The Great Debate 2012, Part 4: The Last Presidential Debate UPDATED

Tonight, Monday night, 10/12/2012, is the final presidential debate for the 2012 election. It is supposed to focus on foreign policy. Obviously the first debate was a big win for Mitt Romney, while the second presidential debate was a matter of opinion and knowledge. If you knew the truth, then there was a clear winner, because somebody was on the defensive and was not telling the truth very much, not was he answering the questions very well and the moderator was of no help. The VP debate was a behavioral issue for sure and there was some story telling going on by a laughing hyena on that one, but it was a matter of opinion if you knew the truth, there again.

We shall see how this goes. I do expect to see some spin, but I would like to see a fair moderator for a change. As usual, after the debate I will update the post and add a poll.


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141 Responses to The Great Debate 2012, Part 4: The Last Presidential Debate UPDATED

  1. Scott says:

    romney is doing great so far imo, loved the rose colored glasses comment

  2. niecey456 says:

    Thanks Scott! I have half heard some of it, because I have been a bit busy behind the scenes, though keeping it playing, so I may have to listen to the first part on the second showing. It seems that they are keeping it very civil. I have noticed that Barry is studdering quite a bit.

  3. Scott says:

    obama rambling off topic again

  4. niecey456 says:

    He’s quite the spinmister……..Not to mention he is not very honest…… :roll:

  5. Scott says:

    yeah i’ve got a million things going on here too

  6. niecey456 says:

    I find it funny that he calls Romney’s proposed policies as wrong and wreckless……REALLY??? :lol: That is an oxymoron for him.

  7. niecey456 says:

    Maybe between the two of us we can cover the whole thing. :lol: Where’s Jill? Oh that’s right, her tv is away from the computer, darn.

  8. niecey456 says:

    lou dobbs‏@loudobbsnews

    President can’t tie economic issues back to quality of life for voters, and Obama messes up with Bush remarks, Romney hits with 5 pt plan.

  9. niecey456 says:

    Obama is like a middle school kid with his interruptions and mocking…….

  10. niecey456 says:

    Laura Ingraham‏@IngrahamAngle

    Obama uses every oppty to SLAM Romney–again, not an agenda. Romney needs some GREAT one-liners, not just stump speech pts.

  11. niecey456 says:

    Obama’s arrogance is disgusting, winking and pointing at the moderator with that mocking smirk toward Romney.

  12. niecey456 says:

    lou dobbs‏@loudobbsnews

    Pres’s aggressiveness borders on rudeness, sarcasm really nasty, I’ll bet that scores very badly for the Pres

  13. Scott says:

    saying romney doesnt know what he’s talking about. again lots of crap but nothing to it

  14. niecey456 says:

    Karl Rove‏@KarlRove

    What a condescending tone from POTUS. Guess military was wrong to say needed more ships and air planes. Obama knows better!! #debates

  15. niecey456 says:


  16. niecey456 says:

    Herman Cain‏@THEHermanCain

    Obama’s arrogance in that answer speaks volumes about his Presidency… #debate2012

  17. Scott says:

    i cant believe mccain sucked so badly that obama won by so much…..seriously. this guy is pathetic

  18. niecey456 says:

    I agree, I can’t believe he has so many groupies still.

  19. Scott says:

    apprentley we now have less horses and bayonets then we did in 1917.
    i wodner how many gatling guns we have left?

  20. Scott says:

    LMAO romney hit obama with the world apology tour!

  21. Scott says:

    jmo but romney is handing him his ass again. and the mod is doing a pretty good job believe it or not

  22. Scott says:

    oh good bin laden. cause that has a lot to do with isreal you idiot

  23. niecey456 says:

    Isn’t it amazing how not qualified for the job our current President is?

  24. niecey456 says:

    Agree on the moderator from what I’ve seen so far.

  25. niecey456 says:

    Mark Young‏@Mark_JekyllHyde

    Chris Mathews is going to give Bob Schieffer a constitutional beat down for not stopping Romney from spanking the president.

  26. niecey456 says:


    Cracks me up, the whole country is seeing just how immature Obama really is.

  27. niecey456 says:


    Yea, partnerships with the Muslim Brotherhood, those aren’t the partnerships we as Americans care for. @BarackObama

  28. niecey456 says:

    Obama is either being completely naive about Al Qaeda or he is being completely deceptive.

  29. Scott says:

    now obama claims unemplohyment among returning vets is down. crack kills mr president!

  30. niecey456 says:

    Caleb Harris‏@mcalebharris

    “What do you think is the biggest future national threat to this country?” -Lynn Answer? Obama. #debate2012 #LynnDebate

    Retweeted by Katy

  31. Scott says:

    lmao at matt youngs comment……..chris matthews claimed that romney interupting obama is unconstitutional

  32. niecey456 says:


    Found this tweet from a vet that is responding to what you said above about the vets comment.


    Stop talking about veterans we hate you!

    Retweeted by James R. Willis Jr.

