    Bees: “She didn’t even look at me once.”- Casey

    No more reassuring, I got ur back looks from Cindy. Sorry. One grotesque lie to far.

    It speaks volumes that the absence of one look produces a meltdown.

  31. Lona1 says:

    Inbetween f..king and stealing money, Casey HELPED WITH YARD WORD. Write that down, big bombshell…according to Cindy!

  32. Kim says:


    I can feel it now!

  33. Lona1 says:

    Is that CASEY on the stand or is it Cindy?
    None of this bull crap sounds right…she sugarcoats every lie, or tries to but still has to admit what acutally occured…..she is not believeable. Cindy comes across like a big, fat, sorry, grieving liar.

  34. Jill from Western Australia says:

    Thanks for the link Bees – I missed it the first time round. Someone tweeted that George stood up and hugged Cindy as she left the courtroom – wonder if that’s what made her mad – wish the jury could have seen it!

    I watched the WFTV link which shows KC only [turned the volume down on the screen] during this last segment. She was totally stone faced as Cindy relayed the Zanny, Juliet, Rachel, car accident story. I’d love to know what the jury thought about her lying.

    Notice that Cindy said she was looking for Zanny from July 15th until 6 WEEKS AGO! Is that when they found out they were being thrown under the bus?

  35. Lona1 says:

    Did you ever see such a scam. Yeah, yeah, I know she has to verify the timeline, but her demeanor and appearance are something else. No make-uo or earrings, a dress that women wore to the veggie market in the 1930s? So far she explained everything and was not upset that Caylee was gone. Hm….pretty weird and I am jury no. 13.
    Way too whiny and soft spoken, but you all already knew that.
    How did you like Casey’s breakdown? She was mad at Cindy big time…I read her lips…she this and she that…..just wait until they show her skeletonized remains and the duct tape with the hair attached…..maybe George can then jump on Casey and choke her.
    Cindy did cry for Caylee, but Casey could not even squeeze out one tear.

  36. Lona1 says:

    Jill, she is a big fat liar. I have no sympathy for her whatsoever. You cannot trust anything she says.

  37. september says:

    I think that Cindy maybe dealing with reality now and that she will do the right thing. The most telling moment for me was her response to the question about when she stoped looking for Zenida…….”six weeks ago” That’s when the prosecutors told George and Cindy the defense drowing story and George’s part in their latest fairy tale. Her love for that baby is so real.

    I so hope Hinky is wrong. But I wouldn’t bet against her prediction.

  38. kas says:

    …..and that Zanny would no longer be needed by the Defense–at all. POOF!!!

    Also, brilliant pointing out Casey calling her wanting her to babysit, Cindy being to busy, Casey saying,”I’ll call Zanny”. That’s Premeditation.

    I love Linda.

    Lona: I do think Cindy is trying to speak of things as she remembered them, i.e. what Casey told her. Trust me, it will be all the more awesome when it comes out that most of these people don’t even exist.

  39. niecey456 says:

    Thanks Kas! I have to agree about the meltdown.

    I feel it too Kim!

    Justice For Caylee!!!

    Lona, I don’t think she’s scamming at all. She’s telling the lies that Casey told her, which line up with what she said in the beginning. She won’t even look at Casey. Watch LDB ask her if those stories were lies. I’m going to withhold judgement on what I think is happening here until I see and hear the whole thing.

    Jill, I have the same question about 6 weeks ago. She trembled all over when she said that.

  40. niecey456 says:

    September and Kas I agree with your points.

    September I hope that Casey is convicted of more than manslaughter. I’ve felt for some time nothing less than 2nd degree murder. I would prefer capital murder.

    I have to agree Kas, can’t wait until it’s stated that none of these people existed.

    I love Linda too, she is handling things quite well.

  41. Jill from Western Australia says:

    WHY? won’t the Judge allow Cindy’s MySpace be seen by the jurors?????

  42. Jill from Western Australia says:

    It makes me :mad: that KC is able to read what is happening at the sidebar…grrr!

    Waving to September – lovely to see you again :lol:

  43. kas says:

    I think the MySpace references her stealing, so they have to wait until that’s been brought into evidence. I think.

