Acts Of Desperation & Narcissism…….Jose Baez, Cheney Mason & Casey Anthony

Just when you think they have topped themselves, they are at it again and it is more ridiculous than ever before. The desperate for attention, trio of narcissism, Jose Baez, Cheney Mason and Casey Anthony just cannot give up on trying to get that attention they so desperately crave and more than anything they cannot stop trying to make all of that money they thought they would make. It just isn’t that easy, especially when the world has figured them out and they just don’t have credible connections to scam with anymore.

So what are they up to now? Well, everyone knows by now that they could not stop doing the media rounds over the past few weeks. No one could help but see some of it, because you couldn’t turn on your morning or evening news without seeing some of it and God forbid if you watched any kind of news shows prime time, because they were on every news station trying to get that attention they so desperately crave and worst of all to plug Jose Baez’ new book and of course it has been leaked that Casey’s journals will also be turned into a book, if she can find a publisher to publish it. But wait…………The National Enquirer pays big bucks for stories…….Guess what? They claim to have the inside scoop on those journals that are to become a book.

I’m not going to list the shows that Jose Baez and Cheney Mason have been on, as we have already covered that. We also covered that 10 minute phone interview that Piers Morgan reportedly had with Casey and Cheney Mason, the night Mr. Mason went on his show. Most of us can guess that Mason and Casey were trying to monopolize on the anniversary of Casey’s acquittal, as well as test the waters and see how this would all be received. I think many more of us knew that it was no accident that Mr. Baez’ book was coming out around the same time and though Mason tried to distance himself or convince the public he had, he and Casey were also, in their own ways, promoting that book. We know that Baez has been promoting it by going on all of the shows, but did you know that he and his friends have even been reviewing his own book in hopes of boosting sales? First take a look at the following video.

In finding the video and any information about this issue, I first found these two articles.


So then I went on over to and low and behold, even the co-author, Peter Golenbock did a 5 star review for the book and yes, that video and the articles are true. I checked it out. There were 9 pages of 5 star reviews last I checked and while some look like they could be legitimate, most, aside from Baez and Golenbock, have never reviewed a book on amazon before. Some look like they could be connected to the law firm, while others appear to be college students, while others could be anyone, but most have never reviewed a book on amazon before.

For the Amazon link, just click on the 5 stars on the review graph and you can follow the 5 star reviews and see for yourself.

To me this all smacks of desperation and narcissism. It is disgusting that they just won’t quit, but at the same time it is almost amusing that they are practically begging like this.

desperation [ˌdɛspəˈreɪʃən]


1. desperate recklessness
I’ll just let you read the following link on the narcissism.
Am I alone in thinking that Casey is not the only narcissist in the bunch?
Let me know what you think.
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62 Responses to Acts Of Desperation & Narcissism…….Jose Baez, Cheney Mason & Casey Anthony

  1. You’re not alone Niecey – the whole darn lot of them are narcissists – Baez is even advertising that he will give a 8 x 10 photo of HIMSELF to anyone who takes a picture of themselves with his book and may even show it on TV – grrr!!!

    I distinctly remember Mason telling the TV audience that KC would NOT be releasing a book until AFTER the appeal and civil trials were over and done with – guess he forgot to tell KC.

    It is being reported that the Baez book has sold less than 400 copies (the profits from which I suspect won’t even pay for the printing) so if this is anything to go by it is unlikely that many will buy anything penned by her. I hope the NE are aware of this! BOYCOTT!!!

  2. monabh says:

    Amusing? Much! I wouldn’t read a word.

  3. niecey456 says:

    Jill, I’m sure the NE knows it, but I’ll bet they paid for that insider info for that article. They won’t publish it, likely no one will, but I wonder if they will try to have it done under another name? Remember we talked about that.

    They are so dirty!

  4. niecey456 says:

    Hey Mona! Good to see you again.

    I completely agree with you….I wouldn’t take a free copy to line a bird cage.

  5. This new 3 minute video is hilarious…

  6. niecey456 says:

    :lol: That speaks volumes! :lol: :mrgreen:

  7. sCOTT says:

    still laughing about the reviews and the 8×10……seriously
    this made my entire summer. :)

  8. niecey456 says:

    :lol: The good news is that it is so funny because not only are they such a pathetic lot, they are failing miserably at their dastardly stunts. That is what makes it so funny!