  33. niecey456 says:

    Chris Matthews needs to go take his constitution and stay out of it. :lol:

  34. niecey456 says:

    The only real investment that Obama has made to education is the institution of the food police, through his first lady and that is a bad joke.

  35. niecey456 says:


    My favorite line of the debate, “Attacking me is not an agenda” LOL @MittRomney definitely the man of honor in the face of immaturity

  36. Scott says:

    romney won this hands down……..didnt get flustered, got his points home……obama rambled, went off topic, made no sense, lied, as usual

  37. niecey456 says:

    I agree and I love what Romney said to wrap it up. HE NAILED IT!

  38. Scott says:

    cant wait to see how the dems spin this one

  39. niecey456 says:

    Yeah, I know. That will be interesting, surely outrageous.

  40. Mornin’ my lovelies :lol:

    Mr. Romney WON!!! (Hands down IMO)

    Obama might have got better marks if he had chosen to DEBATE rather than demean and attack Mr. Romney at every turn. It seemed that he went out of his way to make snide comments!
    It’s Obama’s way or the highway – he is not willing to negotiate – he is ALWAYS right!
    Mr. Romney showed (as he did when governor of Mass) that he CAN work with democrats – Obama not only can’t but he has no intentions of doing so.

    I hope someone counts how many times Obama said the word “I” everything is me, me, me with him – he was just sooooo smug. His sarcastic lesson on the Navy using bayonets was NOT Presidential – he was just like a petty schoolboy trying to score points – he was a disgrace!

    Off to read all your comments now …

  41. Scott says:

    AMEN jill

  42. Scott says:

    i have no clue wtf is going on these polls coming out are total bullshit

  43. Thanks for all the tweets Niecey – you certainly can multitask very well – at my age it’s hard to walk and chew gum at the same time. :mrgreen:

    Hey Scott are you telling us that the polls show Obama won? Were these people watching the same debate?

  44. niecey456 says:

    Totally agree Jill and Scott. I did not see O score points.

    Jill, Please check the last debate post when you get the chance. I left a pic of a great new bumper sticker.

    According to tweets tonight there were MANY that were counting the I’s and me’s. :wink:

  45. niecey456 says:

    You’re welcome Jill. You have no idea how much I can multi-task these days. :lol:

  46. I adore the new bumper sticker – it’s purrrrfect – thanks for sharing :razz:

    I’m quite relieved that this debate didn’t turn into a slanging match about Libya – I think Mr. Romney was wise not to persue this issue as we can be sure that O’s spinmeisters would have schooled him on how to fib his way out of it again.

    Chris Wallace did some fact checking and proved Obama was wrong on all counts (what’s new?)
    Someone tweeted that the Navy still uses bayonets. :wink:

    Obama came across as not only having negative views but also as being a negative person – this was such a contrast to Mr. Romney whose positivity was refreshingly uplifting.

    I really felt that Obama should have had a set of semaphore flags at his disposal in order to interrupt and to get Bob Schieffers attention even more than he did – first grade students behave better!

  47. Scott says:

    cbs had obama winning 48 to 40, pbs 90 to 10. the liberal idiots on JQ didnt start showing up on the debate thread until everyone on tv started crowing about the polls……..i mean 90 to 10? did only big bird and the seseme street gang vote?

  48. niecey456 says:

    You’re welcome. :lol: I thought you would like that one! :razz:

    To me O sounded like a kid that had no defense except to criticize and be immature, of course arrogant as well.

    I agree that Romney delivered. Agree that 1st graders behave better.

    Wow Scott! Unbelievable!!! I do not understand that at all.

  49. Scott says:

    i dont BELIEVE it at all. these polls are hose manue, as is the spin going on.

  50. niecey456 says:

    I cannot believe they are going O with it, though I did miss some of it.

  51. niecey456 says:

    Gonna turn in for the evening. Night……….

    Mornin’ Jill……..

  52. PBS poll = 90 – 10 … sounds like robo voting to me. Heaps of sour grapes because Mr. Romney has threatened to pull their government funding so I suspect there is a lot of spiteful payback going on. When I read that ridiculous number I immediately thought of the Jimmy Kimmel poll where everyone said they watched a debate that didn’t happen – methinks these muppets fall into the same category. :roll:

    I’m beginning to question my judgement after seeing the ‘horses & bayonets’ clip being revered by at least a dozen Australian TV hosts and panelists who ALL felt that Obama was soooo clever to get ‘one up’ on Mr. Romney. Am I the only one who cringed when he sarcastically said “we have aircraft carriers and planes land on them.” This was said while looking directly at Mr. Romney and inferring that he was an idiot. I could have accepted the “we have aircraft carriers” statement but the addition of “AND PLANES LAND ON THEM” was downright condescendingly rude and pompous. :mad:

    One Aussie host said the reason he doesn’t like Mr. Romney is that he thinks he will lead America (and Australia will come to their aid) into another war. I realize this is a touchy subject as yesterday we lost another young man in Afghanistan – he will be the 39th person to come home in a body bag. :cry:
    This same host also feels that Mr. Romney keeps changing his tactics in order to win at any costs because he is desperate for the kudos the job and living in the White House will bring.
    What a load of rot! His description was accurate of Obama but this twit doesn’t realize it…grrr!
    The Aussie coverage left me depressed and dejected.

