I’m Back, After An Extended Vacation……What Would You Like To Discuss???

Hello my friends! I am back after an extended vacation. I know I peeped in and said I was coming back a few times before, but life just kept getting busier and busier and well, I wasn’t sure where to start, so I just kept getting overwhelmed. I had a number of posts I have started over the past months that are still sitting in draft, one of which I really will be publishing shortly. I finally came to the conclusion that the best place to start might be for you to share what you would like to discuss.

Is there something that is nagging at you in the news of the day, or something positive you would like to talk about in the news of the day? Maybe you would like to share something in regards to your gardens, or recipes you have come across that are really good, or maybe some creative tips or heartwarming stories you would like to share. Funny stories are also welcome. The sky is the limit. You cannot be off topic in this thread at all, so let me know what is on your mind.

I hope that you are all doing well.


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39 Responses to I’m Back, After An Extended Vacation……What Would You Like To Discuss???

  1. niecey456 says:

    Just to let you know, it will take a bit of time to catch up, but I will be getting caught up with the comments over the coming days, as well as making some positive changes to the site.

  2. Welcome back Niecey :lol:

    I wonder if you and your readers would like to discuss ways to combat the escalating violence and shootings that now seem to be the norm not only in America but around the world. Too many lives are being lost. :cry:

  3. niecey456 says:

    Thanks Jill! It is really good to be back. I have missed you!

    You know I really believe that the escalating violence has to do with the condition of so many hearts. IMHO, I think that people have gotten so intolerant, in the name of so-called tolerance, that they are just filled with hate. So many people have gotten to where they hate anyone that disagrees with them and its scary. These are the very types of people that demand rights for whatever their cause or platform (and I am speaking globally), yet they want to not only take away the rights of those that disagree with them, but they hate them so much they want to harm them. They want them silenced. It is such hypocrisy. I am amazed at the amount of people that harm even the most innocent amongst us, yet scream about their rights and many times in their warped minds they called themselves making a statement about their causes that the rest of us are supposed to be so tolerant of. In other words people have become hate-filled and closed minded and they are right and the rest of the world is wrong. Its not the weapons that are the problem, because they seem to be able to make anything into a weapon. It is the people and their ignorance and hateful hearts.

    I pray that people will turn back to having a heart for God. Every time an act of violence is reported on in the news it just makes me so sad. I wish the hate and intolerance would stop.

  4. niecey456 says:

    It also is a big problem that we have so many politicians these days that fund bad behaviors and do their very best to cause division and hatred, rewarding bad behavior and punishing right behavior. This is happening globally.

  5. It is distressing to think that the human life has been devalued so much – I’m sure that most of the shootings are drug related, those involved don’t care about the families who are left to pick up the pieces of the people they kill. :cry:

  6. Scott says:

    hi niecey………welcome back

    alanna Gallagher case texas is on my mind :(

  7. Scott says:

    and hi jill :)

  8. niecey456 says:

    Hey Scott! Thank you my friend. Good to be back.

    I will look that one up and see what I can find. Anything special I should know about that one?

  9. niecey456 says:

    Jill, I do agree that drugs do play a very large role in these things. I think prescription drugs play as much of a role as illegal drugs and I also think that mental illness is a huge factor, though I am not making excuses for bad behavior.

  10. Scott says:

    6 year old girl parents repeatedly let play in their neighborhood by herself, unsupervised. is found murdedred before she was even reported missing. mom basically said ‘eh she’s done this before’ and wasn’t really very concerned.

    on top of this, mom has ‘two husbands’ in some kind of twisted polygamy/bigamy thing where all 3 are willing particpants……

  11. Scott says:

    I was also pretty shook up by the marathon bombing…….the boston marathon is a sacred event here and to be bombed by a couple of foriegners posing as americans…….and then basically when Obama found out it wasn’t tea partiers or republicans he stops using the word ‘terrorists’ because the perps are his buddies……

  12. Good to see you again Scott :mrgreen:
    The snippet you give us about Alanna sounds tragic – there are too many monsters amongst us.
    The Boston Marathon bombings were covered by the Australian media who actually called them terrorists almost from the beginning unlike what was being reported on the American news – it does appear that the Obama administration is taking the PC consideration to an extremely high limit.

