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A Thanksgiving Wish For Love……….

To all of my friends, all of my foes, even everyone I don’t know, I have a Thanksgiving Wish For Love just for you………..Whether we agree or disagree, matters not, just that you receive this wish for love, then share … Continue reading

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Light A Candle For Megan………………..

Today, November 1, 2012 marks four months in Megan Sharpton’s case. Four months since Megan was taken from this world. It has been a long four months filled with heartache, but also with great love and compassion and dedication from so many people coming … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Dear ♥Megan♥………Remembering Meg On Her Birthday

Erika Megan Sharpton was born on October 24, 1987. A beautiful starry-eyed baby girl, who grew into a beautiful starry-eyed young woman. Her nature was always one that we could all learn from. She saw the good in everyone. She … Continue reading

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Megan Sharpton’s Case: Donnie Jones, Some Answers To Some Questions……

On the last article many of you had some questions about Donnie Jones and his wife Naomi, in regards to Megan Sharpton’s case. This article is to answer any of those questions, that Kelly Sharpton, Megan’s mother has not already answered for … Continue reading

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Megan Sharpton’s Case…Updating: 2 Hearings For Donnie Jones & More……

Since the arrest of Donnie Jones (the main suspect for Megan’s murder) on weapons charges late last week, there have been some new developments in this case. I wanted to make sure that everyone is updated on how this case is … Continue reading

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Megan Sharpton’s Case: Donnie Jones Was Arrested On A Weapons Charge

This afternoon a home was searched on Bel-Aire Drive in Tullahoma Tennesee. The home was the home where a major “person of interest”, some say “suspect”, in the brutal rape and murder of Megan Sharpton has been residing. That person of interest/suspect … Continue reading

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An Open Letter To The DA For Megan Sharpton’s Case, J. Michael Taylor………..

Dear Mr. Taylor, This letter is an open letter to you, for the world to see, because a family and a community are at risk, due to the failure of you and your office to act to protect those you are supposed … Continue reading

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Remembering Megan……She Still Needs Justice

Megan Sharpton still has not received Justice. She was murdered July 2 and still no arrests for this heinous crime. The good news is that law enforcement in this case have shown themselves to be some of the finest in … Continue reading

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Justice For Megan Sharpton & Some Advice To Someone Who Knows Something

It has been 2 months since Megan Sharpton’s murdered body was found. Nothing can make up for the loss of Megan, that her family and friends are experiencing, NOTHING. With that said, they would like some comfort in finding JUSTICE FOR … Continue reading

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New Developments In Megan Sharpton’s Case……..

Franklin County Sheriff’s Department has been working fervently on solving Megan Sharpton’s murder and bringing the person or persons responsible for this heinous crime to justice. Apparently they have uncovered new leads that are bringing them much closer to that … Continue reading

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