  53. Here is the actual transcript that made me cringe …

    “You mentioned the Navy and that we have fewer ships than we did in 1916,” Obama said. “Well, Governor, we also have fewer horses and bayonets, because the nature of our military’s changed,” Obama continued. “We have these things called aircraft carriers, where planes land on them. We have these ships that go underwater, nuclear submarines.”

    Read more:

  54. niecey456 says:

    Jill, That is in addition to the voter fraud I was talking about. It appears that they saw some of it in regards to the absentee ballots and some registrations, but that just means that they are on top of it, looking for it, which I hope all of the states are doing, because I fully expect the dems to cheat, that is what they do and they need to be stopped. I am also very upset that the UN has been asked by the dems to oversee our elections. IMHO both the UN and the dems need to stick it because our elections are none of the UN’s business. I hope every governor locks them out of the process. They need to stay out of our business.

    I agree with you about the snap polls and press on last night’s debate, as well as the arrogance and rudeness of Barry. To me Mr. O comes across as being arrogant, rude, thinking he is above the process, his opponent and the American people and while he may be charming to some and come across as well versed behind a teleprompter, he really does not come across as that smart to me. JMHO.

  55. It was stated today (forgotten which show it was on) that the UN was primarily looking for voter fraud being perpetrated by conservatives but they are not concerned about democrats nor groups like the New Black Panthers…grrr!!!

    Totally agree that it’s none of the UN’s business – so typical of the dems to invite them to cover up their own voter fraud – expect to see lots of finger pointing at the repubs. This is yet another smoke/mirrors ploy to hide their own disgusting cheating ways.
    This was announced an hour ago on Australian TV …

    All this will do is make O’s supporters stronger and outraged that this is being aired, the independants may even feel sympathy for them and vote accordingly. :mad:
    96 people arrived today on 3 boats. Buried in yesterdays paper was a tiny paragraph stating that over the past week a further 10 boats carrying small amounts of passengers – 9, 11, 15 etc had arrived BUT had not been reported by the media. (Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out why Gillard chose to keep the little ones a secret.) That brings the total to 13,750 arriving on 213 boats. I’ll send you the extra 13 small leaky tubs – they can accomodate the nosy unwanted UN voter fraud inspectors. :mrgreen:

  56. Twice today I saw a clip where Obama screeched about Romneyesia being called a pre-existing condition that is covered by Obamacare. The way he presented this reminded me of Reverend Wright hollerin’ from the pulpit – I hope many were as turned OFF by this rude childish display as I was.

    Like you, I don’t find him smart – he’s just an arrogant immature bully whose full of himself – no disrespect meant – just tellin’ it how I see him.

  57. Just one more thing while I’m on my high horse …

    The US and Australian media are making a big deal about Mr. Romney agreeing with some of O’s policies. Instead of implying that this makes Mitt look weak they should be applauding the fact that he is willing to compromise – something that Reid, Pelosi nor Obama are capable of doing!

    Stepping down off the soap box now :wink:

  58. Scott says:

    jill isnt amazing that if romney agrees with obama he is ‘weak’ but if he disagrees with him he is ‘stupid?”
    i wonder if they smell what their shoveling….

  59. niecey456 says:

    Jill, I have to agree with you on all of your points. Like you, I have the respect of the office, but I do not have any respect for the one in it at the current time, but he has earned that. We are on the same page about the UN buttinskies and I truly do appreciate those extra leaky tubs for their voyage……..Can’t wait to say bonvoyage to the lot of them……. :mrgreen:

    I do also agree that Tagg has got class, O has none.

    I am not happy if that is Trump’s big announcement, for the same reasons that you are. Not a smart move, not at all.

    The immaturity of O is overwhelming……Sadly, he cannot even see it.

    Scott, I also agree with you. If they cannot smell what they are shoveling, then they have no sniffers left, or they have been wading in the muck for too long. :lol:

  60. niecey456 says:

    The Donald’s BIG REVELATION was not about the divorce thing. It was a challenge….

  61. I wonder if the Aussie TV anchor will apologize for misleading us about Trump’s ‘bombshell?’ Probably not! I’m actually relieved that it wasn’t about Michelle filing for divorce which has now sparked Gloria Allred to dig in the sewer bowels in order to discredit Mr. Romney – gutter politics as usual…grrr!

    Tee Hee Scott, you hit the nail on the head with the shovelling comment. :mrgreen:

  62. Scott says:

    jill gloria is low life trash…….she claims to be a ‘women’s rights lawyer’ what a crock of utter shit….when jaycee dugard was found and rescued in 2009, gloria was hired by jaycees dead beat dad, who never even bothered to see her the 11 years before she was kidnapped, nor did he ever help search for her in the next 18 years….there plan was literally to sue jaycee and her mom and force them to take a paternity test! basically force jaycee to have a relationship with this dirtbag…….so no, nothing this idiot gloria does shocks me. i’ve also seen comments from her that prove that she is an unabashed obama sheep…….

