Saying Goodbye To The Hinky Meter…..UPDATED


It is with much sorrow that we have been saying goodbye to the Hinky Meter. All of us love Valhall and all of us loved The Hinky Meter. The good news is that we didn’t really lose Valhall. She’s taking some time off, but I’m sure she will be around. We just will not have her wonderful words to read everyday. We did lose The Hinky Meter, but maybe it will be back again one day, or maybe Val will do something even better, like write a book about her life’s journeys, or a new blog one day……….. Who knows? The sky is the limit. Val is a very good writer and one very smart lady. I know I was a Hinky member myself and I have been very sad to see it go. I’m just glad that Val is taking care of herself and taking the time she needs. She can always replace The Hinky Meter, but she is irreplaceable. That said, KZ shared these wonderful pictures with us that I would like to post. THANK YOU KZ!!! Great Job!

Yes, The Hinky Meter flew away into the sunset, but again, we still have Val. Goodbye to The Hinky Meter……..We will miss you.

To Val,

We love you and want you to take care of yourself and we look forward to conversing with you, whenever you feel like chatting with us. Take care of yourself and know that we look forward to your futures successes with you. We are praying for you. God Bless You.

To the Hinky Members,

I have created some new pages on some of the cases you followed at The Hinky Meter. Jane Bashara, Rebecca Zahau and there was one other that I was asked about that I will have a page up on in the morning. I created the pages because I am not very familiar with those cases, so until I am up to date, you can still discuss them and help to bring me up to date. I also have a new off topic page. The “Coffee Shop” was my old one, but it is rather out of date, so if you put your cursor on the “Coffee Shop” on the pages, the new page will show up below it. We have been following Isabel Celis’ case here, as well as the Martin/Zimmerman case and others that I know you followed. I have a search bar in the sidebar and you can always search out posts I have done on them to see where we have been.

You are all very welcome here. I cannot compare to Valhall and I will never try to, but you are all welcome here. If you have any requests for pages please feel free to ask. When I am up to date on these cases I will write about them. We also follow cases and issues here that you may not have, so feel free to jump in those conversations as well.



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19 Responses to Saying Goodbye To The Hinky Meter…..UPDATED

  1. kimi_SFC says:


    Thank you so very much, from the bottom of my heart, for putting into words how I feel about all that has happened over the past few days. Your eloquence is appreciated, and your heartfelt words verbalized what I haven’t always been able to say on my own, especially to Valhall.

    KZ, those photos are beyond poignant and incredibly fitting. I just can’t say that enough! I will try to keep that image in mind — THM globe trotting into the horizon.

    It is what unites us — these memories of what an incredible run we shared together.

    I shall treasure them always!

  2. niecey456 says:

    You’re welcome Kimi and thank you for the compliment. I meant every word. I loved those photos that KZ took so much that they inspired this post.

  3. marica says:

    Nicey, You are as awesome in your own way as Val is in hers.
    I look forward to being a part of your blob again. Can’t recall when I was last here. Did you have a poetry page here? I’m thinking I shared some of my writes with you a couple years ago.

    Do you know if Val has an email where I could send a personal note to her?

  4. marica says:

    Darn smart phone did it to me again.

  5. mangococo says:

    Thank you so much Niecy! That post brought tears to my eyes. I was only a lurker at THM, I never commented, but I thoroughly enjoyed Val’s uber intelligent writings and thought process. I learned so much! Thank you for opening up your blog to us and I look forward to participating!

  6. atm9533 says:

    Thank you Niecey…………

  7. Mother Ocean says:

    Thank you Niecey! I will try to find my way around here, but I’m wondering if you have been following Ayla’s Reynold’s disappearance. She is the toddler from Maine. Thanks!

  8. For those off you missing Val an her writting also those whom lost the Caylee Anthony timeline if saved via the Hinky Meter …Here is where Val posted it origanaly This is a site partially run by her husband.Val has many posts an threads on that site.If you scroll down after Val original post an find her normal avetar not the supermod one.You can link on all the posts an threads she has writtten.Also A T S is a brilliant site and covers a lot of subjects.

  9. niecey456 says:

    Thanks Marcia! I’ll have to look, it seems to me you did share some poetry.

    You’re welcome Mangococo. I really enjoyed Val’s writing myself. I was in awe of her talent.

    You’re welcome ATM.

    You’re welcome Mother Ocean. I have followed that case to some degree, but have not posted on it, but I could. I apologize, because after the Anthony case, I took some time off, then when I came back I posted on a lot of different things, not just cases, so cases that my fellow blog owners wrote about, I didn’t always write about, so be patient with me as I’m a bit different than Val. I post on issues as well as cases and on some of them, it is not that I know nothing of them, I just didn’t extensively follow them.

    Thanks Ecossie Possie! I believe I was remiss in welcoming you by name. My apologies :oops: . I do appreciate you sharing that. :smile:

  10. confidential416 says:

    I have just returned from vacation to find The Hinky Meter gone. It is certainly a sad day. Reading The Hinky Meter with my first cup of coffee had become a staple. Val’s wit and writing style were always engaging and I am certainly going to miss her. As many of you have recognized here, Val’s has a gift for words and I hope it’s not long before we are reading her again! Thank you for allowing us to post here to say our farewell to Val.

  11. niecey456 says:

    Hey Confidential! Welcome and you are welcome.

  12. TXranger says:

    I was following th e hinky meter for a few months and it was so helpful I want to say thank you to the creators for give us all the info about operation delego… Once again I want to say thanks and you guys did an awesome job… I will wait for you guys…

  13. niecey456 says:

    Welcome TXranger!!! Val and her team did do a wonderful job with THM. It will be missed.

  14. Cindy20113 says:

    WHAT????!!!!???? Oh my goodness, I’m stunned to read this. I stumbled over THM by reading Magpie’s comments during the CA trial here in Orlando. THank you, Valhall, for all the hard work, analyses, and the insights (especially in the case of Max Shacknai and Rebecca Nalepa). I will miss THM.

  15. niecey456 says:

    Welcome Cindy!!!

    It is truly sad news. :sad: I will miss THM as well.

  16. NGBoston says:

    Thank so much for the warm welcome to all former Hinkies. I will miss Valhall dearly until she returns. Say—there is another True Crime Website, called BLINK ON CRIME. Great Blog….and also don’t forget to check out Scared

    Thank you again Niecey.

  17. niecey456 says:

    Welcome NG Boston and you are welcome. :smile: Thanks for sharing! I have both of those links in my sidebar.

    You are very welcome.

  18. Jnpgh says:

    I have been desperately trying to find out what happened to The Hinky Meter and finaly found this site! Thanks so much Niecy456 for explaining a bit that Val just needed a rest!
    I can only imagine that after following all of those cases, she needed a sabbatical! But I do hope that she returns some day …or perhaps write a book about any of the cases. But clad to see that some of THM’s frequent contributors are dropping by here. I recognize ecossiepossie!
    Please tell Val she is missed and that we all only wish her the best!

  19. niecey456 says:

    Welcome Jnpgh!!!

    You’re very welcome.

    Since this post was written, Val has created a wordpress blog, here is where she explains that she’s kind of back, kind of not.

    She posts from time to time. Hope that helps. :smile:

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