  44. niecey456 says:

    I don’t understand this. I think that is completely unfair, but I do think that testimony can be more powerful. I’m going to be the optimist today and say that this is but a minor set back but one that was taken to keep the likelihood of the monster winning an appeal. IMHO I think Casey is looking like quite the irresponsible liar.

  45. niecey456 says:

    I think you are right Kas, and they touched on that with Cindy, about her having money issues to discusss with Casey. I have a feeling that the stealing will come in with Amy. JMHO.

  46. Lona1 says:

    Maybe I am reading Cindy wrong somewhat, could be. Her explanations are so lengthy and I am not sure if she is just covering her own butt, or if she is really telling how things went on.
    Bet you the motion Mr. Lippman served has to do with Baez badgering him to death.

  47. Jill from Western Australia says:

    Kas – I think you solved it – gud on ya! Rotten thing is that the stealing is considered “Prior bad acts” – these are NOT allowed to be mentioned during this phase of the trial…grrr.

    Lippman has a motion which [suprise suprise] Baez objects to – this will be heard at 8:30am on Tuesday morning. I saw Jeff give Judge Perry a copy of George’s Grand Jury testimony yesterday – he said he would read it over the weekend and let Mason/Baez know if they would be privvy to any or all of it.

  48. Lona1 says:

    ..I meant badering George

  49. niecey456 says:

    It will be very interesting to see how this all pans out. Lippman did say that he would pursue it legally if the defense chose to go this way. Tuesday will be a very interesting day for sure.

    Lona, I understand. I think Baez has crossed some lines. Really what Cindy is telling is the intricate web of lies that Casey came up with. That will bite Casey hard, when it’s all brought to the bottom line, so-to-speak.

  50. Jill from Western Australia says:

    Ah – badgering George – good thinking Lona.

    Cindy told the entire truth about everything she testified about today [I suspect that she has gone over her notes many times in readiness.] Lets hope she continues this way!

    The move by the prosecution to put Cindy on the stand [and keep her there until they broke for the day] was brilliant! Now the jurors will have something to think about over their long weekend [instead of trying to work out why the long line of boys and girls were brought in earlier.]

    Going out on a limb here – but I don’t think Amy will be allowed to bring up the stealing [that pesky “Prior bad acts” rule again.]

  51. niecey456 says:

    I think those of you who have a lot of questions (which I think is all of us), should see this:

  52. niecey456 says:

    Here’s the infamous 404, and note that it says that prior crimes cannot come in to prove character, but can be admitted to prove motive, opportunity, etc.

    Here’s a case that speaks about “Prior Bad Acts”:

  53. Jill from Western Australia says:

    Thanks for the link Niecey – I hope there will be a recording of this to listen to later.

  54. Jill from Western Australia says:

    My last post was in reference to Mr. Hornsby on Websleuths.

    Just read the two prior bad acts links and obviously don’t fully understand them BUT it does appear that they could be used to prove motive for another crime. I don’t think that her stealing has anything to do with ♥Caylee’s♥ death and suspect that Baez would object if the State try to bring it up. Hopefully I could be wrong :mrgreen:

  55. niecey456 says:

    I’ll watch for one, as there ususally is, so if that is the case I will share.

    I know that issue is confusing, but while Baez may contest, from what I’m seeing the stealing might find it’s way in, if they wanted to show her on a crime spree. I know the stealing does not appear to have anything to do with what actually happened to Caylee, but she did do this during that time frame, so while I’m like you that I don’t fully understand, they just cannot use it to assasinate her character, but can use it in other directions, if it’s relevant. I guess we shall see. I would love to know what one of our legal eagle’s take on it is.

  56. niecey456 says:

    WFTV has not let us down. The links are up, including the video of Casey’s meltdown and they caught it quite well.

  57. niecey456 says:

    In case I miss you.

    Night Jill……..Sleep Well……….


