The Hinky Meter Is Back, Kind Of……..

To my friends and those that are former Hinkies, The Hinky Meter is back, kind of. Valhall has temporarily taken on a wordpress blog while waiting on The Hinky Meter to be restored. Why don’t I let you read what she has to say.
I have placed her blog address in my sidebar under blogroll. The “kind of” is explained in Valhall’s own words, so I need not say more.

Best Wishes To Val! It is good to have you back my friend, even it is “kind of”.

Thanks Annkdav!

God Bless…….


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6 Responses to The Hinky Meter Is Back, Kind Of……..

  1. annkdav says:

    Niecey, thank you for posting this article.

    It was truly a pleasant surprise to see Val’s article. I am so happy that she is “working things out” and is moving forward in a positive way. I was very concerned and worried about Val.

    Val is truly a wonderful person and I wish only the very best for her.

    I loved the part of the article about the flowers she planted on her dad’s grave. It was very touching that she planted all of the flowers for her dad and the butterflies and bees came so quickly. As a flower gardener, I am sure you, like I, can appreciate the beauty of the moment.

    Also, as you know, gardening is good therapy and is a wonderful way to experience the beauty of nature.

    Ann-Tx (annkdav on WordPress)

  2. niecey456 says:

    Welcome Ann!!!

    You are quite welcome.

    Completely agree with you. I’ve thought of and prayed for Val quite a bit since she shut THM down. I’m so proud of her. She is truly a strong person. I also wish her the best.

    I agree about the flower garden. To me that is a healing act. I’ve always said, that I’m never closer to God than when I’m working in my gardens. You are right on about that.

  3. annkdav says:

    Thank you for the welcome to your “home” (site), Niecey. I promise I will be a gracious “guest.”

    It is a great feeling of peace, calm and tranquility to be working in my flower gardens. It is like I am in my own little world with nothing but the beauty of nature which God so lovingly provided and my thoughts.


  4. niecey456 says:

    It is an honor to have you here Ann. :smile:

    We so agree about the gardens.

  5. Gayle Davis says:

    So glad you are back! Missed you so much!

    Sooner Fan

  6. lisa sharring says:

    niecey, so glad to see that you and other hinkies i miss so much are still around. i miss the hm like crazy. i hope you will continue with your blog.

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