Tiffany Klapheke……Latest Mommy Murderer That Is All About “Me”………..

Caution: This case will make your blood boil……..Not only did 3 children suffer, with 1 of them dying, but the mother that is responsible cannot get past the fact that she has a $500,000 bond and no criminal record and she doesn’t belong in jail. I kid you not. She doesn’t feel bad about her children suffering, just herself. The villain, Tiffany Klapheke:

Tiffany’s crime: Her husband was deployed overseas to risk his life for our country and she decided that the 3 kids were just too much to handle, in addition to her husband being gone and no one offered to help her (according to her), so she left 3 small children alone to go through hell on earth, while she did whatever it took to get her break. It was just too much for her with potty training and all and she was so tired of changing those sheets.

Tiffany is 21 years old and the children are 6 months, 22 months and 3 years old. The 22 month old child is dead. She died from extreme neglect. She was severely dehydrated and malnourished. She had chemical burns on her lower body from staying exposed to her own waste so long. The other 2 daughters were in ICU, but have now been moved out of ICU. The State has custody of them.

What does Tiffany have to say for herself?

“When I went in there she wasn’t alive and I couldn’t wake her up and now I’ve lost both of my children and I don’t have any family and I haven’t seen my husband,” said Klapheke.

“I know people hate me and I don’t understand, but it was not my intention. I just wanted a break for my own sanity, that’s all. I didn’t mean for it to go so far,” said Klapheke.

“Nobody took a second to ask me if there was anything they could do to help or if I needed anything and I wish they would have,” Klapheke said.

“I’ve never been in trouble in my life. I’ve never even had a speeding ticket and now I’m stuck here on $500,000 bond,” she said.

“I’m not a criminal. I wouldn’t hurt people. I just need help and a chance to make life right. I don’t think I deserve to be here,” Klapheke said.

Source (Make sure you watch the video.):

I, me, me, I………………My life and on and on she goes……She never exhibits any remorse for Tamryn, as she lost “both” of her children, not all 3. To add insult to injury, Tiffany is only charged with 3 counts of injuring a child. Personally I think they need to add 2nd Degree Murder to that, or at the very least, Manslaughter.

I may sound very mean at this point, as I have already seen where people are blaming this on her being so young and having 3 small children alone and post partum depression and on and on, but what people fail to realize is that her husband is in the Air Force and she had access to free daycare and she had access to counseling and at the very least, she could have taken those babies to her husband’s commanding officer’s office (during the day, while it was open) and dropped them off, with a note saying she couldn’t handle them, or the nearest fire department or the nearest police department. There is NO EXCUSE for this! NONE!

Mentally ill people know what they are doing, even if they are not thinking right, they still know right from wrong and they still know what they are doing, so even if she is mentally ill, there is no excuse. The only way we will ever put a stop to people using this as an excuse, is for it not to be one. My heart breaks for those children and their suffering. What a shame they were born to such a selfish, evil mother.



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75 Responses to Tiffany Klapheke……Latest Mommy Murderer That Is All About “Me”………..

  1. sCOTT says:

    omg that is manslaughter……hands down! what is wrong with the idiots charging her?!?!?

    she is casey personified imo……..’me me me me’ ‘im the victim’ ‘no one helped me’ blah blah blah blah blah.

    im sury a jury would convict on manslaughter here easily! :(

  2. niecey456 says:

    I completely agree! They say they are still investigating, but really, sorry, the autopsy is back. You don’t need a grand jury to charge for manslaughter.

  3. niecey456 says:

    :cry: Poor babies…………

  4. sCOTT says:

    what about the dad?

  5. niecey456 says:

    I haven’t found one article that mentions whether he was being sent home or how he feels about this. The media could be doing this out of respect. Surely you’d think the Air Force would send him home.

  6. sCOTT says:

    then again in the case where samantha got run to death by her grandmom while step mom did nothing… came home from the war and threw his support behind the two killers.

  7. niecey456 says:

    :cry: Unbelievable! :cry:

    I also wanted to tell you that I agree that Tiffany is a lot like Casey. Word has it that many are afraid she is the next Casey and will walk. I say, not if we keep exposing this mess. At least Casey has no life. :smile:

  8. sCOTT says:

    oh i dont think she will walk at all……..they got her cold on manslaughter………why wont they charge her? there’s no fantasy nanny/bizzare meter reader/molesting father/ ect all she can blame this on……..