  58. Scott says:

    this is ridiculous in regards to ‘prior bad acts.’ at blaise trial they made a big deal that she was sexually abused as a child and had 2 nights as an amatuer exotic dancer……..did any of that prove motive? frig no. but it makes a good story cause obviously if your dealing with molestation issues you must have murdered a drug dealing rapist. Yet casey’s continous and lifelong sociopathic behavior isnt relevnt i guess.

    the reason casey said ‘why now?’ is cause the little b*tch cant believe cindy would turn on her NOW…….as if she thought cindy (and maybe george) would be ok with casey selling them down the river. pathetic.

    btw my computer is so slow bees that it takes hours jut to load 5 minute videos, so thats why i cant watch it.

  59. Jill from Western Australia says:

    Deeeeeeelicious Niecey :mrgreen:
    I enjoyed watching the 2 above links whilst having my ‘dinner’ – they made the food taste even yummier!

    I just looked back at my notes of what Cindy was saying just prior to the recess and KC’s self serving outburst. Cindy was explaining how she was sleeping with ♥Caylee’s♥ teddybear and that found it missing a few days later. I am trying to remember when the teddy surfaced again? Did KC take it from Cindy’s bedroom on one of her surreptitious visits? Mean vile spitefull move if she did!

    It will be interesting to see how Baez interrogates Cindy as I heard absolutely nothing that he could impeach her on during this mornings testimony.

  60. Jill from Western Australia says:

    Hiya Scott, sorry to hear that your computer is too slow – that must be really frustrating.

    Niecey how sweet of you to say night night but as its only 2:30am I’m not ready for bed just yet as this trial routine sees me hitting the hay sometime after 6am. :mrgreen:

    I will be reading around for a little while and will check back in before retiring. :lol:

  61. Scott says:

    im a night owl too jill ;)

  62. BEES KNEES says:

    Oh dear! I had to quit watching right after kc had her meltdown as my granddaughter showed up to spend the night. I’m ashamed to say I just sent her outside to collect eggs from the chickens just so I could quickly read through these comments to see what I missed. Arrgghhh!! She’s back. I’ll have to stifle my curiosity until after bedtime. Oh well! A small price to pay ~ at least I HAVE my granddaughter!

  63. niecey456 says:

    Scott, It only applies to establishing character. As Jill said, it will come in at the penalty phase. What we are trying to establish is if in can come in prior. I think when they are finished with establishing her character and laying the foundation, they may be able to find a way to get that in. One ace in the hole we have is that one of the witnesses was the victim of the crime and it happened during that 31 days. Mr. Hornsby was asked about it for the radio show he’s doing for Websleuths, and I intend to be listening. He would know about that.

    Jill, I’m so glad those 2 links made your dinner taste better. :mrgreen: I quite enjoyed those links myself. :mrgreen:

    I don’t think Bozo can impeach Cindy either. I am really looking forward to the rest of her testimony and the cross.

    Sorry, wasn’t trying to run you off :oops: , but I was in and out watering and such, so I didn’t want to miss the chance to tell you night. My apologies.

  64. niecey456 says:

    Enjoy your granddaughter Bees! Give her hugs from me. We will have it all documented for you.

  65. Jill from Western Australia says:

    Niecey, Bees and everyone who has grandchildren please give them extra cuddles whenever you can. Hugging your grandkids is the most wonderful thing in the world.

    Tee Hee Niecey I know you weren’t trying to get rid of me – no need to apologise :mrgreen:

    I’m glad Dr. Glass noticed that some of Sims body language showed she really didn’t believe KC. I find it extremely nauseating watching the entire defense team fawn all over her in front of the jury AND in front of the cameras. I wonder if this is the ‘diminished age and maturity syndrome’ that Finnell was asking the potential jurors if they could believe?

  66. niecey456 says:


    I’m so glad you knew that. :wink:

    I find Casey and the defense extremely nauseating. I think before this thing is all done the jurors will see her as we do. She speaks for herself, no explanations necessary.

    It just upset her to no end that her mama won’t cater to her anymore, though she’s treated her so badly, and lied so much. She’s a real twit for not seeing that coming. It did my heart good to watch Casey have the come aparts like that. It was of her own doing. I wonder if the jail will be serving crow for her tonight? :mrgreen:

  67. niecey456 says:

    Eggy, I hope you are around somewhere. Casey’s meltdown over Cindy’s testimony sure would be a good one for EGG TREE NEWS to get the inside scoop on!