  13. niecey456 says:

    Scott, Thanks for the foundation on the case. That helps a lot. The circumstances appear very suspicious indeed.

    I was also very shaken by the Boston Bombing and I will be writing about that, because like you I am amazed at the lack of concern from the Feds, especially in their repeated failures to act after repeated warnings that the whole family was trouble. To me that is a common denominator in all of the terrorist attacks, but even more alarming is that we are being tracked and our privacy is being jeopardized for the sake of keeping us safe from terrorism, yet the feds repeatedly appease and reward bad behavior with these people, refusing to punish it as they should, even refusing to call it what it is. I do not trust them to keep us safe from these people and therefore they have no need in violating The Constitution and demanding our privacy for the sake of something they do not deal with. It is amazing to me that anyone buys this bill of goods they are trying to sell.

  14. Niecey you are correct about the types of drugs – sadly the youth of today have too much spare time on their hands. I would like to see welfare payments reduced if children do not attend school (this is becoming a huge problem in Australia as well.) I also feel that a work for the dole program may help to keep the youth off the streets. Something has to be done – too many young lives are being lost. :cry:

  15. niecey456 says:

    I think the reason we have such escalating behavior with the monsters of the world is directly related to the PC attitude. The PC crowd is so quick to find a reason why evil is justified and should not be held accountable, at the same time they punish, hate and violate the rights of those that are law abiding, faith-filled, good citizens, with little or no regard. That is a subject that is very important to address. It is completely backwards.

  16. Scott says:

    exactly niecey. they spy on our internet, on our phones, they have the legal right to use drones to bomb our houses if they want now, but they cant protect us from obvious and repeated threats from known terrorists?
    this country is in the toilet. :(

  17. niecey456 says:

    I agree Jill. The lack of good education is also a big problem. Our educational systems have become havens for the PC and the facts and morality are not taught. History is changed to suit their platform and our children are being brain-washed.

    You are also absolutely correct that there should be no free handouts, but more so hand ups. In other words, we will help you, but we must make sure that you are also helping yourself. We have encouraged laziness and entitlement, rather than diligence and hard work.

  18. niecey456 says:

    I agree Scott. It is hair raising to me. I cannot believe that our leadership has the audacity to stand there and tell us to trust them, when they are so obviously backwards and not trustworthy at all. The IRS thing is also a good indicator that somebody cheated, more so than we suspected. Benghazi is proof of his arrogance and lack of regard for human life. Jimmy Carter looks like a gracious Einstein compared to this one and that is not really a compliment to Carter, that is the scary truth about our current leadership. I am just as disgusted by some establishment Republicans in all of this, as I am the Democrats at this point. I think we have too many people in office for too many years and they are just corrupt. I think we need to be giving Independents and Liberitarians a fair shot at office, rather than just letting this 2 party system continue the way it has been going. I think we need to be voting for less government and more freedom and it is way past time to for us to start holding these people accountable for their actions. They should never be above the law.

  19. The Aussie government has thrown billions of $$$’s at our school system while the level of learning plummets alarmingly. Until discipline is re-instated nothing will change – sadly I can’t see this happening anytime soon…grrr! All our politicians are interested in is redistribute the wealth to make sure they get votes!

    Scott, the terrorists have more rights than the average citizen – strange that we usually find out that most of them vote for the Dems.

    Funny you should mention Libertarians Niecey I have been paying more and more attention to Rand Paul of late – he really is making sense.

  20. Scott says:

    funny you should mention carter. last week he compared catholcs to muslims in regards to womens rights.
    and a few months back Obama labeled catholics ‘extremists’
    these liberal fools don’t even get that like 90 percent catholics vote democrat.

  21. niecey456 says:

    Love Rand Paul! Totally agree that he makes the most sense of any of them lately. I would really like to see him run for President. I admire his courage. We need many more like him and I still love Dr. Carson and hope that he will consider entering the political arena. I think he and Rand Paul would make an awesome team. A Carson/Paul ticket or a Paul/Carson ticket. Either would be great. I hope that we can get more to enter the political arena that are of like minds with both of them. I also like Ted Cruz.

    We completely agree about the education and terrorism issues. Completely backwards, both of them. Common sense need only apply and the both issues could be easily and swiftly dealt with.