  9. niecey456 says:

    I totally agree they have this one dead to right. This is manslaughter, no question. I hope and pray they charge her with it soon. I do not know why they haven’t, but they need to, yesterday. Those children suffered terribly and she has not offered any explanation that doesn’t say….What a selfish, evil mother.

    Casey may be free temporarily, but it won’t last long, the fantasy driven lies were only a temporary stay. She will be in trouble again. I just hope and pray she never has anymore children, or can even be around them.

  10. skbsoccermom says:

    Wow, casey all over again. To those 12 idiots who refused to convict ….. you see, mother’s really do kill their children no matter how much we don’t want to believe it. I hope her jury isn’t made up of 12 morons.

  11. niecey456 says:

    Welcome Skbsoccermom!!!

    Well Said! :wink: I agree with you that I hope that she gets 12 intelligent jurors.

  12. Marica says:

    Will this case be handled by the Air Force? Will Mom be given an AF attorney ?
    No sure how this works. Just how long was this break that a child suffered chemical burns?
    Did she do leave these kids alone for days at a time?
    NO ONE OFFERED her any help… Did she ASK for help? Bet not. Probably too busy trying to find just the right little blue party dress and hanging out at some bar flirting (?) with men since she hadn’t “SEEN” her husband. AF should strip her naked.. except for a parachute and drop her out over Afghanistan.

  13. niecey456 says:

    Marica, I am not sure of the answers to those questions yet, but I will continue looking for info and answer those questions for you, as soon as I find them. It did happen on base, so the AF does have jurisdiction. Not sure if they will represent her, because her husband is in the Air Force, she is not. I will say this….She is not in the Air Force brig. She is in jail and the State of Texas CPS (or whatever they are called there), has custody of the other 2 girls. It looks to me that the Air Force gave her over. I, like you, doubt she asked for help. She could have had free daycare, if she wanted it. I totally agree with you. Those poor babies suffered and while mommy dearest is worried about herself and making a new and better life for herself, one of her children will not have that chance because of her. :cry: I believe the child may have been in her own waste for as much as a week. They are saying that the malnourishment and dehydration had to have taken place over several days. I think she left those babies and went flitting around for a week. :cry: Those children deserved so much better.

  14. Snipped from the link…

    She also said she tried committing suicide three weeks ago but a friend stopped her.
    ‘I’m so just stressed out and depressed, and I just need help taking care of them, and I don’t have any help,’ she told the station.
    Klapheke recalled her impatience over her children’s potty training, saying she left her toddler in the crib in her own urine for nearly a week.
    ‘I just got tired of always changing the sheets, so it was on there a little bit longer than it should have been,’ she said about her deceased daughter’s exposure to human waste.

    Read more:

    Friend stopped her committing suicide – why didn’t she check up on her during the following 3 weeks?

    Toddlers are teething @ 22 months and because of this their urine is usually extremely acidic. Leaving her in the crib for nearly a week without a diaper change should be a hanging offence!
    Her statement – “I just got tired of always changing the sheets, so it was on there a LITTLE bit longer than it should have been” proves what an unfit mother she was :mad:

    I don’t give a chit how depressed she was, her duty as a mother was to protect her 3 children. There is always help available especially on the Airforce base where she had lived for ~ 2 years but instead she abandoned her children in favor of a me me me pity party…grrr!!!

    I shudder to think that Baez or some media hungry lawyer will take on her case and turn it into a circus!

    Totally agree with everyone that she should be charged with at least manslaughter if not 2nd degree murder – thank heavens that 2 of the children survived.

    Your right Niecey – my blood is boiling.

  15. sCOTT says:

    im guessing she doesnt have a lawyer or else she wouldnt publicly making such idiotic statments which are pretty damning. i hope she hires brodsky or lopez! ;)

    she is a lame excuse for a human being neverr mind a mother.

  16. UGH! Never thought about Brodsky or Lopez – but your right about all her damming statements Scott. I’m sick of how both our countries are becoming ‘nanny states’ – these young girls wouldn’t be so quick to have multiple babies if our governments didn’t pay for them. Back in my day there was no such thing as welfare – girls kept their legs crossed until they were married – those that didn’t had to put their children up for adoption unless their parents were willing to raise them.

  17. niecey456 says:

    Before I answer anyone else………….

    TO THE PERSON WHO’S COMMENT WAS JUST IN MODERATION……….IT WENT IN THE TRASH BECAUSE IT WAS SO VULGAR. I DON’T TOLERATE THAT HERE. You actually had some good points about Casey Anthony and some of the rest in reference to mommy and hubby killers, but you would need to rephrase that to get that comment in. It is not necessary to talk like that.