  63. niecey456 says:

    Probably not Jill. They virtually never apologize for misleading in the media here either. I am relieved as well, but you can bet that O will dismiss that and reference the birther thing.

    I have to agree with Scott about Gloria A. She’s a loon, an ambulance chasing loon, an O loving loon too.

  64. Ugh! Disgusting that Allred muscled in against Jaycee. Remember how she clung to Scott Petersons girlfried – she reminded me of a bloodsucking leech. I recently saw her as a Judge on her own show called “We the People” which was a dreadful attempt to copy Judge Marilyn Milian who presides over the Peoples Court. The 1/2 hour shows ran daily for 2 weeks then disappeared completely which was quite understandable as she was really pathetic and made many wrong rulings. (IMO)

    Surprise, surprise … tonight the TV host did say “That idiot Trump didn’t raise the divorce issue but offered Obama $5 million to a charity of his choice if he would reveal his college records and his passport.” He didn’t mention Gloria – instead he ranted about how Richard Mourdock’s rape comment would lead to the end of Mr. Romney’s support…grrr!!!

    I came across this article written by one of the most annoying FAR left liberal loons – Alan Colmes …

    Colmes and Allred are a match made in he[[ – could you imagine being stuck on a desert island with them. :roll:

    On a brighter note I enjoyed the new Clint Eastwood/Romney ad. :mrgreen:

  65. Kudos to Texas for threatening to arrest the UN people if they interfere at polling places. :lol:

    Judge shuts Gloria Allred down – poetic justice :mrgreen:

  66. Major Nidal Hasan – work place related violence or an act of terror?

    If this was designated an act of terror then those UNARMED soldiers who this :evil: :twisted: POS shot would be awarded Purple Hearts, pensions and medical benefits equal to those who died on the battlefield whilst serving their country. IMO these UNARMED men fit into this category! :mad:

    The article contains a lot of fluff about delaying the trial etc BUT had the shooting been described as an act of terror when it happened I suspect the outcome would be the same.

    Niecey and Scott,

    I hope you both have time to read this article as I would be interested in your views – thankyou in advance.

    HUGS ♥♥♥

  67. Scott says:

    im glad gloria’s butt got shot down. her name should be ‘gloria allBLUE’.
    that stuff about ‘workplace violence’ to describe the ft hood attack just show how little this guy cares about our military. just like our losses in lybia ‘arent optimal’

  68. Totally agree Scott.

    Last night Megyn Kelly did a lengthy phone interview with Charles Woods who proudly told us that his son – former Navy Seal Tyrone begged the CIA 3 times (over a 7 hour period) for assistance in Benghazi. Each request was denied. He was told to stand down but instead he chose help his countrymen – his bravery saved ~ 30 lives – sadly he was found slumped over the machine gun on the roof – killed by a terrorist mortar. :cry:

    Charles described how Obama shook his hand but couldn’t look him in the eye at the ‘coffin ceremony’ – he told the listeners that to this day no one has told him the truth about what happened to his son. Judge Janine will have him in person on her show tomorrow.

    What makes me soooo :mad: is how Obama continually blamed the ‘video’ for what he called a protest when he was informed during the first minutes that it was a terrorist attack. IMO he instructed Jay Carney, Susan Rice and Hillary Clinton to LIE about this for one political reason – to get him re-elected.

    You are correct when you say he doesn’t give a damn about the military – I’m holding my breath in case he tries to to put the blame on Tyrone for disobeying orders and saving ~ 30 lives – this makes him a hero in my eyes.

    I hope and pray with all my heart that Obama does NOT get re-elected.

  69. Scott says:

    jill i wish our constitution was stronger…….cause then we wouldnt be wondering if obama will be re-elected.

    wed be wondering if him and his cronies were going up on treason charges….

  70. Scott, you can betcha bottom dollar that if Obama was a republican president your above scenario would be possible – there is a different rule for democrats who are encouraged by the media to lie – can’t see this changing anytime soon. :cry:

    I’m following Hurricane Sandy and hoping that she will have blown herself out by the time she reaches your state of Massachusettes however in the meantime please take every precaution to be safe.


    Just before I went to bed last night I watched Mr. Romney give a stirring speech to a huge crowd in Pensacola – I waved furiously at my telly each time the camera panned on the audience with the hopes that if you were in attendance you would see me. :mrgreen:

  71. Hello my lovelies,

    Please put this old worrier out of her misery and let me know that both you and your families are OK.

    Sending prayers to all those who have been devastated by Hurricane Sandy.

    HUGS ♥♥♥

  72. Scott says:

    hI jill. no problems here…………never even lost power. the storm seemed to hit way off to our west……..and wiped out manhattan from the looks of it.
    the storm never hit florida so im sure niecey is fine!
    pulling over from the other thread……..if the judge moves the civil case to pinella county, good grief!

