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Casey Anthony Is About To Be A Free Woman, While Jose Baez Has Become Sue Happy

At midnight Thursday night (tonight), Casey Anthony will be a free woman. She will no longer be on probation. Unfortunately for Florida, she is said to be planning to stay in Florida. This is according to Cheney Mason. He said … Continue reading

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Acts Of Desperation & Narcissism…….Jose Baez, Cheney Mason & Casey Anthony

Just when you think they have topped themselves, they are at it again and it is more ridiculous than ever before. The desperate for attention, trio of narcissism, Jose Baez, Cheney Mason and Casey Anthony just cannot give up on trying … Continue reading

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Gary Giordano, Jose Baez, Cheney Mason, Casey Anthony…Interpretations Of What They Are Saying And Doing These Days

As you may remember, Gary Giordano was the guy that reported his traveling companion, Robyn Gardner, missing in Aruba on August 2, 2011. They had traveled to Aruba on July 31, 2011. As the story goes, according to Mr. Giordano, … Continue reading

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The Soap Opera Continues On All That Is Casey Anthony………

As if it were not enough that Casey Anthony has bombarded the internet with her shallow, selfish little video diary, the news from her and her camp doesn’t stop there. No, yesterday was filled with news about Casey, as was … Continue reading

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There Will Not Be Justice For ♥Caylee♥ On This Earth………Evil Has Been Rewarded……….Now It Becomes A Star……..But Will It Really Have “Bella Vita”?

On July 5, 2011 a woman was found “Not Guilty” of abusing and murdering her child. That woman was Casey Anthony. The child was Caylee Anthony. Sadly I listened to an alternate juror that agreed with all of the other … Continue reading

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Closing Arguments Are Done, Except For The State’s Final Rebuttal &The Jury Will Be Instructed On Monday, July 4th & Sent To Deliberate For Justice For ♥Caylee♥

Finally, closing arguments in the Casey Anthony murder trial are done, except for the State’s final rebuttal, which would have been done today if it were not for the grandstanding of the defense. After the State’s final rebuttal the jury … Continue reading

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An Unexpected Day In Caylee’s Case, As Casey Anthony’s Murder Trial Was Recessed Until Monday, A Wrap Up Of Week 5, Now For Week 6…….JUSTICE IS COMING FOR SWEET ♥CAYLEE♥

Saturday, June 25, 2011 was an unexpected day in Caylee’s case. It was supposed to be a full day in the Casey Anthony murder trial, but it didn’t happen. It started with another issue of Jose Baez bringing in a witness … Continue reading

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Day 1 For Casey’s Defense………..Did Her Defense Accomplish Anything Other Than Boring People???

The general consensus of day 1 for Casey’s defense was that it was boring. Everyone was downing the caffeine and trying hard to follow what was going on. I was told that at least 4 people were asked to leave the … Continue reading

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The State Rests & The Defense Will Get Started In The Casey Anthony Murder Trial

Well, after 19 days of presenting their case, the State finally came to rest, and Casey’s defense is set to start their side tomorrow, Thursday, 6/16/2011, calling their witnesses, and presenting what evidence they have to dispute the State’s case. It … Continue reading

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The State Is About To Wrap Up Their Case In The Casey Anthony Murder Trial

Everyone thought that Tuesday, 6/14/2011 would be the day of wrap up for the prosecution. Apparently the State will have 2 cans to enter into evidence, and the issue of the meaning of the infamous tattoo on Wednesday 6/15/2011 (3 … Continue reading

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