  18. Laurel says:

    A few things…
    I believe they haven’t given official charges because they are currently building a case. I imagine they would like to find as much evidence as possible before nailing her. Believe me, the law enforcement officials in this case are not on her side. Also, the husband did come home from Afghanistan and has now listed himself as divorced on Facebook. He has not seen the girls yet due to military red tape, but it is currently being arranged. (By the way, he found out this happened the day before his birthday while overseas). To give you some more details that will probably make your blood boil even more, Tiffany ignored her children for 5 to 6 days while not changing them, feeding them, or giving them water. There is some speculation about what she was doing during that time. She was posting on Facebook up until a few hours before she found the child dead and called the police. There have been reports of her going out with her friends during that time as well. The child who died not only had chemical burns from human waste on her lower body but also on her torso and her face. She weighed merely 17.5 lbs (8kg). They found what smelled like fecal matter in her stomach. The surviving babies have been moved out of the Intensive Care Unit. The 3 year old is scared to be alone or in rooms with doors. The 6 month old is now making eye contact again. The family has made a website in her memory and for the future of the other two girls. You can find it here.

  19. niecey456 says:

    Welcome Laurel!!! Thank you so much for all of the information!!!!!!! I appreciate it so much. My heart breaks for these children and for their father. To have to find out such a thing when he is in harms way for his country and the day before his birthday, is so sad. :cry: I feel so bad for the suffering of those precious babies. Tiffany, in my book is just disgusting. Words just fail me. :roll: ………. :cry: There is not much that sets her apart from Casey Anthony. I am so thankful that they are investigating thoroughly and that gives me hope of more charges. 2 precious babies have had scars placed on their lives, while 1 precious baby had hers cut short. How any mother can do this for the sake of herself is just, well, again, words fail me. I do so appreciate the link to their website.

  20. Laurel says:

    Niecey, I am happy to provide information. A very close family member of mine is one of the principal investigators in the case and called me the morning after the child was found prior to it being in the media. My family member is the parent of 3 children under the age of 5 and was extremely distressed by the things that were witnessed. This case breaks my heart, baffles me, and angers me. I became a little preoccupied and have read just about every article/site/forum that I could find out there regarding this case. There is no getting around what this woman did. I guess you can say it is fortunate how self-obsessed and delusional she is since she has pretty much admitted openly to what she did to both the media and the police. She had endless resources at her disposal at the air force base. There is information out there that Tiffany was abused and neglected as a young child and was in and out of 5 foster homes before being adopted at the age of 8. Her adopted father was later arrested on charges of sexually abusing her and her siblings. While her past is unfortunate, I hope these things do not swing in her favor in the end. I don’t really see how she could win an insanity case since she has made it clear that, while unbelievably heartless and and likely the owner of a fully developed borderline personality disorder, she is not apparently psychotic and can decipher right from wrong. However, worse things have happened, I guess. I am just glad I can put to use all that time I spent obsessing and share what I have found with other people who are trying to wrap their brains around the whole thing, as well.

  21. niecey456 says:

    Lauren, I totally understand your thoughts and feelings on this. I’m not too worried about an insanity defense, but I do worry that this will drag out for the family (husband, other children, grandparents, etc…). I hope not. They didn’t ask for this. I am sorry for her misfortunes as a child, but she still knew right from wrong, personality disorder or not. She had too many resources available to her, as you said and well, really she could have had a melt down before her husband left, so that he could have gotten some help for the children. I understand she’s young and had 3 very young children, but in the military there is more help available than even to the outside world for someone who is struggling with being overwhelmed. I mention these things, because when she does lawyer up, that will be the defense. She’s already using it herself. These cases are so heartbreaking. No one with a heart can understand how anyone can do something like this. :cry:

  22. niecey456 says:


  23. niecey456 says:

    My apologies everyone, as I don’t take threats lightly. I had to deal with that. I usually do not feed the trolls but this one has threatened a bit more harrassment than he should have. If he were just attacking me with a crazy comment, I wouldn’t have had a problem, but he is taking it a bit to the extreme.

  24. sCOTT says:

    laurel thank you so much for the information and the link. i am totally horrified by all this. my prayers go to the father and the girls. and i did not mean to imply that the dad would do the same as that other guy i mentioned did…
    wow niecey………..that is just awful. this guy sounds mentally unbalanced himself.

  25. niecey456 says:

    I think it stopped. It was never my mission to expose anyone but Tiffany Klapheke here. I was given the heads up on this case because it was explained to me that much of the media is making it look as though this girl is a victim. That to me is outrageous! The children, husband/father, as well as the rest of the family are the victims here. She deserves whatever she gets and hopefully it will not be a slap on the wrist. I think even Tony agrees with that.

