Jerry Sandusky Sentenced, He’s Appealing, Excuses, Lawsuits, Now Spanier Has Been Charged…..

Jerry Sandusky was sentenced on Tuesday, 10/9/2012. He was sentenced to 30 to 60 years in prison. What that means is that he would not be eligible for parole until he has done at least 30 years, but it is unlikely he will live that long, though I could be wrong and he may live longer, but basically he was given a life sentence because he is 68 years old.

Sandusky Gets At Least 30 Years

The day before he was sentenced he did a call in interview with a radio station (without his attorney’s knowledge, according to his attorney), to proclaim his innocence. He basically said it was all a big conspiracy. He didn’t do it. The victims (his accusers) were out to get him. The cops were out to get him. The attorneys were out to get him. Penn State was out to get him. Psychologists were out to get him. The media, the system and others were out to get him and he doesn’t want us to forget those troubled kids that he only loved and helped are just out to get him because he was good to them and they are troubled. You know how that goes……

Jerry Sandusky’s Statement From Jail

Though there are very few believers in Jerry, left on his side, his wife Dottie is still a believer in Jerry and she wrote a letter to the Judge before his sentencing, declaring his innocence and maintaining there was no way any of that could have happened, because she knows her husband. She knows he couldn’t do something like that. According to Dottie, Jerry is an honest man, a man of faith that would help anyone and treated everyone fairly. Again, you know how that goes……….

Dottie Sandusky’s Letter To The Judge

Before I go any further on the news of this case, because there is quite a bit to cover, I would like to say that guilty people always declare their innocence. They never did it. Sadly that is why when someone is truly innocent no one believes them, unless they say they have proof and are forthcoming with that proof, which is why we should be cautious in many cases. I don’t believe Jerry or Dottie. I don’t believe them because there are too many victims, too many eyewitnesses and too many that aided in covering this whole thing up. Some of the victims looked him in the eye and stood up to him at his sentencing. They told him what he did to them and how it destroyed their lives. They told him with tears and emotion, while he sat there with a blank look on his face, to me that speaks volumes. No, in my mind, Jerry and Dottie could care less about anyone but themselves. Those children paid for every favor or alleged act of kindness that Jerry ever did for them and they paid for it dearly and if any of them had to do it over again, knowing what they know, I guarantee you they would have declined every bit of his so-called loving kindness, to spare themselves the horrors and abuse. What a shame that he was enabled to abuse so many children, by so many people who could have stopped it, Dottie included. I believe with all of my heart there are probably many more victims that no one knows about.

Victims Angrily Confront Sandusky

So now Jerry is appealing……….He didn’t have enough time to prepare his defense and the Attorney General failed to prove, in most cases, that there was any inappropriate contact. He claims he didn’t do any of those disgusting acts.

Jerry Sandusky Files Appeal

Sandusky Post Sentence Motions

Victim 1 is now suing Penn State and Mike McQueary is also suing Penn State. Victim 1’s lawsuit was filed in August, while McQueary’s was filed in early October. Victim 1’s lawsuit is accusing Penn State of putting reputation and commercial viability above the well-being of children, when they could have protected them from a sexual predator. Mike McQueary maintains that he was fired because of his cooperation with the investigation and the trial and he points the finger at the former Penn State President (Graham Spanier) and two administrators (Tim Curley and Gary Shultz).

“It further accused ousted Penn State President Graham Spanier, head football coach Joe Paterno, and former administrators Tim Curley and Gary Schultz of knowing that “Sandusky was a dangerous, sociopathic sexual predator who had previously raped, sodomized, and/or otherwise seriously harmed young boys on the Penn State campus, and who was substantially likely to continue to engage in similar conduct in the future.”

Read More: Victim 1 Sues Penn State

“In the suit, McQueary alleges the university’s treatment of him since Nov. 5, when the charges against Sandusky were made public, has ruined his reputation by branding him as part of a cover-up and making him a scapegoat. He also said he’s been ruined financially and cannot earn a living doing what he wants — coaching football.”

Read More: Mike McQueary Files Lawsuit

Speaking of Spanier, Shultz and Curley………Well guess what? It is their turn to face Justice for their bad behavior. Curley and Shultz had already been charged with lying to a grand jury and new charges have been added for them.