  9. niecey456 says:

    BTW, Thank you again Correspondent Scott for the “Breaking News” “Bombshell” ! :lol:

  10. sCOTT says:

    lol one of either the books real supporters or baez himself claimed the book has done 2 million sales on amazon already lmao……i know thats a bunch of crap cause his book for not even a minute topped out past about the top 65…..
    saw another chart on another site that says he sold 450 hardcovers and a just a couple of kindles lmao.
    and it was my pleasure :)

  11. niecey456 says:

    Ahh, the narcissism. He and his cohorts have got it bad!

  12. sCOTT says:

    actually i think its insecurity that causes nonsense like this. of course they have every right to be insecure ;)

  13. niecey456 says:

    Insecurity………Or Greed? See I think they long for attention and they really thought they could cash in big time.

  14. sCOTT says:

    could be a combination of everything lol.
    it is just too damn funny.
    and then his ghostwriter wrties himself a five star review lmao now that is narracisim for sure ;) didnt even try to disguise his identity….

  15. niecey456 says:

    I know………..They just cannot seem to get it through their thick skulls that this is not about them or their princess, but it is about Caylee, the child that she wronged. It is funny until you think about Caylee and the fact that they are so hard-hearted, so self-entitled. This was never about them or Casey. They can lie, cheat, scam, whatever, but she’s the little angel and they are the dirty rotten $%^^&**((@!#$…………..JMHO.

  16. sCOTT says:

    absolutely. buts its the fact that its about caylee that makes baez pathetic book sales and review posturing so satyisfing. everyone knows what garbage he and his book are. :)

  17. niecey456 says:

    Oh, absolutely! I completely agree. It is like Justice For Caylee is a slooowww ongoing process for those who thought they got away with something. :wink:

  18. sCOTT says:

    hmm i dont see golenbeck (sp) review anymore

  19. niecey456 says:

    Did you check through the pages? I noticed that last night Baez’ review was to the back and this morning it moved up 3 or 4 pages. I think it has to do with the amount of activity it is getting, because people are commenting on those reviews.

  20. sCOTT says:

    ran thru all 9 pages.

  21. Twiglet says:

    I would like to see a photo of this book shoved up Bozo’s ass !!!

  22. KCinNC says:

    Of COURSE you’re not alone – I think we have known all along that the whole “team Casey” bunch are as seazy, greasy, dishonest and greedy as Bernie Madoff. I have stopped wasting any more of my time getting upset over them though, I have complete faith that Karma will take care of everything that we humans cannot. Baez won’t sell enough copies to even make a blip on the bestseller charts, Cheney will get effed over by the slut just like everyone else in her life – he’s already past his expiration date with her as it is, everyone else she has been in contact has long since abandoned her because they got f*ed like a small white boy in prison. Oh and the ever expanding Ms. Anthony will be lucky to make it a week when she has finally been completely abandoned and has to venture out from the dark hole that she currently lives in. Ballyhoo – we just need to sit back and watch them fall.

  23. katie says:

    HOW can Casey make a book on her journals of the time Caylee went “missing” (cough cough) when she claims that she DOESNT remember those 31 days.. Well, then what the heck is she going to put in her book from those journals if she ADMITS that???????

  24. Kcsahoe says:

    We have traced a few of the 5 star reviews to bozo and crew. LMAO… now thats pathetic.. did anyone see Jeff Ashton give himself reviews? Not I… Bozo tried numerous ways all his life to get “rich” and hang with the “important” people, and he failed at all bikini business, mail order brides, dead beat dad, BK, foreclosesure and now attempting by using the murdered decomposed child.. He is as sick as Skank Anthony… No class, no morals and no ethics. He is jealious of Jeff’s book, so he tries to talk down about Jeff.. but Jeff Ashton proved what a swarmy low life scum sucking bottom of the earth feeder he is. And all skanks journals were good for were to keep her lies straight. No Scum/Scam Anthony books will sell either. They all proved what slime bags they all are. Lee Marie seems to be very quiet, wonder why? Could it be guilt knowing why a physco B!tch his sister is.