    That said, Lauren, I did add the link to the memorial page as an update in the post. I hope it helps. I cannot thank you enough for sharing.

  26. Mary Quayle says:

    Are you military? I think you have no idea, no idea at all.
    There is no excuse for this neglect, millions of people would have dropped everything to care for those precious children. But what have any of you done to lend a hand to a military spouse? If you have, great, I’m just not seeing it here. Help through the military is more often than not NOT easy to access. I am much older than this wife, been through 4 deployments and countless month-long TDY’s, have six kids including one this baby’s age. I have survived (people think I’m doing great, but who can know what it’s like 24/7?), but I can totally see someone ending up committing this sort of crime and the resulting tragedy. She is not Casey Anthony at all. You just have no idea. My heart breaks for these children and the mother.

  27. Laurel, it was heartbreaking just looking at those beautiful photos – thankyou for sharing these and all the information which sadly shows that there was probably even more abuse than has been reported.

    My thoughts and prayers are with her father, sisters and the wonderful family who are supporting them.

  28. I do not thing the husband will stand behind her. I looked at his facebook and he changed his picture to him and his daughter and put DIVORCED as his martial status!

  29. Thanks Jeff – you certainly can’t blame him for using the term divorced after all the horrendous things he has just had to deal with :cry:

  30. Becca From Abilene says:

    As a military spouse with kids who has gone through deployments I am disgusted to see fellow spouses back this woman up in way. Do not use our choices as a defense to harm children. There is no draft, this life is our choice. The number of children we have is our choice. If anything we have it better than a lot of people in our country right now. Please no more woe is me military wife crap, you are making those of us who take responsibility for our own lives look bad. The blame lies soley with the mother. If you need help and want people in your life to check on you. Make friends or join a church. Don’t tell me this life is hard, grow up we have it pretty easy.

  31. sCOTT says:

    i aree a 100 percent becca. thanks for the insight jeff. :)
    mary you gotta be kidding right?
    your entitled to your opinion, whatever it is, but please dont preach to me.

  32. mary quayle says:

    Wasn’t kidding. Never any excuse for harming children. I said it was a crime and I believe justice should be served. Some day you may be in such a low state yourself.

  33. niecey456 says:

    Welcome Mary Q!!! First off….No, I am not military. However I have had quite a lot of family in the military in my lifetime. I do have some knowledge of it and I know the military has resources that are easier to reach out to for help, more so than most of what the civilian world has to offer. I love the military to be quite honest with you. I appreciate what they do for my country.

    That said……..I cannot believe you want to make this girl a victim. I raised 4 children in my life, have helped others raise their children and I have 4 grandchildren, so I have quite a lot of knowledge about caring for children. THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR THE TORTURE THESE BABIES ENDURED!!!!!!!! She’s not like Casey? REALLY??? Caylee’s death, though horrendous, was likely far more humane than what Tamryn and her sisters endured. Thank God they didn’t all die, but 1 death was too many. These children suffered for at least 1 week, if not longer. A loving mother would feel guilty for her children missing 1 meal or being behind on 1 diaper change and having diaper rash. No, this girl is not a victim. Sad, a pitiful excuse for a mother and a wife (let alone a human being), is what she is. I’ll just bet if she did this to a puppy, you’d be calling for the death penalty. :roll: My heart breaks for these children and their father and is sad that their mother is so selfish and cruel, especially at such a young age. This is a tragedy!

  34. sCOTT says:

    tiffany if i ever sink so low as to what happened here, i would kill myself. but i would never sink so low cause i am someone with a heart and soul……unlike mommy dearest here.
    thank you niecey i agree a 100000 percent.

  35. niecey456 says:

    Mine too Jill :cry:

    Welcome Jeff!!! Thanks for the info! My heart breaks for him and I don’t blame him for his stance. He and the children are in my prayers.

    Welcome Becca!!! Amen Sister…….Amen!!! I completely agree with you. God Bless You for taking a stand.

    Mary Q., No one here would treat a goldfish the way she treated those children.

  36. mary quayle says:

    I did not intend to compare military resources to civilian. I want to point out that you may hear about free childcare,FRG’s, etc…. Sometimes those things function well, many times they are broken. I’m not going to give details about my own experiences because I don’t believe in a woe is me attitude either, but it is absolutely true that many times mil. spouses do seek help and reach brick walls multiple times. I don’t know if she sought help. I think she is not like Caylee in that Caylee did not have all that goes with the military life. This does not mean I excuse her or make her the victim. I have a 23 month old and feel sick reading about this child left to die – it is unimaginable torture. It is all extremely close to home and sickening to know how easily it can happen.