  73. Thanks for letting me know your OK Scott – glad you didn’t loose power – Manhattan sure copped a beating from the TV reports :cry:

    I watched the hearing where thankfully Greene didn’t ask for it to be moved to Pinellas county (I may have chucked something at the ‘puter screen if he did :wink: ) instead he requested it to be moved North of Orlando – he mentioned many counties including Pensacola – wouldn’t it be a hoot if it were moved there so Niecey could attend. :lol:

    There was some discussion of KC being declared indigent (again) – if this is the case then M/M must investigate Cindy’s statement that she gave some of Dr. Phil’s $600K to her :evil: daughter.

    I’m still :mad: that oral arguments for the appeal don’t start until after the Civil Trial – makes you wonder if someone (Mason?) pulled some strings to make this happen…hmmm!!!

  74. Scott says:

    what indigent? you mean people arent willing to pay billions to hear her heartwarming story? ;)

  75. Hey Scott,

    I saw a poll showing that Elizabeth Warren (D) is beating Scott Brown (R) in the race for the senate seat. Please do everything in your power to stop this arrogant obnoxious female from winning. I’d love to come to Mass and campaign for Mr. Brown. :mrgreen:

  76. Jobless rate increases …

    At least it increased to 7.9% – I was expecting the figure to be fudged again showing a decrease so must admit I’m quite relieved – pity it didn’t climb over 8%.

    The Australian press are full of praise for how Obama is handling the aftermath of Sandy but the clip they play the most is that of Chris Christie where they are accusing him of deserting Mr. Romney in favor of Obama…grrr!!!

  77. Sorry to be off topic but the clip in this article really made me :mad:

    The :evil: Slug & Hamer are writing a book about Natalie…grrr!!!
    This is just sticking the knife in deeper for Beth Holloway and Dave Twitty – they have suffered enough. :cry:

  78. niecey456 says:

    A couple of skits to make you smile…………..

  79. Deb Sullivan says:

    Hi Niecey! You’re in my thoughts as we get closer and closer to this very important election! I’m always loathe to comment on another country’s politics but this one will effect everyone so the whole world is paying attention. The campaign has felt so long but now here we are less than 48 hours away from the end. Or the beginning, whichever way you look at it. My fingers are crossed for you!

    I’m glad Sandy missed you. Even though I live in North Bay, Ontario I actually felt some of the storm ~ lost power for about six hours. My daughter lost a beautiful big pine tree that was in her backyard and my son lost the lid to his barbecue! lol!

  80. Deb Sullivan says:

    Oh, I hit “Post” too quickly. Ummmmm . . . this is off-topic so if you want to delete it or move it to a more appropriate thread, please do. I wanted to ask if you heard about the scientist that was in the news a week or two ago after his near death experience left him with proof of Heaven? It’s a very interesting story, particularily to me cause I had almost the exact same experience (without the near death part!) almost 40 years ago. It was exciting for me to listen to him. Also he’s very credible because he’s a neuroscientist so he knows what was going on by reading his brain scans. Anyway, if you didn’t catch it I’m sending you the link in case you’re intested.

  81. niecey456 says:

    Hey Deb! I know what you mean about this election. Keep those fingers crossed and say a prayer. Like you I am glad we are so close and ready for it to be over with at the same time. Hopefully it will turn out in a way that is best for this country and ALL of our friends. Wow! Sandy sure had quite a reach! I am glad that it was just a pine tree and a barbeque lid and a temporary loss of power. It could have been so much worse. I know the pine tree will be missed, but the good news is another can be planted.

    WOW! JUST WOW!!! I am still looking at the various videos on that story you brought me. Thanks for sharing that! I am just like you that it is exciting to me to hear those stories. It is always interesting to me to see it when skeptics and scientists become believers.

  82. niecey456 says:

    Okay, I shared more than a couple of skits, but I hope you all enjoy them.

    Jill, Thanks for all of the info! Libya, Ft. Hood and all of that, including Fast & Furious, just show the inexperience and lack of leadership and genuine interest in those that a certain leader and his cronies are supposed to be serving, seems to have. I pray that the elections will put an end to this bad behavior and I truly hope that if O is voted out that he will behave and leave office with grace and on good behavior. I know I am an optimist. Hope Scott Brown is victorious by a land slide.

    I hope the Slug’s and his loo loo friend’s book will do about as badly as the clown’s book.

  83. niecey456 says:

    Scott, You know, I don’t think it is that our Constitution is not strong enough, but more that our leadership just disregards it. I truly hope and pray that the People send a message this Tuesday that says You can’t do that!

    I am glad that Sandy didn’t cause you any problems.

  84. Loved all the skits – especially Ronald Regan’s democratic platform joke. :mrgreen:

    Really needed cheering up after watching sooo much negativity being spewed by the Australian media about Mr. Romney’s chances tomorrow – I really really want them to be proved wrong!