  25. Good to know that Matt Morgan is following the money trail…


    Some years back you wrote a post about the money and who was donating to the defense of KC had a whole lot to do with this case. You were right then and you are right now :wink:

  26. sCOTT says:

    presumed guilty down to 239 on amazon. :)

  27. Scott :mrgreen:
    Would I be correct in presuming that the higher the rating number on Amazon means that the book is not selling?

  28. sCOTT says:

    you are correct maam………his book’s best selling day (hour really) on amazon he was somewhere in the top 60…….

    for point of reference ashton’s book, i hear, got all the way to number 6 at one point.

  29. Didn’t know that Jeff did soooo well – very pleased for him.

    So Baez went from 60 to 239 in about one week – best news I’ve heard all day. :cool:

    Thanks for the info Scott.

  30. sCOTT says:

    no problem jill :)
    katie……..casey will probably invent a new story in a ‘real journal.’ who knows. but it will probably sell less then even jose’s has.
    agree a 100 percent kc :)

  31. sCOTT says:

    lmao twiglet……plenty of room im sure

  32. sCOTT says:

    hmmm all of a sudden it jumped to a 100.

    are the viewers of the ‘view’ that stupid?

  33. niecey456 says:

    Welcome Twiglet!!! ME TOO! That would be a sigth to see!

    Good to see you KCinNC! I think you are exactly right. We do not always understand the reasons why things happen the way they do, but things do happen for a reason. I remember that many of us (myself included) said many times that true justice would be for all of the dirty to be exposed and punished in this case, because there was so much of it. Maybe that was the reason for the acquittal? If she had been convicted, the rest might never have come to light. Watch the money and nefarious connections start being revealed. When dirty law breaking behavior is revealed on these people now, they will be charged. Watch.

    Welcome Katie!!! Excellent Point! Another GOTCHA MOMENT! Another lie exposed.

  34. niecey456 says:

    I suspect the domino effect is about to kick in, because now the money trail will be revealed and this time I believe they will charge folks. The guy that put the “Live Caylee Reward” up, as well as being behind (it seems a major contributor to) the Never Lose Hope Foundation that did the reverse 911 calling for them in the beginning, all of those t-shirts, fliers, the bat boat, the atv…..Somehow I think the “anonymous benefactor”, that Baez never accounted for that money to the court was also connected to this guy.
    There’s more:
    Here’s another:
    Amazing that he specializes in ponsi schemes. He walked on the drug running in Pensacola.
    Part 3 of this series really gets into the money:
    Part 4 mentions this guy:
    More on the cocaine trafficking case and this is the right guy because it mentions him putting up the Caylee reward.
    He’s a real bad guy, so were the Kidfinders. Why did they need that? Because there was a lot more dirty going on behind the scenes than any of us realize. There has to be something in it for the bad guys to want to be a part of that circus. I believe the A’s, Baez and others, even Casey sold their souls for these contributors. Not that Casey had one. What really did they have to offer the bad guys?
    We also cannot forget that PB was involved with Gov. Crist. Cheney Mason was also representing one of the accused in the Crist Debacle, though he recently quit that guy. The dots just keep connecting. Never Lose Hope started right around the time the Anthony Case happened. Why are the Caylee Foundations closed now? Is all of this recent media circus really just to sell Baez’ book? Or is it to sell it to pay some debts? Why are they still reading all of the social media. Is it narcissism, or is something about to happen that will hold someone accountable and they need the money, and to spin to the public to garner more contributors?

  35. niecey456 says:

    Welcome Kcsahoe!!! I agree that they will not sell their books, at least not enough to talk about. It is ridiculous that they are still just as dirty and pitiful now as they always were.

    Jill, I’m so glad that M&M are investigating and I hope it is being investigated by authorities. Your link and response sparked my memories of PB and all of the dirty dealings. I knew those people were never broke. They just played like it. I still do not understand why the bad guys set them up for business and invested. Surely it was not out of compassion. I always thought the A’s were taking donations and using them as much for Casey as themselves, all along. Now we know that was true. Fraud is a crime, especially charitable fraud. It will be interesting to see how far this all goes.

    Scott, I noticed that there are more reviews by reviewers that have never reviewed. Did you see The View? My mom called me and told me about it. It seems that Baez compared Casey to Jaycee, not in opposition either. He believed Casey coped with her circumstances, just like Jaycee had to cope with hers. He actually made out like Jaycee could have changed hers, asking why she went along with it, in answer as to why Casey would have gone along with hers. Apparently a few of the girls jumped him about that and told him there was no comparison and he replied to them that it was a matter of opnion. I thought that was disgusting!