  37. mary quayle says:

    Please notice my first comment – I said no excuse and called it a crime. I’m writing to counter comments stating how she should never have reachedu that point b/c of all the resources available. That’s what I meant by “No idea”. You can give a million alternatives to reaching this point and thank God most people do have church-family-community connections.

  38. niecey456 says:

    Completely understand Mary Q. I think we all are sick about this :cry: . Love your babies and know that I think, from what you are saying that you are a good mother. :wink:

    I will say that Caylee still had a very chaotic life.

  39. niecey456 says:

    I think we posted at the same time Mary Q. I think we understand where you are coming from at this point. Listen, I cry when I see these mothers charged with these things, for the babies, but also because they have no idea how truly Blessed they were. I never hate them, I hate the evil that causes this and I pray that we can find a way to wake up as a nation and count our Blessings and Thank God, as well as work hard to care for the precious lives that are entrusted to us. We have to have “cause and effect” and we have to hold people accountable for these atrocities and I see we agree on that.

  40. Angela Gonzales says:

    This is disgusting. To think that people make excuses for such cruelty makes me sick. I am prior military, not only that I am a prior military spouse. I went through 6 deployments with my husband (I was fortunate enough to not deploy) I got out 2 years before my husband and we had 2 children together at the time. At times I did feel stressed and lonely… but did I not take care of my kids? NO!! My kids were still taken care of VERY well and loved the way all children should be. I called my mother in law, and I went and stayed with her while my husband was deployed. There are so many resources available to her on base. What she did is inexcusable. Stop making this a pity the mom case, because the only ones that deserve any ounce of compassion are those poor little children.

  41. niecey456 says:

    God Bless You Angela And Thank You For Your Service. I completely agree with you.

  42. mary quayle says:

    I absolutely agree with the need to hold accountable, so I wasn’t looking at it from the perspective of how this is addressed criminally. I was thinking of the young moms I see on base, knowing how hard it can be, and thinking about that awful household and how pretty much anyone would have taken care of those children and offered help if they had known.
    Also, point taken on thankfulness. There is always someone worse off than we are, and it usually helps give us perspective, but it can also give someone some “I should be able to handle this” guilt.

  43. niecey456 says:

    True, but if we have the right attitude, we are more likely to reach out for help and feel better about our lives. We usually get overwhelmed when we look at things from a negative perspective, especially when we see ourselves as victims, rather than victors. True victors know their humanity and that is what makes them victorious. :wink:

  44. niecey456 says:

    To Shawna: I left you a response comment on the “Contacting Niecey” page. :wink:

  45. I ran across this site tonight. Thank you so very much. We are the grandparents of Tamryn, Taberlee and Tatum. Yes, our blood has boiled, our tears have flowed and our emotions have overwhelmed us. There is no excuse for what Tiffany did. We, as well as her other grandparents, were just a phone call away.
    I completed the website yesterday and we are thankful that the word is getting out. Thomas, the father, will need all the help he can get. Raising children is a hard job for two parents, let alone one parent with two babies.
    Please keep all the family in your prayers. We will be laying precious Tamryn to rest within the next few days.
    We will continue to post pictures of the girls as they become available. Thank you all for your love for these girls. We completely agree with the views expressed here regarding Tiffany. She knew right from wrong.
    Tamryn will be greatly missed.

  46. niecey456 says:

    Welcome Scott and Tina R.!!! You are so welcome. I am so sorry that this has happened. I truly am. :cry: Your grandchildren are so precious and I know your heart aches. Tamryn is in the arms of Jesus, but her little life also saved the life of her 2 sisters, because had Tiffany not found her like that, this may have continued until all 3 were lost. I don’t understand and I’m sure you don’t either, especially when Tiffany had all of the children’s loving grandparents to reach out to.

    You have done a wonderful job with that site. You are so right. I know that Thomas will need a lot of help. You all have my deepest, heart felt sympathies for the loss of Tamryn and I will continue to pray for Taberlee, Tatum, Thomas and all of you. We love the girls and we love you all. God Bless You……….I will continue to share and I hope that it helps.