    Last week Bill O’Reilly announced that he had been interviewed by the Australian 60 Minute show which aired on our commercial Channel 9 last night. The 20 minute segment (actually less because of the ads) was split between Bill Maher and Bill O being interviewed by someone called Vicky who not surprisingly gushed over Maher while appearing hostile to Bill O. She described Mr. Romney as “The wealthy Mormon challenger” – shilled proudly for Obama, gleefully told us how he and Chris Christie are BFF’s and wasted a lot of time asking both Bill’s what the comedians view of the election was…needless to say there was absolutely NO mention of Benghazi…grrr!!! The whole thing left me very dejected :sad:

    The Australian cable channel – SKY announced today that it will be teaming up with America’s ABC network to bring us full coverage of the elections – whoopie doo – NOT!! Thankfully I will be watching it on the Fox channel where Karl Rove and Dick Morris are deliciously optomistic that Mr. Romney will win – I sure hope they are right.

  85. Hi Deb :lol:

    Glad that Sandy didn’t devastate your neck of the woods and happy that your daughter’s pine tree didn’t fall on anyone – like Niecey says the tree can be replaced but a life cannot.

  86. Scary …

    I am totally convinced that the left faction (Obama & Gillard) of both our countries have absolutely no intention of securing our borders because more illegals = more people who will vote for them.

    Another 6 boats carrying 564 economic queue jumpers arrived this weekend bringing the total for 2012 to almost 15,000. This number represents those arriving by boat – we are told the number arriving by plane and overstaying their visas is far greater. What frightens me is that the majority of them are of the Muslims – some of whom are relatives of those who led the riots recently held in Sydney. I fear that it is too late to stop the infiltration and that it will be only a matter of years before they will declare Jihad on Australia who is ill equiped to defend herself. :cry: :mad:

  87. Scott says:

    Jill, the press now has the race ‘a dead heat’ after saying obama had already won on friday lol…….they are pissing in their pants

  88. niecey456 says:

    Glad you enjoyed them Jill. :mrgreen: :lol: :cool: I wouldn’t worry too much. Pray, pray hard. I feel good about this one and I hope that feeling is correct. Obama is not doing himself any favors and his tactics against Romney are juvenile and ridiculous. Chris Christie has gotten a bum rap from the media and many pundits. I don’t blame him for not playing politics with disaster. It is ridiculous, that this was made political! The man needed help for his people and Obama, at least at first, was doing the right thing, of course as he always does, he dropped the ball from there and went back to campaigning, like he has done for the last, oh, say……, 5 years or more……..
    One thing that has really struck a cord with me in this race is how much Obama has perfected the role of Jimmy Carter. He has one upped him in the gas/oil, terrorism, you name it. Carter used to hold the title of the worst president ever. Obama has topped him. :wink:

    I completely agree Scott. I really think Romney will win. Not trying to be over confident but even Billy Bob is not doing Obama any favors by being snarky the way he has, because he’s offending too much of the electorate and at the same time Obama may have gone and done the huggy, huggy thing with Chris Christie, but he went to Vegas right after that and did NOTHING more. It was a photo op. They have not even given those people bottled water and MRE’s and such like they have done for Florida every time we’ve had a hurricane. They have supplies in the park for the marathon runners and their crews, for the marathon the mayor was going to go ahead and have and the people had a fit, so it was cancelled. All of those supplies and not one offer to give it to those that were the worst affected by the storm. Yet the good ole mayor has been endorsing Obama, well, something tells me, they lost a lot of votes for their treatment of these people. JMHO. I pray for those people.
    Then you have Obama telling people not to boo, but instead vote because that was the best revenge, well, he just keeps showing his immaturity and lack of regard. I pray that Romney wins and wins big enough that there is no dispute, because if you think Gore was bad, President Cry Baby will be so much worse. :roll:

  89. Scott says:

    yeah and they tried to say that romney was the one that used ‘revenge first’. nothing but lying classless low life niecey…….carter was a bad president……but he was a man of integrity who ran clean campaigns……….obama and his cronies are sickening.

    and yeah, they thought the election was decided when obama ‘showed leadership’ during sandy. but he might just have lost it when he he started hedging on relief money and went campaigning again……

    and thus we wait for the dawn……..

  90. niecey456 says:

    Isn’t it amazing, yet thoroughly disgusting? Though I wish Obama and the mayor and governor of NY had done a better job for the people affected by Sandy (in that State), they are showing their true colors and it does not surprise me. I got the message and I hope every one of them did as well. In the meantime, I am hoping that the Red Cross and the charities are doing more than the goons are.

    I am going to do us a new post for the election, so that we can chat about it while we wait. I have to vote and go to the dentist tomorrow (what a combination). After that I will be watching the coverage, whilst working on my chores.

    Did you see the videos above?

  91. Scott says:

    yup i saw them thanks. :)

    ugh…………i hope watching the election results isnt worse then going to the dentist…….

    im voting early in the morning. usually a low turnout at my precint, but 4 years ago the sheep couldnt wait to get in line and vote for this idiot…..