  36. sCOTT says:

    wow…… know i dont think this is the first time he or someone on that POS defense team has done this either. maybe about a year before the trial.

    this is the first time he actually had the balls to make casey out to be better then jaycee though. maybe she can file a lawsuit against his ass too?

    jaycee simply didnt have a choice but to keep herself and her girls alive. and even though they were the product of rape, she loved them and didnt murder them………she didnt leave them in a swamp and then go do wet t shirt contests.

    maybe these comments stem from jealousy that his POS book will nowhere near reach what her memois have and contiue to do.

    ok gonna stop now before i start to lose it.

  37. niecey456 says:

    I was pretty ticked to hear that myself. If you look at Baez and his dirtiness, well, he’s a slime. He hasn’t the mentality to see how rotten that was. He is jealous of everyone that does better than he does. Don’t know if you saw all of that on the dirty money that I posted above, but it just goes to show what garbage the guy is to be connected to all of that.

    Of course Jaycee had no choice and she, in spite of everything truly deserves the title of “Mother Of The Year”.

    Casey is a low life, just like her clown.

    Consider the source.

  38. sCOTT says:

    i know all of that.
    its just impossible to me to know understand how this idiot doesnt see how everyone percieves him and his client. and that he could possibly try to make that whore look better then jaycee……….i dont know if have mentioned this before, but jaycee isnt just a news story to me. her struggle and courage and fight helped me put to rest alot of demons in my own past. stuff that doesnt even come close to hers, but stuff that haunted me just the same.
    casey and baez and the whole brood of anthonys, on the other hand, have done nothing but cause me sleepless nights and nothing but pain. they crushed whatever faith i had in our dying justice system, and they mock us with there laughter…..

  39. niecey456 says:

    This connects PB to Greer in the Crist debacle, if you scroll through. It is filled with interesting info, though some of it is repeat from other articles.

  40. niecey456 says:

    Calm down. I understand how you feel, but if you look at the bigger picture and the desperation of those dirtbags…….Justice is coming. Look at all of the nefarious connections. The fraud. Yes, Justice is coming. It may be in the form of fraud and such as that, but it is something. Think OJ. It all works out.

  41. sCOTT says:

    thanks. though i think real karma for baez was if he got a fatal paper cut from a page of his own ‘masterpiece’ ;)

  42. sCOTT says:

    i just checked amazon again and something intresting of note…..
    baez book slipped back to 137 ranked.
    intestingly, jaycee’s paperback version of her memoirs, released on the same day as bozo’s book, is at 226. jaycee did zero publicity for this release…… interviews, no book signings, nada. its selling on its own merits.
    maybe literay karma is coming for jose now. ;)

  43. niecey456 says:

    There is an old saying……”Every dog has his day”.

  44. That POS pond scum Baez sank to a new low on the View with his cruel comparisons! I have read that every member of the audience received his book as a gift – maybe that’s why the rankings changed?

    Let’s hope that Matt Morgan can get to the bottom of the ‘dirty money’ more easily than the mere mortals of blogland could – it certainly wasn’t for the lack of trying – thankyou Niecey.

    Is there something in the water in Central Florida?

  45. niecey456 says:

    Scott, I owe you an apology. I had no idea there would be a time to show the differences between Jaycee and Casey as mothers. I think over the course of the next few days it might be time to make that post using the piece you did. I never expected that Baez would have sunk that low. Didn’t see that coming, but it is time to stand up for Jaycee on this one. I never thought I’d see the day. You must have had telepathy on this one.
    Please accept my apology. :oops:

  46. niecey456 says:

    Jill, Note to self……Stay away from that part of my home state, unless I carry my own water. :roll: UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!!! I wonder if we will find out that Casey coached him? Or he followed that case? That is too much of a coincidence.

    Totally agree about Morgan and the dirty. We tried. We can only hope they are reading and can do a good job of connecting the dots. I would love to see the dirty exposed and it may be the only hope of some semblance of justice for those dirtbags on this earth.