  47. Tanya C says:

    There are rumors that she had a live in boyfriend. She was so alone, but what about the Dirtbag (and that is putting it nicely) who was bonking her? Should’nt he have done something? I hope he has charges brought down on him. And those of you who are also wondering where her friend who stopped her from committing suicide was during this time….I am 100% with you. I would have gone to check up on her at least a couple times a week, but not before at least reporting it to a hotline or something (even if you don’t know the #, there is always google). I am an Abilene military spouse with a child and I have no family nearby, and it took a while before i was able to make good enough friends, but honestly, i love my daughter that if she is the only person i had to look at every day,all day, it would not bother me. I know one of her neighbors, and she said this girl was never receptive to her trying to make small talk…so for all the help she was not getting, it was her own damn fault. Also, the military gives briefings to the military members (and their families are usually welcome) about all the things available to them while the spouse is out of country. I

  48. Kelly says:

    Scott and Tina R., I can only wish you some peace in the next days, weeks, and months…the pain is unending. Justice will come. I am with you in spirit and heart…

  49. I hate this witch with a passion. I am so tired of people defending this cow. Many, many people have it so much worse and DO NOT do this to their babies. I hope and pray to God she fries because this is simply inexcusable.

  50. Jenn says:

    Am I the only one wondering why none of Tiffany’s now gossiping neighbors said a word before this horrible tragedy about all of the “party friends” going in and out of that house? About a boyfriend? As a parent myself, if I had a neighbor who was bringing strangers onto the base and into a house with children, I would have informed someone. (Starting with Housing) I wouldn’t have kept quiet about it. Not just for the safety of the children in the house, but for the safety of the neighborhood as well…… My heart goes out to the two little girls, their dad, and the rest of their family. I hope they can all recover from this and go on to live normal happy healthy lives.

  51. niecey456 says:

    Welcome to Tanya, Shellee and Jenn!!!

    I agree with you Tanya about a lot of the things that you said about Tiffany and the resources available. I know there are a lot of rumors flying around, as there always are in these cases, but at the same time, we really don’t know how much of it is true, so it is probably best we stick to the facts. Boyfriend or not, Tiffany was wrong and what she did to those children was abominable.

    Shellee, I hate what she did and I agree with you about hating that so many are defending her actions. There is no defense for her actions. I would be happy if she did a good many years in jail, at least until she cannot have anymore children and Taberlee and Tatum have had the chance to grow up and pursue their futures.

    Jenn, I know there is a lot of gossip going around, as I told Tanya, there always is in these cases and it is better that we stick with the facts and praying for and giving love and support for Taberlee and Tatum and Thomas and the rest of the family. Thank you for your heartfelt hopes and wishes for the family.

    Kelly, That was such a loving message you left for Scott and Tina R.

  52. Tanya C says:

    I chose to only discuss what is in the news…we will just leave it at the fact that my friend, the neighbor did not know the husband was even deployed…that is the extent to which this monster allowed people,who WOULD most definitely have helped, into her world. There is more hearsay on the “boyfriend” topic, but its best to let the investigators do their job, and the truth will be revealed in due time. I, for one, would not want to hinder them at all from doing their jobs so the proper justice can be brought to her.

  53. Tanya C says:

    Also, the base has take extra steps (town hall meetings) to ensure that everyone now has the knowledge of the resources available. My husband informed me today to expect many calls in the near future from his command in an effort to reach everyone involved with the military members.

  54. niecey456 says:

    Please don’t take offence to what I said, as I was referring to the boyfriend part of your comment, but I’m not just directing it at you either, because others have mentioned it. I do agree about the neighbor not knowing as I didn’t think the neighbor knowing to be true either, but you didn’t say that, I know.

  55. niecey456 says:

    I knew that there were many resources available to military spouses and families, especially during deployment. I thank you for shining a light on that for us.

  56. Tanya C says:

    No offense was taken, and anything I mentioned has been broadcasted on the news…to include speculation of a boyfriend.

  57. niecey456 says:

    Thanks! I was trying to diffuse the situation, because I really didn’t think that was just gossip, as it was referred to, because I have seen that speculation in regards to the media, just that it was speculation.

    I think Jenn’s heart is in the right place in regards to the children and the family, though she was a bit tough on the neighbors, which I cannot speak to, but as you may see above, there were some misunderstandings with Mary Q on all of this and since Tamryn’s grandparents have been here to express thanks for the love and support, I was just trying to keep anymore controversy from errupting. I really didn’t have a problem with your views. On the boyfriend, as you said, we will see where that goes.

    Jenn, It probably would be nice to be nice to the neighbors, as I really don’t think they knew what was going on. I have faith that if they did, they would have intervened. We are all on the same side here.