“Spanier was charged with perjury, obstruction, endangering the welfare of children, failure to properly report suspected abuse and conspiracy. Curley and Schultz face new charges of endangering the welfare of children, obstruction and conspiracy.”

Read More: Ex-Penn State President Charged

Jerry Sandusky is a sexual predator of children. His crimes were covered up to keep from damaging the reputation of a well-known university and a very popular and successful college football team. Sandusky used his position as an assistant coach and his access to the locker room, the games, the traveling, etc., to lure at risk children to him, so that he could prey on them. To make matters worse he formed a charity for at risk youth so that he could enamor them with someone of his status paying attention to them, the games, the locker room, the trips, etc., to surround himself with children to prey on, that no one would believe (or so he thought). He knew Dottie would look the other way when he did the sleep overs in the basement, showering with the boys and such and he knew that the 3 stooges, Spanier, Shultz and Curley would cover it up, just like he knew Paterno would look the other way. He wasn’t worried about McQueary, as the others would keep him in check, no one would out him, at least for a while. He didn’t bank on this all coming to light.

Mike McQueary did play a very important role in the quest for Justice in this case, by exposing the truth of the rape he witnessed that night many years ago, but there is one problem that I think he fails to see. The problem is simply that while he did claim to have stopped it by making noise that night, he did not call 911 and rescue that child. I understand he panicked, but when you panic over something like that you don’t make noise to startle, so that the attacker stops, only to leave the child alone in that shower with him, go call your dad, go talk to him and call the coach the next day. If he had called 911, Jerry Sandusky would have been stopped that night, there would have been absolute proof and it would not have taken years to bring the Truth to light and seek Justice. I don’t know how his lawsuit will go, but while he did report it to someone, he did not report it to the right someones at the time. I don’t believe that he should be having trouble finding a job, but while I do appreciate what he did in the quest for Justice, he could have done more in the beginning and I think that is why he lost his job. I do believe he ultimately did the right thing. I hope he can get passed this and have a good life. I also hope that all of the monsters that are responsible for the cover up are held accountable.

I understand Victim 1 suing Penn State and I think he has a strong case. I truly hope this will never, ever happen again and I pray for the victims of this monster and his enabling co-monsters. I pray they will find peace and joy in their lives. I also pray that they can come to a place that not only will they live good lives, but can use what has happened to them to protect children from predators. They have a message for children and a message to their parents. They can make a difference and they already have by insisting upon bringing the monsters to justice. God Bless Them……….


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3 Responses to Jerry Sandusky Sentenced, He’s Appealing, Excuses, Lawsuits, Now Spanier Has Been Charged…..

  1. Thankyou for this very thorough write up Niecey.

    Even after reading Dottie’s letter, I still feel that she MUST have had some knowledge of what her husband was doing but suspect she buried her head in the sand like an ostrich in order to maintain her comfortable lifestyle.

    JS’s letter was an insult to those brave victims who have spoken out and also to those who haven’t and still live with the memories of what he did to them. His refusal to admit blame still leaves a smear on these young men – this isn’t fair!

    I hope the Judge turns down the appeal by this :evil: :twisted: COWARD.

  2. Jenn says:

    Dottie should pay with jail time as well as every other person who turned a “blind” eye to the abuse. Never in my lifetime will I understand adults putting children last. NEVER.

  3. niecey456 says:

    You’re welcome Jill. I agree with you about Dottie. I don’t think Dottie has any maternal bond with children. All of their children were adopted. As you probably remember, 1 of their adopted sons came forward at trial and said he was being abused as well and Dottie, as well as Jerry have both trashed him for it. JS is amazing to me because it is as if he feels like he did so much for these kids that he was somehow entitled to do what he wanted. Yes, he claims he didn’t do it, but if he cared so much for these children and was so connected to them as he claims, then I don’t understand how he could sit there so stone faced while they were so emotional and addressing him about what he did to them. There were just too many victims and too many eye witnesses of inappropriate behaviors and then of course there are said to be emails and documented conversations of the 3 stooges discussing what they knew he was doing and how they were covering it up. I believe the boys completely. JS is a cold hearted monster IMHO.

    I agree Jenn, completely…….. It is just unbelievable how anyone can be so cold and cruel. I may be wrong, but I have a feeling that Dottie will likely never be charged, but she lost that pension and now that more is yet to come about the cover up of it all and the books that will be written and the victims speaking out, Dottie won’t live the high life anymore.

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