  47. niecey456 says:

    Baez’ book publishers apparently delight in publishing smut, as they also published Rielle Hunter’s book. So I’m guessing they publish what no one else will. :roll:

  48. niecey456 says:

    Baez had to have been working on this book for longer than a year as it takes 1 year to publish according to his publishers. Very interesting…………

  49. Twiglet says:

    And there was me thinking it only took 5 minutes to write utter BS !!!

  50. niecey456 says:

    :lol: I agree Twiglet!

    I’m sure that is the standard for that publisher because there have been other books that were written and published after trial, but that was the publisher he used, so for that book to come out when it did makes you wonder if he knew the outcome for the trial, prior to the verdict. Or maybe they put a rush on it for him?

  51. sCOTT says:

    presumed guilty hovering around 140-145 today
    sorry about the rant i went on last night. as you can tell im emotionally wrapped up in both these cases. someone i knowt just made a good comment about jaycee……if there is anyone she compares to in this case its CAYLEE……The innocent victim who cant defend herself agaisnt monsters.
    i wasnt pyshic or anything neiecy. but i do have a pretty good sense that it would come around sometime. people like baez and casey cant resist……and i have speculated that casey is jealous of jaycee. having her former mouthpiece utter that garbage on the view pretty much reinforces my belief in that.
    i will be honest and say that ‘ban’ post hurt me alot. yeah i was acting pretty much like a jackass abou trayvon at the time…..i have pretty much steered away from that case now. and probably will in the future.
    i didnt know you were opposed to the post at the time so i posted it. jill thought it was good and then you said it was ok. so i didnt figure there was a problem.
    but the thing that hurt me the most was that you didnt believe me about trying to help blaise…..i guess part of me WAS Foolishly naive to think the lawyers were 100 percent listerning to me and the others that were helping. i guess the irony now is that the new defense team and the innocence project that are working on her case case currently are using what i thought was most important….namely, trying to track down the DNA sources on the victim and trying to traces bailey’s connections that might lead to place the police/da dont want them to go.

    ok done ranting…..

  52. Twiglet says:

    BOZO PAY ATTENTION !!! Coulrophobia- Fear of clowns A.K.A Psychos in makeup!! I knew it had a name!! LOL

  53. niecey456 says:

    :lol: Love it Twiglet! Good One!!! :mrgreen:

    Scott, A lot was going on at the time. Again, I’m sorry. I hope you don’t mind me using the piece for the right time, which is now. I didn’t see it then, not that I didn’t think the piece was good. If you’d rather I not, that is fine, just say so.

    As far as the Blaise case, well, I still do not understand why that one is where it is and there is so little info on it and a lot of crazy stuff was going on at the time. Not making excuses, just explaining.

    Never meant to be hurtful.

    As far as the GZ/TM case, a lot could be learned from it, but we have to be cautious and open minded because there was a movement to deceive in that case, so it is sorting fact from fiction. It is a shame it was made into racial hate, because hate is hate and arrogance is arrogance and fear is fear. I think time will tell which of the 3 it was. I lean toward the last 2 more than anything.

    It is hard to understand things when they are taken out of context and most of the time we’d be on a post that had nothing to do with those things when the discussion would come up and I still have the task of keeping the conversation going with those that are talking about the subject at hand. The out of context thing, throws it on the fly to some degree.

    I don’t know what else to say.

  54. sCOTT says:

    first, i would be honored if you used it.
    if you could correct the part about casey being born in orlando, that would be great. say ‘was raised in the shadow of disneyworld’ would be ok. i know that was a problem about me being accurate.
    second, only reason i can think of why blaise case is where it is is because if the truth got out, higher ups somewhere in vegas would be in big trouble. i have thought that for 6 years. i feel it strongly more now then ever. were not just talking about wrongful conviction……we are talking conspiricy and coverup :(

  55. niecey456 says:

    Done! Spell check and corrections made.

    I wish we could know more on Blaise’s case. I don’t know what else to do but pray that she gets the best defense and that the corruption is uncovered, brought to light and made right.

  56. sCOTT says:

    currently her supporters gathered a 130,000 signatures to bring to the DA To get the Critical DNA tested/run thru codis. the DA’s response has been ‘this isnt an innocence case, this is a confession case’ they are still claiming her statement to the police july 20 2001 was about bailey’s murder and not about the attempeted rape on her in may by an unknown assailant. once he had the signatures and was told that the innocence project would pay for the testing he just said ‘we dont have the time’.
    her habeous petition is stilli going thru the process.