  58. Jenn says:

    I honestly wasn’t trying to be disrespectful to the neighbors. Like everyone else, I’m trying to wrap my head around the fact that this was able to happen on such a small base, in tight living quarters where the walls are thin and where there is ample help. I have stated on other sites pertaining to this story that there are wonderful people on this base who would have been more than happy to help. I do stand by what I said though. If I saw people going in and out of a neighbors house at all hours of the day and there were children inside, I would say something. A “party” environment is no place for a child or children. That might just be me though. I concede to the fact that I am extra protective of children and their well being. I grew up in a party environment. Strangers in and out of the house, so I know it’s not safe for a child. Those who grew up in a normal household, probably wouldn’t be thinking like that. They don’t have cause to think that way. I apologize if I came off judgmental. I tend to do that when something bad has happened to a child. I try not to, but it just comes out that way……..

  59. niecey456 says:

    Jenn, I think you clarified and that is greatly appreciated. I think we are really all on the same page, but this case just makes you so passionate, because as you said, these are children and we feel like we need to protect them. I do agree with you about the party environment, especially when the spouse is away. I tend to wonder though, if she was really there the whole time. I have a feeling she left those children alone most of that time. That is JMHO, based on the story. You know those children had to have cried and the smell had to be awful, which makes me think that she just left them like that, locked the house and went somewhere else. I could be way off, but that is just my thoughts on that. I am very protective of children as well. I totally understand and I really just saw all of you caring so much, that I knew we really were on the same page, just frustrated and I just wanted us to stay together on this.


    I will be publishing a new post on this case tomorrow, because I really want to get as much exposure for the grandparents’ website and I have another precious lady wanting to do some things to help, that I have to get in contact with and try to pull this together. The best place to start is always the place where we can help. We will follow Tiffany’s case as far as what happens to her, standing for the girls, being voices for them, but let us start by showing our love and support for Taberlee, Tatum & Thomas, as well as showing love and support for Scott and Tina R. and the rest of the family. It is such a Blessing that so many people care.

  60. Again, thank you for your blog. It actually is healing to us as we try to make sense of this as well. The funeral service for Tamryn will be private but please keep us in your thoughts early this week as we lay our sweet angel to rest.
    We have not spoken or communicated to Tiffany but we will. There are so many questions we have, so many emotions, so much pain. We do not know if the answers will sooth our pain, we suspect that they will not, but we still will ask them.
    Tina faces the pain on two fronts- the loss of our grandchild and the loss of her daughter. People have questioned what we want for Tiffany, so I will state it here: we want justice for Tamryn. After that, we want mental help for Tiffany.
    Thomas was finally able to see his girls. I am sure it was very emotional for him.
    Thank you all for your prayers and love.
    Scott and Tina

  61. Lauren says:

    I sent you a message on the contacting niecey link. I’m not sure if you received it & are referring to me in an earlier comment but please let me know. I can resend if meed be. I’d like to help these two little ones in any way I can. Thank you for making people aware of their situation and encouraging prayers on their behalf!

  62. niecey456 says:

    Scott R., You are so welcome. I just want you to know that I am praying for you and I know many others are as well. We want to help. I think about you all very much. I am so sad for what you are facing. My heart breaks for you. I just want you to know that while I’m angry at what Tiffany has done here, I don’t hate her. I hate the evil that she succombed to that led her to do this. Yes, it was a choice, but I do hope she does get the help she needs. I do hope there is justice. There has to be consequences, but appropriate ones. I really do feel badly for Thomas and I am glad that he finally got to see his girls. My hopes and prayers are for you all to be able to love Taberlee and Tatum and help them to grow into wonderful women. I hope you know that I feel badly for what you are going through. It must be very hard and I know you love your daughter. It is not wrong for you to love her. Justice means the proper punishment for the crime, but it also should be a deterrent for a person to want to commit a crime again. I realize that you both have received a double blow with this one. Please know that there is someone praying for you and I admire your courage and the love you have for your grandchildren. Tamryn will never be forgotten. She’s such an angel. Taberlee and Tatum are as well. God Bless All Of You………

  63. niecey456 says:

    Welcome Lauren!!! I did get your message. I am referring to you and I emailed you. Sorry I’m so behind today.

  64. sCOTT says:

    scott and tina best wishes and prayers to your family. :(

  65. niecey456 says:

    Scott and Tina, If there is anything I can do for you, please don’t hesitate to ask. You can contact me on the contact form on the “Contacting Niecey” page, if ever need to say something to me that you would prefer not be made public. You can find that page at the top of the blog.