  92. Scott says:

    would like to add im really encouraged by the crowds romney is drawing in the swing states this weekend (particuarly in florida today and ohio over the weekend)……and the two big things on my ballot here (since romney has as much chance here as a dry spot in the ocean) is browns senate race and a ridiculous referendum question on basically what equates to suicide on demand

  93. niecey456 says:

    Me too, but the good news is the dentist is not that bad and it is in the morning, so I will be voting in the morning as well. I’m hoping most of O’s die hard sheeple stay home.

    Hope Brown wins and the suicide on demand loses. It would be nice if Romney did well there. Is that the Scott Brown race? That is why I said that. Elizabeth Warren is a complete nut job. She reminds me of Joran’s girlfriend (Hamer).

  94. Scott says:

    yes that is the brown race pretty much a toss up……sadly
    niecey pretty much no republican presidential canidate wins massachusetts…….reagan won in 84 but nixon lost here in 72…….the only state that mgcovern won

  95. niecey456 says:

    I understand, though Scott Brown did win it to start with and did better in the recall. I know it is not likely, but it is also not totally impossible. We can hope, while expecting the worst on that one. I really hope and pray that Elizabeth Warren doesn’t win. She invented Obama’s “You didn’t do that” speech and on top of that she has lied so badly about being Native American to get special privileges, for many years, no less. :roll: She’s very deceitful to say the least.

  96. niecey456 says:

    I am also hoping and praying that Connie Mack wins big over Bill Nelson here in Florida. Bill Nelson was one of the back door dems that refused to listen to his constituants over Obamacare. He’s a dirtbag!

  97. Scott says:

    just to clarify niecey, romney losing doesnt mean brown is going to……brown pretty much reversed what obama won in 2010…….we have a diffrent measure of republicans inside our own state i guess (hence, why romney won the gov in 2002 and barely lost to kennedy in 94)
    speaking of obamascam……..i hope we have both houses of congress and the whitehouse……that will end that nonsense for all time!

  98. niecey456 says:

    I am also hoping and praying for the Senate and the House. We need the majority to get things straightened back out. I’d like to end that foolishness for a long time to come. Bill Nelson(D) is a Senator that I am praying gets replaced by Connie Mack(R).

  99. Scott says:

    i have to ask……….is connie mack related to the long departed baseball manager connie mack lol

  100. Scott says:

    Thanks! i figuerd it couldnt be a coincidence…. ;)

    speaking of sports and politics……..there’s this thing that in 8 of the last 9 presidential elections, when the washington redskins lose the home game before the election, the incumbant loses the election…

    yesterday it was carolin 21, redskins 13 ;)

  101. niecey456 says:

    No, it is no coincidence. Let’s hope that holds true about the Redskins.

    As you can see, the race between Nelson and Mack is one that we could really use to help gain the majority in the Senate. I hope Connie Mack pulls it off. Bill Nelson has been in there too long and he is one of those that thinks he knows what’s best for the people and they don’t. He is a former astronaut. The only thing I have ever agreed with him on is the pythons in Florida and he backed down from that.

  102. Scott says:

    i feel your pain. we kept electing the drunk woman killer here for 4 and a half deacdes. :(

  103. niecey456 says:

    Ah yes, Teddy…………. :sad:

    BTW, I think I confused the recall thing with Scott Walker in Wisconson. Sorry. :oops:

  104. Scott says:

    thats ok……..all us scotts look alike ;)

  105. Hi Niecey and Scott – really loved reading your positive chat – wish I could have joined in but this ole gal needed her sleep. :wink:
    From time to time I check the poll at the top of this page – pleased to see that 33 different people have voted (just to prove this I tried to vote again but it said I had already done so – hi!)

    Today was the running of the “Melbourne Cup” which is called the “Race that stops the Nation.”
    I know nothing about horse racing, never ever had a bet on the nags nor anything else but did notice that Gillard announced that she was backing Americain to win. When I saw this I wondered if she had announced this as her choice in order to support her BFFFFF Obama but later saw that it was the favorite (the jockey wore a silk American flag) It didn’t win, it came in 14th & apparantly a whole heap of people lost megabucks. An outsider called Green Moon won. Like Scott’s Redskins story I felt this was a good omen. :mrgreen:

    The Aussie media have decided that Obama will win tomorrow and Hillary will win in 2016 – they are very sure of themselves about this – really want to wipe their smug smirks off their faces. :mad:
    I’m praying hard that there is a result tomorrow – don’t know if we can stand recounts, hanging chads or duelling lawyers again – Al Franken fraudulently winning was a disgrace…grrr!!! I also don’t want to hear that there are ANY military votes that arrived too late to be counted!

    Niecey I do hope that your trip to the dentist is painless (don’t forget to tell him/her to vote for Mr. Romney :razz: )

    Aussie news…
    3 more boats arrived today :mad:
    Several schools have banned hugging – they are afraid the children might squeeze too tight and hurt themselves – what a load of rot! We mollycoddle our children far too much!

    Looking forward to celebrating on the new election post. :lol:

    HUGS ♥♥♥

  106. Scott says:

    hi jill…….if that was her horse and she loves obama thats another good sign! lol

    total bs about hugging! wth?

    already voted…….73 percent turnout predicted in my state!