    What happened to Mr. Stopper?

  68. Jill from Western Australia says:

    I’m still toying with the idea that KC staged this rant to gain sympathy from her defense team. Maybe she thinks they don’t totally believe her accusations about her parents. I wonder if she was saying to Sims “How could my mother allow my dirty perverted molesting father to hug her in front of all these people.” Perhaps she thought this would make it more believable? I could be totally wrong but this was my gut reaction after watching the first link that Bees posted shortly after it happened.

    Thoughts anyone?

  69. Jill from Western Australia says:

    Niecey, Mr. Stopper got either a new job or promotion and did explain that he would now have limited time to post – I miss him too. :sad:

  70. niecey456 says:

    I’m not so sure. On one hand, it’s being said that she did that meltdown after the jury left, so if that is true, she could have been venting and genuinely upset, but on the other hand, she knows the cameras are rolling and likely her parents will see this. I do think she thought Cindy would still be on the bandwagon, and I’m sure some of that upset is genuine due to that, but she is quite the actress. I’m going to move for maybe a half and half on that for my vote.

    Thanks Jill! I must have missed that. I hope he’s doing well. I miss him too.

  71. kas says:

    I think someone is reeaallyy regretting turning Mom away on Mothers Day, no?

    I loved the “why now” part of the hissy fit. Yes, why now, when you’ve told the boldest, filthiest, most vile lie you can tell does Mom have go out and draw a line in the sand? Why? God, WHY?????

    Did you catch the”F**k her!!” at one point. Oh Casey, Nancy Grace does not abide a potty mouth. You will be hearing from her.

    I wonder what Lippman’s motion is. Sadly, I don’t think they have grounds for Legal Action against this pathetic crew.

    I DID notice Casey furiously writing something down on a note. Then, she folded it, and Baez palmed it and took it off the table. Did he try to give it George and Cindy??? If so…. witness tampering.

  72. niecey456 says:

    I did enjoy her upset, I must admit. She really didn’t get that when you throw people under the bus for what you did, and prior to that you treat them as garbage under your feet, well, sooner or later they get enough of it.

    Oh, that girl is in for a rude awakening when she goes to prison.

    I don’t know what Lippman’s motion is, but if the defense is trying to pass Casey messages, that would be witness tampering and it could well be about that. I’m not sure on that. We shall see.

  73. Jill from Western Australia says:

    Niecey the jury had left before KC put on her performance. Kas…did she really use the “F” word in front of the cameras? This really shows that no one on her team can control her – thats why I feel she is doing a lot of this to bolster her lies to them.

    Notice how ALL the Ants have to be overly explicit when answering questions and get very picky about every little detail. Watch KC’s face when she disagrees with something – she shakes her head – NO. Today I spent 90% of the time watching the WFTV link which only shows KC and had the audio streaming from the Akamai link [switched back and forth occasionally.] KC did NOT shake her head NO during the time that Cindy was explaining all her lies – instead she put her energy into sending Cindy looks that could kill.

  74. niecey456 says:

    I thought the jury was out, and as I remember it she really started that fit as soon as her mother went back to her seat where her father was, and never even looked at her. Cindy never appeared to look at Casey. I’m looking forward to Magpie’s report on this.

  75. Jill from Western Australia says:

    What a lovely bonus seeing Bill and Kathi – tanky for posting the video Niecey. If you find Magpies report will you please post it as I am ‘officially’ going to thank YOU and everyone here for your company today and say…

    Nighty night


  76. niecey456 says:

    You’re welcome. I knew you would enjoy that. I will sure do that Jill, as soon as Magpies report is up.

    Night Night…Sleep Well……..


  77. september says:

    Good night everyone. So enjoy listening to all your great insights and observations. It was a great day. I thought Tony L came across as a decent young man that can not quite believe he slept with evil.