  57. niecey456 says:

    I truly hope the “Innocence Project” prevails on this one. I dislike dirty DA’s as much as I dislike corrupt politicians, lawyers, criminals, all the same thing. Still praying for Blaise.

  58. niecey456 says:

    For anyone that was following the nefarious connections. Jill had shared this with us not too long ago about Mason representing Greer.
    The Greer/Mason connection is another connection to PB, which I think sheds some light on why Mason signed onto this case, in spite of how he initially felt about Casey, which we have all witnessed by now.

  59. Butterfly says:

    Great article!

    I read those ‘reviews’ on amazon last week. I was curious to see how bad Bozo’s book was doing (b/c let’s face it, if you’re reading the forums and comments, no one wants anything to do with this book). My first thoughts are validated by the video and your blog. I KNEW he was behind the 5 star ratings. It was literally a ‘star scale’. It was either ranked with 5 stars or 1. Kinda obvious much? I was so hoping someone in the media or bloggosphere would catch on.

    Thank you for having the courage to write EXACTLY what so many of us know about this trial…. From Jose Baez’s complete disregard and lack of knowledge of the law to the 12 bone heads who supposedly did their civic duty….you laid the truth down. America and the rest of the world is NOT stupid. The real insult is Baez’s propoganda and efforts to fool the public, the media, the law and Casey’s own family.

    I read Jeff Ashton’s book. If you want to know the truth behind the scenes, you’ll get it from Mr. Ashton. Anyone who followed the case from the beginning will recognize that his version of events parallels what the public pretty much knew. The big question/s…how did Baez get away with his behavior by the Florida bar and why wasn’t he disbarred? The man broke the law with tampering, lying (to LE, the prosecution and both judges), ignoring deadlines and fabricating a story (despite knowing Casey was the killer). Even Jeff Ashton stated in his book, he couldn’t fathom how someone could be so cold hearted and cruel towards the Anthony’s (regardless of the Anthony’s making the investigation next to impossible). It was the prosecution who had to break the news to the Anthony’s that Casey changed her story, claimed George came into the house with Caylee, only his shirt wet….and woke her up from a dead sleep by shouting…..’you did this’ (and said he and Lee both molested her). According to Ashton, Cindy’s head was down and she remarked, “I can’t believe she’s doing this” (not verbatim). George said nothing. His face was beet red, probably b/e he was intensely angry and hurt by Casey’s betrayal.

    Injustice at every corner of this case, from the moment Caylee was confirmed missing, to the
    biggest sham of all….the not guilty verdict.

    I do see God’s justice working against Baez, Casey and Cheney. He’s just beginning to reveal who the real judge, jury and prosecution is.


  60. niecey456 says:

    Welcome Butterfly!!!

    Isn’t it amazing that Baez and his cohorts would stoop to that level? I know it is not that surprising, because, we did follow the case through the trial, but he just never ceases to amaze us at the lengths he will go to, to sink to all time lows.

    You’re quite welcome. I don’t write about this case as much as I used to, but when I do, it is reserved for when they have overstepped their bounds again. The dirty that happened before our eyes was a complete miscarriage of justice. I’ve always felt that Baez was the rottenest apple in the bunch, second only to Casey.

    No matter what anyone ever thought of the A’s, that defense was quite the disgusting display. I’ve always had compassion for their position and have always felt they loved Caylee, but of course, I have had my times of head shaking and…….REALLY? Did they really just do or say that, but they did not deserve what they got from their daughter and the clown. They have angered me a time or two, but that really broke my heart for them. It was wrong on so many levels. It showed a blatant, callousness that put Casey and her goons down there with the worst of them. I will always believed that Baez orchestrated more dirty than we even know.

    I totally agree with you that God is working His Justice in this case and it is coming slowly and progressively.

  61. Butterfly says:

    Thank you for your warm welcome and response to my post. That is rare in the blogging world. I know you’re the real deal and most appreciative for your advocacy. God bless you, friend! xo

  62. niecey456 says:

    You’re welcome and thank you for the high compliment. :smile:

    God Bless You……….

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