    I don’t understand that Scott……….Most Jews vote Dem too, yet the Dems are generally their worst enemies. Why do the Catholics and Jews vote against themselves? I don’t understand that at all.

  22. Pam Runyon says:

    Just got this recently from a friend. There are sick people who will use any excuse to justify their actions but I do feel media (TV, music, and internet) play a huge part in desensitizing people to the horrors :( New Study Shows TV Encourages Viewers to Laugh At the Sexual Exploitation of Children
    Dear Friend of the PTC:
    Image: Link to studyToday the Parents Television Council released an important new report as part of its 4 Every Girl campaign, examining the prevalence of sexually exploitative images and messaging in popular primetime programming.
    I urge you to take a moment to read the report, to share its findings with your friends and family, particularly if they have young children at home, because kids are absorbing these messages, and they can affect a child’s choices and worldview in potentially devastating ways.
    What happens when huge segments of the population not only become desensitized to, but actually find themselves laughing at things that should shock and horrify us? Things like sex trafficking, rape, or the exploitation of minors?
    If you watch television with any regularity, there’s a good chance you’ve been exposed to a lot of sexually exploitative content, most of it featuring underage girls, and there’s also a good chance you’ve never even noticed it.
    The PTC found that underage female characters on primetime broadcast television are more likely to be presented in sexually exploitative scenes than adult women, and the appearance of underage female characters in a sexually exploitative scene increased the probability that the scene would be presented as humorous.
    Out of 238 scripted episodes which aired during the study period, 150 episodes (63%) contained sexual content in scenes that were associated with females and 33% of the episodes contained sexual content that rose to the level of sexual exploitation
    The likelihood that sexual exploitation would be considered humorous increased to 43% when the sexual exploitation involved underage female characters.
    You can read the full report here.
    A growing body of research has documented the desensitizing effect that repeated and prolonged exposure to this kind of messaging can have on the viewer. Sexually violent content in movies has been found to increase acceptance of violence against women, increased acceptance of rape myths and victim blaming. Other studies have found that repetitive exposure to movies that include sexual violence against women is associated with men’s increased enjoyment of the content.
    That is to say, when television treats the victimization, sexualization, and exploitation of children as nothing of consequence, people are more inclined to think it’s nothing of consequence…
    When we released the study today on a media conference call, we were fortunate to have with us Holly Austin Smith, who was abused and exploited as a teen, and later trafficked. The most chilling part of her story was that she didn’t realize she was being exploited because the media had already primed her to accept what was happening to her as normal. She was trained by the media to seek the attention of older boys and men.
    THIS is the reality of the media environment kids are growing up in today. THIS is the real harm of the hyper-sexualized media messages kids are absorbing.
    When we laugh about dead hookers, it becomes increasingly difficult to see the mistreatment of prostitutes as a national civil and human rights issue. The same can be said for child molestation or sex trafficking.
    Image: Link to studyThe prevalence of images that trivialize sexual exploitation can be interpreted as sanctioning the sexualization of women. When these messages, images and ideologies are delivered via mass media, the definition of acceptable and unacceptable behaviors are communicated both implicitly and explicitly to viewers. Similarly, when the media associates humor with sexual exploitation they are sending a strong message that these issues are harmless and require neither urgency nor a strong response. And we can not let that stand unchallenged.
    I hope you will read this study and join us in fighting sexualized and exploitative media messages… Because Our Children Are Watching.

  23. Scott says:

    hi pam, how is Amanda?

  24. Pam Runyon says:

    Well, a few weeks ago, Eddie and Amanda moved back in for awhile. At least until he gets a job and is somewhat stable. They can stay forever as far as I am concerned, but I want them to have a happy family someday :) Amanda has been going to Vacation Bible School with me and her cousins this week since I am teaching the music. We practice at home and in the car and she is quite a performer :) She takes supplements and other things to deal with her intestinal issues, but otherwise looking good physically at this time. Certain situations will still throw her until she feels safe in a new environment but getting better with time. She LOVES to talk (just like her daddy) and still plays a lot with her babies and told me this morning she looked like a REAL mommy. We plan to enroll her in Kindergarten here shortly and expect the staff to treat her like any other child except for when/if there are men involved, then they should expect to be a little extra patient with her. We don’t want her to live as a victim, but a survivor :) She still needs reassurances that she is not going to be left alone (although she has not been left alone since this happened). Pretty sad, but other than that, a pretty normal, yackity 5 year old ;)

  25. Scott says:

    I am glad to hear it. seems like she is doing much better, even with stuff she still needs to overcome :)

    hugs and prayers for all of you :)


  26. Hi Pam, thankyou for telling us how ♥Amanda♥ is getting on with her life.

    HUGS ♥♥♥

  27. niecey456 says:

    Hey Pam! Thank you so much for sharing that report and for sharing with us on Amanda’s progress.