  107. Mornin’ Scott :lol:

    Glad you have voted already – wouldn’t it be wonderful if 55% of your state voted for Mr. Romney and Scott Brown (I made it 55% to avoid recounts – hi!)

    Gillard looks adoringly at Obama whenever they are in the same room – he is her idol – YUK!!

    I’ve been curious about the electoral map for some time because the red states outnumber the blue by about 2:1 …

    Would I be right in assuming that each state is allocated its number by it’s population size?
    Is there something I’m missing?

  108. Scott says:

    sadly jill the way things are set up romney could win up to 30 states, the popular vote, and obama could still get an electoral majority.

    now, if neither romney nor obama gets a 270 majorrityin the EC, by the constitution, the election for president is decided by the house of representitives, and the vice president is decided by the senate…

    depending on how those elections would go, you could end up possibly with obama/ryan or romney/biden

  109. Obama/Ryan or Romney/Biden – now there’s a scary thought!

    I’m sensing that the electoral votes are not divided up by each states population – if they were then the election result wouldn’t hang in the balance of just the swing states. It seems as if it is rigged towards the democrats???

  110. Scott says:

    sadly most of the states have there minds made up months or even years before the election jill, and that actually works for both parties. it just happens in this situation these days, the dems have the states in the northeast and far west (new york and california fo sure) locked up automatically it seems. romney needs to sweep the critical states in the east that are up for graps (ohio, pennsylvania) and the south (florida) and the west/midwest (iowa, colorodo) and a few others.

  111. I understand the rusted on liberal point of view by the sheeple but am hoping there are enough people with brains that are willing to change their usual way of voting sufficiently to make a difference.

    I just found this map showing how many electoral votes each state gets – so many quite large states only get 3 – same as Washington DC – this makes me query the population count?

  112. Scott says:

    the population is smaller in those states cause the cities are less……so less population. more farms, ranches, mountian and desert areas

  113. Scott says:

    Jill the order to comply not being followed, deputies being sent…….this is gonna get fugly

  114. Thanks for the explanation Scott – I think I have been looking for a conspiracy where there wasn’t one. :razz:
    I sometimes forget that most people don’t have either the time nor the inclination to follow politics and make their own decisions though I suspect that a lot of their voting is done by family tradition. I guess I could be guilty of falling into that category – I didn’t pay much attention to what was going on in during the 13 years that John Howard (Republican) was in power as the country was in good shape. Switching sides is a seasonal thing in Australia (worst luck) – it seems the population just likes a change for the sake of change – trouble is our Dems – just like yours – spend like drunken sailors and get us into so much debt that eventually the people vote the Repubs back in to get the country back on an even keel. Rinse and repeat … grrr!!!

    Were you in Mass when Mr. Romney was Governor?

  115. Scott says:

    yes. and contrary to what alot of people think, i thought he was a good one. the democrat who replaced has totlaly turned this state to crap.

  116. Now why am I not surprised that the New Black Panthers are involved…hmmm!
    Wonder where the UN observers were. :wink:
    This win at any cost mentality really does lower the tone of what should be a ‘free election’ grrr!!!

    Glad you thought Mr. Romney did a good job – he comes across as a caring level headed person who is not out to bignote himself like the arrogant O does.

  117. I’m not even an American but I know about the mental health and the criminal problems that Jackson Jr is currently undergoing …

    The sheeple of Chicago just follow blindly – one day Rhambo (Dead Fish) Emanual will hopefully lead them over the cliff and into oblivion.

    It’s almost 1:00am down-under, time for =^..^= Sylvester and I to hit the hay and dream of celebrating Mr. Romney’s win.

    Thanks for the chat Scott – I’m sure Niecey would have prefered to join us rather than go to the dentist :mrgreen:

    Nice gentle (not rib breaking) HUGS ♥♥♥

  118. Scott says:

    night jill. try to join us as early as you can :)

  119. niecey456 says:

    Jill, I wanted to make sure I answered you over here, though I have the new post up and correspondent Scott and I are already on the case. Can’t wait for you to join us. UGH ON THE NBPP! Hopefully we will get a Romney president and maybe a new justice dept. that will bring those dirtbags up on charges. I would love to see them locked up! Agree on the rinse and repeat of our countries :roll: . Love that Julia’s horse lost and stand with you and Scott in that it is a good sign. Yes, the amount of electorates in each state is based on population. California has the most, which is not always good. You are right that I would have rather been here with you than at the dentist, but I voted while I was out and ran by the store, so all in all it was a positive experience. I find it ridiculous about the kids and hugging in the schools. I wonder what idiot came up with that one? I truly hope that Chicago does better than that. I was hoping they might be making some positive changes, but I am the optimist. While I know the 3 new boats are not good news, that gives us 3 more leaky tubs for our shipping over the next year. I think we do need to add the NBPP to the list. :mrgreen:


  120. The left loony shrinks are supporting the ‘no hugging’ scenario – I’ll find an article about it later. :mad:
    Turns out there were 4 boats yesterday – more room for the NBPP.

    Going over to the new post …

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