  66. Chachel says:

    I am praying for the family. I think of these precious children often. I live on Dyess AFB and am heartbroken to think something like this was going on and no one knew. I’ve heard as others said that there were many guys coming and going that no one knew dad was deployed or who he was. These guys could have easily been mistaken as the dads friends. However, if this is true it will come out in the investigation as a pass would ge required and all their personal I formation is stored! Which means other people knew of this horrific torture and said nothing! Makes me sick. Her interview was so heartless. Look at her Facebook activity, many local Abilene guys were added to her friends list recently! It makes me sick to think these children were left alone in the home so often while she did what she wanted. While she ate because she was hungry she ignored her babies cries for food. While she showered and used the restroom she ignored her babies diapers and clean clothes. My husband cut down weight for a competition for 24 hours and said the pain from not eating and drinking was so excruiating that he would never do it again and to think these children didn’t have a choice, their pain and cries should be haunting to Tiffany! I pray justice is served. Tiffany won’t get off she admitted guilt. Casey had denied it.

  67. niecey456 says:

    Welcome Chacel!!! Totally agree that in time this will all come out. I also agree that Casey denied it and Tiffany did not. No she won’t walk. I am heartbroken over this, as well. Keep praying…..The family needs our prayers, love and support. Those precious babies did not deserve the torture they lived through. It is so hard to comprehend why someone would do this.

  68. just me says:

    This story hit close to home for us and was a Shock to all, while more information starts to surface, I see a lot of complaints about military not helping. Here is what I have to say … You can’t feed a closed mouth. There is ALWAYS help, you just have to put aside your pride and ask for it, there are multiple resources on base, that would never turn down someone who desperately needed help, or just a break. CDC offers free child care, there are home base day cares that would have helped, the airman and family readiness center located on base would have done everything they could to help her, counseling, referrals, etc. The flights commander or shirts would have done something if they knew how serious the situation was. She was probably just to ashamed of her self to let anyone know what was going on. The live in boyfriend needs to be charged, as as the neighbor who stopped her from suicide. THAT was a huge red flag, the boyfriend and neighbor should have said something.
    Being raised and married into the military with a child of my own I understand th stress that comes with being a military wife, times do get rough, but I feel that I can honestly say I would be able to find and get the help needed at ease if I ever needed anything the squadron s have key spouse groups, they are there for the spouse’s exclusively …. but only if they are allowed to be, they are there to support and feed information if and when needed.
    If someone denies a person help on base… Here is the solution … Go to the shirt tell them what’s going on, depending on how serious the situation is os reported y the commander and they will get the person taken care of.
    I’m not defending tiffany, I’m just stating that the help is and always be there, but if people don’t know that help is needed then unfortunately situations like this will continue :(
    She had help, active duty are always briefed on these things, and information is always being sent out.
    I pray for the father, daughters,and grandparents, they have a rough road ahead. I pray that they never feel alone in this world, and that god will heal the pain as well as lead them down the right path.

    You are never alone <3

  69. niecey456 says:

    Welcome Just Me!!! God Bless You for that wonderful comment. You nailed it right down. I am currently working on a new post covering all of the latest developments of this case, but I have been made aware that the boyfriend was arrested yesterday.
    There may also be some charges coming for some CPS workers as they not only refused to cooperate with LE, but covered up vital information, as there was an ongoing investigation in this case, that they closed, without following proper procedure, just 6 days before Tamryn and the girls were found in that condition. Due to the way things are coming down now, there is no doubt in my mind those that need to be made accountable, will be. Tiffany is at fault, no doubt, but there were those that could have stopped this and refused. It is sickening to say the least.

  70. Scott says:

    i am ecstaic to hear cps workers might be charged. its about time they are held responsible for this nonsense

  71. niecey456 says:

    Me too Scott. It is about time and I am so proud of LE and the DA for taking a firm stand.

  72. Heather b says:

    I know this is the mothers fault but I can’t help but have a few questions regarding the father. I know he was deployed when this happened but I read that there had been 2 or 3 investigations on this family. He couldnt have been deployed all those times. He had to of at least suspected his wife was not a very good mother. Im not sure he should regain custody of these girls until he under goes parenting classes. I also read that he was aware that the boyfriend was living there. I know if my hubby was deployed and he thought another man was living in my home with my children he would have called his first shirt. I just don’t think the dad is as innocent as everyone thinks.

  73. Heather b says:

    It just makes me do sad to think The mother, Boyfriend, and even CPS all failed this little girl

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