    In regards to the report, well, I couldn’t agree more that what is targeted at our children is desensitizing them. I remember my kids asked to watch a reality show as teenagers, that a certain rock star from the days of our youth starred in. I was particular about what I let them watch, but my husband and I also would at times say okay, tell you what, we will view this with you a time or two and talk about it. We did the same with the music they wanted to listen to. I always asked to see the words to the songs and listened to a few of the songs with them, to make a determination. I felt like at times before just forbidding them, we could use those moments as moments for parenting.

    Needless to say, this show wound up being a disgusting, yet pitiful display. The audience was laughing at a man that was a poster child for why no one should ever do drugs or promote evil, as he had done as a rock star. The man was brain dead. It was sad. His family was out of control and his wife was behaving in some pretty vile ways, but this was targeted at kids and families. It took about two episodes for us to tell them that show was off limits and why. It is amazing how our children are targeted and desensitized to such vile behaviors. IMHO I feel as if the world is trying to do their very best to ruin our children, in the interest of promoting and justifying their sin. Sadly, without conscience, they do this. It is scary.

    I am so happy that Amanda is doing so well. I know she will have her struggles, but she is so Blessed to have such a wonderful family teaching her to be the victor and not the victim. I just know she will grow up to be such a wonderful woman. She is so precious. You are Very Blessed…….

  28. Pam Runyon says:

    I so much agree with the opportunities for “parenting” rather than just forbidding. Sometimes my kids had no idea what lyrics to songs even meant until we discussed it. Sometimes, even they were shocked! Same thing with TV shows, when you discuss “why” we choose not to watch something, they are more willing to be on board with your reasoning and even avoid such shows when they are in other settings. I have even had the discussion with friends and my grown children about why I choose NOT to do business with certain companies due to their using sexual advertising, (on regular TV even, not just cable or satellite, during family programming and sporting events that families watch together) even going so far as to market it toward tweens and teens.

  29. niecey456 says:

    Oh, I know what you mean. It is amazing what our kids are targeted with these days. Shows and commercials, songs, you name it, that make the children out to be the parents and the parents to be stupid, or as you pointed out the sexual content, even drug use is promoted in some of these things, as well as all kinds of immoral behavior. It is really scary. I think to myself all of the time about how a child perceives even cartoons these days, because even those can send some very bad messages. The reality shows are unbelievable.

    I began watching a show that has been targeted to teens, some time ago. It is a kind of “who done it” type of show and is based on a book series. The show to me holds opportunities for “parenting” with older teens, but if I still had kids at home, I don’t think I would let a younger teen or tween watch it at all, due to the content and it is on a family type channel. Not even sure I would allow the books for a young teen or tween, because to me it has content that is for a more mature audience, that can clearly discern the wrongs of it and see the moral point of it, because it does show that the characters’ bad choices caused everything that is wrong in their lives. I am really not sure that rating it would do any good, because I have never seen that be of very much value. I don’t think any channel or bookstore or radio station is safe to turn a kid loose with and parents really should pay attention. I think with every generation it all gets worse.

    I think one way we could all do better with it is to have the kids turn the media off and not use it for non-stop entertainment. I think more outdoor activities would be healthier, but I do think that we all would be well advised to be careful what we support, because ratings and money do matter to the media and if they are lacking in either or both, due to their programming, they will change it.