    Cindy’s demeaner was so different today, when she is saying ‘yes mam” to Linda you know there has been a major attitude change. I’ll bet the defense tries to get to her this weekend they will be desperate. Cindy was a powerful witness today. Laying out in details all the lies this “grieving mother” was feeding her……this goes way beyond any response of an incest victm who can’t deal the accidental death of her child. That and the party pictures just too much.

    I bet the jury doesn’t get to see the movies of Caylee with her great grandfather, just that one picture. Too inflamatory. I’ve never understood that rule of evidence, isn’t all evidence predatial?

    Jill big wave, smile and hugs back at you. Always enjoy your posts and your llnks are always so informative. Take care girlfriend
    BEES, i think you said we would miss each other when this trial is over. It’s my hope that Nicey will keep this blog open and we can follow future insession trials together.

    See you guys on Tuesday.

  78. Scott says:

    i think casey is genuienly shocked that cindy turned on her. she cant seem to grasp the fact that if you beat a dog loyal dog long enough it will turn on u and bite u in the a**.

    she didnt do the performance for the jury cause she realizes that if she shows genuine shock that any of the ‘abusers’ she has named has turned on her that would pretty much show how her whole story is a scam. so she waited till they were gone to have her fit..

    anyways seems like it was a good day for the state :)

  79. Jill from Western Australia says:

    Mornin’ my l♥velies :lol:

    Bigmouthshelly had a lipreader transcribe KC’s outburst…


    This is what a poster to Padilla’s facebook said…

    She thinks I was having fun and i dont care… shes my mother.
    She hurt me and she is trying to protect someone…
    She not supposed to say somethings… its been three years now.. i
    ts not fair it hurts so bad. its over now… its all over.

    In the beginng Casey says to the lady:
    How can she do this to me?
    She is not trying to help… the lady sitting beside her says: I know give your mother a chance


    This shows the actual times on the video…

    At 21 seconds in Casey says “SHE’S MY MOTHER, SHE WOULDN’T EVEN LOOK AT ME ”

    at 30 seconds in she says “SHE’S GOING TO PROTECT HIM”

    At 49 seconds in “THREE YEARS & NOTHING!’ makes chop motion with hand

    then she says ‘now I tell the truth”

  80. Jill from Western Australia says:

    Ratz! I accidentally put two links in the above post so it won’t show until Niecey lets it out of moderation.

    The 3 different lipreaders pretty much say the same things.

    If KC said “she’s not supposed to say somethings” I wan’t to know when this arrangement was made? While KC was under house arrest OR in correspondence while she has been in jail. Remember that Cindy only [no George] and Lippman met with Baez just before jury selection…hmmmmm!

  81. Jill from Western Australia says:
  82. Jill from Western Australia says:
  83. BEES KNEES says:

    Thanks! I had an excellent time with my granddaughter. But now that’s she’s gone I’m eager to see if I’ve missed anything. Thanks for all these links to watch.

    Remember that up until two days ago we all firmly believed Cindy knew Caylee was dead when she had DC search the woods, some even thought when she smelled the car. But now we are willing to believe she only realized it six weeks ago. I think she has known all along but until six weeks ago she was able to deny it to everyone, and maybe even some times to herself, but once they saw the psych evals. and heard where their daughter was taking them they could no longer play the game of denial. This is obviously extremely difficult for her but I still think she’s going to try and portray kc as a fantastic mother. The State is brilliantly and methodically making sure the jury knows that’s not true, however. When you realize they’ve only covered one week and there are anywhere from five to seven more to go you realize they’ve only scratched the surface.

    Does anyone know if the jail tapes will be seen by the jury? I remember the State won to keep them in so I’m guessing they are but based on the things they haven’t seen I’m not too sure anymore.

  84. BEES KNEES says:

    Correction: Cindy did NOT say she realized Caylee was dead six weeks ago. She said she quit looking for Zanny six weeks ago. My mistake. Big difference!

  85. Lona1 says:

    Bees, I have read that those jailhouse videos might be shown to the jury while they are deliberating. To me that makes no sense, I think they should be shown in the courtroom.

    Maybe the State will shown them net week if Baez badgers Cindy enough about the pool. They might then show the one where Casey says ‘surprise, surprise’. That would be awesome.

    Where is the Casey Cam during the trial? What website?

    I am dying to know what Lippman’s motion is about.

  86. Lona1 says:

    Please go to the Caylee Daily to the chatroom website. Her little dog Max is in a coma and she has taken him to the vet and the vet is telling her to say good bye to her dog. OMG, I feel bad for her.
    Maybe you can visit and leave message for her.
    The picture of the dog is also posted.


  87. niecey456 says:

    Lona, I will be praying for her and for Max. :sad:

    Jill, The radio link to that WS’s show with Mr. Hornsby:

    I think you will enjoy it as Mr. Hornsby answers some very good questions.

    Thanks for all of the info! I’m so glad Mr. Stopper is back!


    September, I will keep the blog going after this case is over.

    Bees, I think some of that will come in. Not sure how much of it. I highly recommend you listen to the radio show as well, as some really good questions about things that come in and legal recourse and Casey testifying and more are answered for us.

    Scott, It was a very good day for the State. I agree about her not doing her performance for the jury.

    I will be posting on Saturday’s events, but will likely do so on Monday.

    I hope you are all well and are having a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend.

  88. Jill from Western Australia says:

    Thankyou for the WS link Niecey – just finished listening to it. I was glad Richard explained how some of the evidence that we have been privvy to will be considered too prejudicial for the jury to hear. This may be why the 911 call in which Cindy accuses KC of stealing may not be heard. I’m also worried that the jail visits and phone call may also be prejudicial – it would be a great shame if the jury couldn’t hear her screeching for Tony’s phone number.

    Looking forward to your new post.


  89. Lona1 says:

    Geeez, if none of that evidence will come in, that’s not good. Why then have jailhouse recordings? I do not like that idea at all.
    I have not watch a criminal trial like this before and find it absurd that evidence pertaining to a crime would not come in.

  90. niecey456 says:

    Hey Jill! The good news is he did say some of that will be up to the judge and some of it will likely come in. I think the thing that interested me the most is the part when he said he never believed this was a capital murder case and now he believes she could very well be convicted of it and sentenced to death.

    Also interesting is what he said about Baez needing to back up his claims or she’s sunk, which is the biggest reason he’s changed his mind about this case.

    New post will be up soon.


    Hey Lona! He didn’t say none of it. He did say the theft case could have come in but was up to the Judge’s descretion. Tony’s secret between he and Casey, not coming in, as it’s hearsay. Believe it or not, there will be a lot of this stuff coming in, but certain things may not because you can’t go after her behavior prior to the crime or the spree that led to or involved the crime. (my wording) It’s not as bad as it sounds.

  91. connie says:

    OMG .. just now listening to Baez opening statement on HLN on Memoria Day … The look on KC’s face is like she’s hearing the story of what happened to her daughter for the first time!!
    Baez throwing Geo. completely under the bus implying that that’s why he went to a motel to commit suicide! Terrible!

  92. niecey456 says:

    Hey Connie! I know….Right? It is awful! Mason was right when he said it would be a jaw dropper, but it was a ridiculous one. :roll:

  93. niecey456 says:

    Hey Bees! I meant to tell you that I’m glad you had a good time with your granddaughter, and you look like you’ve lost weight. You look wonderful!

  94. niecey456 says:

    Hey Magic Color! Welcome!!! My apologies that you were left in moderation so long.

    We agree about Casey being a sociopath and Simon Birch’s testimony.

    I do think George has embellished a bit, on minor things, like Caylee saying she was going to see Zanny, as he had said to LE and the FBI that Caylee looked at him funny, like she didn’t know what he was talking about when he asked her about Zanny. I’ve never believed his recollection of what Caylee was wearing, especially since that was found in Caylee’s room. I’m not sure, because he’s been so consistent in telling what she wore, if he may not really believe that, and is actually recalling another day. I don’t think he out and out lied on things, but that is JMHO, and we shall see. I don’t believe Casey’s story at all. I think George has been the most truthful one of the bunch in this case.

    I actually think the State is doing a pretty good job. They are laying a foundation and working the story all the way up until now. I think that will make for a more informed jury, doing it that way.

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