  30. Pam Runyon says:

    I think I know which show/book series you are referring to. When I saw one of the books in our school primary library I was surprised at the content. Didn’t really think it appropriate for a 5th grader to read. I always tried to read what my kids were reading. Even when I was working at one school and had a study hall of 8th graders, I read what they were reading so we could discuss the books.
    I also agree about the media not being used as “non-stop entertainment” or worse yet, a babysitter. Most parents would NOT hire a babysitter with the morals and values portrayed on most of the TV shows :( I tell my grand kids when they are here, that it is summer time. One show or movie during the day is enough and maybe one in the evening. PLAY for goodness sakes. Amanda (5) has a great imagination! She will play with babies, “cook”, “go to school” (and she will ask me to watch her baby. I told her she shouldn’t have a baby if she is in school and she told me she is in college :) ) play school, go to the store, etc. She loves to play board games, read, color, and do puzzles. I have recently introduced her to educational computer games, but even computer time is limited. We have outside games like washers, horseshoes, and corn hole; sometimes I even pay the grands to pick dandelions. We mowed a path around our field (about a 1/4 mile) and the kids will walk or run around it. Amanda will go about 5 times, older 9 year old will run it 4 and walk 2.
    It does take a bit more effort to plan and encourage activities but it is sooo worth it :)

  31. Scott says:

    that is so adorable pam. I remember back when the news was doing an update on how Amanda was doing I saw video of her pushing her dolly around in a stroller ;)

  32. Scott says:

    btw, Zimmerman jury is deliberating and just asked the judge for a list of the evidence.

  33. niecey456 says:

    Pam, I found this handy dandy little tool, or website that is called commonsensereview.org that all parents and grandparents can review the tv shows the kids want to watch before they watch them.
    Here is the link to the main site:

    The site actually reviews all digital media, from apps to video games, movies and tv shows. I am impressed with their reviews and thought you might appreciate it as a grandparent and a teacher. I found it in researching what we were discussing. I have bookmarked the site for myself and am going to share the site with my kids, so they can utilize that tool for my grandkids.

    Here is the review for the series I was speaking of, Pretty Little Liars:

    I am astounded that the books would be in an Elementary/Primary School Library. If you look at that review, which is of the show, the average age of the target audience is 14. I am someone that knows enough about the show to say that the review is spot on as to the concerns and the good and bad points. That review is on the show, not the books. The books have the girls being much more promiscuous than the show does. I am not that big of a fan of the books, though I have read the first one and part of the second one. Both tend to show the girls’ bad behaviors as being the reasons for their problems, which makes it a great parental teaching tool for older teens, but to me is not good for the younger crowd at all. JMHO. It is the mystery factor that makes it so gripping to any audience, but again, it is not suitable for younger audiences.
    At any rate, there have been other shows I have watched enough of to get a good handle on, when my daughter and my sons were growing up, to decipher whether or not, I thought they would be just totally out of the question, or a good opportunity for a parental teaching tool. There are always those that are out of the question and those that you can be creative with, but I have always done that and still do, for my grandkids. I am a researcher at heart. :oops:

    We totally agree about the tv not being a babysitter, or non-stop entertainment. I also feel that way about computers, tablets, smart phones and video games, even music. I love your creativity with the kids. That is Awesome! My kids always had someone building forts with them, or we would make them little bike trails, etc. We were always fortunate enough to have a large property, so they had plenty of room for those things and they loved the outdoors, which was good for them. We so agree on these points. You are 100% correct that it takes a bit of creativity, but it is so worth it.

  34. niecey456 says:

    Scott, I am just fixing to post a post for us to discuss that case while the jury is deliberating. Now is a good time to be discussing it. :wink:

  35. niecey456 says:

    Pam, They also review websites, really, as I said all digital media. I am going to add the link to that site to my sidebar, as well as the link to the PTC. (Under “Interesting Sites That Help”)

  36. niecey456 says:

    Pam, I will also do a post sharing the info. Hopefully that will help.

  37. niecey456 says:

    To Jill & Scott, I will also be doing some posts on the subjects you have discussed, aside from the Zimmerman case, which already has a post up.

    From now on, I am going to do a post like this one on a regular basis, so that you can tell me what you would like to discuss. Until the next we can continue to discuss what interests you on the current post, which is this one for now. I think this is very helpful to all of us.

    Thanks to all 3 of you! :smile:

  38. Pam Runyon says:

    thanks for the commonsensemedia link ;) And that was exactly the “series” I was referring to.

  39. niecey456 says:

    You’re welcome. I thought so. :wink:

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